Saturday, 8 July 2017

Saturday 8th July 2017

Woke at 7.30 and Michael made a cup of tea, washed dressed and went to breakfast had a nice buffet cooked breakfast, and tried not to overeat !
Came back tidied up room a little and got ready to go out. got the team into the city
With great expectations, as having read up on Nottingham
The tram was about 20 mins to the city, on time and very clean.
Arriving in the city at the Lace Market, was so disappointing, with a few arty type cafes there is nothing here, no market and not one piece of lace to be found in any shop either. We walked to the Exchangeagain this is designer shops and coffee shops

Although the interior is quite special, we went into a patisserie Valerie, sad to say after waiting ten minutes for a menu we were told no green tea and only gluten free brownie, Michael is all brownied out! So we left.
We found a Neros and had a cup of tea. Both felt a little deflated and we decided to walk a little way back and walk in the Arboretum, 

Which was pretty and peaceful.

After our half hour stroll in the park we made our way back to the tram stop. 

After 3 min wait (they are very regular and always on time)
We returned to the hotel.
Had a tea and toasted tea cake in the bar area, watching two different weddings. before returning to our room to change for dinner

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