Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tuesday July 4th 2017

Felt like we needed a few days break, so decided on York, stopping on the way to see my auntie Dee and cousin Christopher. ( whose house caught fire 7 weeks ago and they are living in a premier inn, not far from where they live, Dee at 81 is finding it all very hard, bouts of depression, and who wouldn't, and is in a very emotional place)
Arrived at Orton Hall about
These place has so much history. Original manor built in 1086, passed down through to Tudor times where a lot was added, and has been in the hands of many marquise's since. Beautiful high ceilings and s beautiful building with a lot of character. And is now a Best Western spa.
Chris met us on arrival, then after check in took us down the road to their hotel.
Dee was very upset, having been at the house all day, seeing asbestos guys in, so much water damage, now the ceiling has collapsed,
We went for a drink at the bar until Dee could compose herself. Which she did about half hour later, and although there was a few tears when we first met, our visit served its purpose of taking her mind off things for a while.
We went to the hotel restaurant and had a meal together, think Chris is just bored and lonely. 
We stayed until and Chris seemed eager to show us around Stamford tomorrow. And as the journey is not so far to York and we won't check in until the afternoon we agreed.
Chris called us a cab and we came back to our hotel

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