Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Wednesday July 5th 2017

As beautiful as this place is, we had a hideous night. Room very stuffy even with the fan going all night. We had breakfast then showered and changed. We packed up and checked out. And Dee and Chris arrived and whisked us off to Burleigh House

chris had been before, so just Michael,  Dee and myself went into the house.

Every room was either covered in antique portraits or murals

The murals were stunning

This house has so much history 

After an hour and a half, of thirsty observation we found Chris and went to have some tea

After our drinks chris run us back to our hotel to collect our car. Our trip had cheered Dee, and had britened her day and help her forget the house for a couple of hours. We said our goodbyes and started our journey onto York.
We arrived about to find our hotel is a B&B.
It's very nice but it's s double bed and we are used to a bigger bed!!!!!
We decided to take the half hour walk into town
Such a pretty walk too

We had a meal in Byrons, before walking back

We got back and Aldi is right opposite us, went and treated our selves to some chocolate.
Got back just after 8pm and had s cup of tea with some chocolate 

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