Monday, 10 July 2017

Sunday 9th July 2017

After a nice cooked breakfast we packed up our bags and checked out. It was one of those days where every route we chose, chaos happened, accidents, road closures, and road works. Michael was beginning to take it personally !
Had a few stops on the way for drinks etc, and glad to find hold ups cleared a little until the next one!
Finally got home about after 4pm after a quite tiring day.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Saturday 8th July 2017

Woke at 7.30 and Michael made a cup of tea, washed dressed and went to breakfast had a nice buffet cooked breakfast, and tried not to overeat !
Came back tidied up room a little and got ready to go out. got the team into the city
With great expectations, as having read up on Nottingham
The tram was about 20 mins to the city, on time and very clean.
Arriving in the city at the Lace Market, was so disappointing, with a few arty type cafes there is nothing here, no market and not one piece of lace to be found in any shop either. We walked to the Exchangeagain this is designer shops and coffee shops

Although the interior is quite special, we went into a patisserie Valerie, sad to say after waiting ten minutes for a menu we were told no green tea and only gluten free brownie, Michael is all brownied out! So we left.
We found a Neros and had a cup of tea. Both felt a little deflated and we decided to walk a little way back and walk in the Arboretum, 

Which was pretty and peaceful.

After our half hour stroll in the park we made our way back to the tram stop. 

After 3 min wait (they are very regular and always on time)
We returned to the hotel.
Had a tea and toasted tea cake in the bar area, watching two different weddings. before returning to our room to change for dinner

Friday 7th July 2017

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Thursday 6th July 2017

Better nights sleep. At least here we can open windows.
Michael made a cup of tea about 7.30am, breakfast is between 8.15 and, so a short window. 
Had a really nice cooked full English breakfast, which meant black pudding, Michael had mine!
As we came back to wash and change we heard pipers, we are situated right next to special forces barracks.
Left at 9.30am for the day. Walked into the town, and as rain was predicted this afternoon we took the open top bus on a tour of the city, which we both enjoyed.
On our return to the beginning of the tour, we meandered back across town to investigate more some of the places we were shown.
We returned to a place called the shambles, we found a nice little tea room and went and had a tea and toasted tea cake.
Refreshed we then walked back to York Minster and decided to tour the cathedral, we wanted to go up the tower but the next tor was at 2.30pm
After looking around the cathedral  we went to get some lunch with intentions of returning at 2.30pm. 
We wanted to go to Betty's a famous tea room, but the queue was half a mile long (slight exaggeration).
We retuned to the Shambles and found Betty's tea room and cafe, all part of the same firm.
We waited 25 mins to be seated and had some lunch, with only ten minutes spare to get back to York Minster we got footed it back.
As we stood in the cathedral at the base of the tower in the queue, a priest over a tannoy asked for a couple of minutes quiet to contemplate prayers for the world, then asked us to join him in the Lord's Prayer,
As we finished I said to Michael " well if I don't come down again, i feel like I've just had my last rites!
276 up some very tiny enclosed spiral staircase.
On reaching the top we sat a few minutes to catch our breath before making our way back down, both thirsty we decided to go for a drink, and headed towards the railway museum, sure that we would get a drink and toilet there, but we took a wrong turn and ended up on the town wall, which had no way down or off until we reached one of the town gates! (At the time it felt like we were walking the Great Wall of China)
Eventually we found an exit and a costa and had a toilet and cup of tea, it was now 6pm and we hadn't seen any rain at all,
It started to spit, so we hot footed it to a French Bistro, we had seen the previous night.
As it rained we ate our meal. By the time we finished the rain had finished. We walked back along the river back to Aldi, where we bought a bottle of water and a bottle of tonic water, we were concerned about cramps because of our trip up the tower!
We arrived back at 8.15pm being out over 11hrs and 20,236 steps for the day!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Wednesday July 5th 2017

As beautiful as this place is, we had a hideous night. Room very stuffy even with the fan going all night. We had breakfast then showered and changed. We packed up and checked out. And Dee and Chris arrived and whisked us off to Burleigh House

chris had been before, so just Michael,  Dee and myself went into the house.

Every room was either covered in antique portraits or murals

The murals were stunning

This house has so much history 

After an hour and a half, of thirsty observation we found Chris and went to have some tea

After our drinks chris run us back to our hotel to collect our car. Our trip had cheered Dee, and had britened her day and help her forget the house for a couple of hours. We said our goodbyes and started our journey onto York.
We arrived about to find our hotel is a B&B.
It's very nice but it's s double bed and we are used to a bigger bed!!!!!
We decided to take the half hour walk into town
Such a pretty walk too

We had a meal in Byrons, before walking back

We got back and Aldi is right opposite us, went and treated our selves to some chocolate.
Got back just after 8pm and had s cup of tea with some chocolate