Monday, 3 April 2017

Sunday 2nd April 2017

Michael woke me at had a bad night worrying about getting to JFK Airport
Sam face timed about
Packed up our bags and waited for James and Kelly to tell us they were ready for breakfast
Such a lovely day we took our big cases across the road to the beach to the car

 The sun is out and the place looks totally different  James messaged to say they were skipping breakfast as they were running someone to the airport.
We said our goodbyes and checked out
 Got to the first toll of $1.50 at 9.30
Reached the Verranzo bridge at 11am and stopped for a coffee
 At midday stopped at a rest area on Jamaica bay  for half hour as we now have plenty of time to get to airport only 10 mins away
Have so much time to spare we stopped at Canarsie Pier state park for a snack at
     So warm out now up to 64 degrees, don't even need coat or hat anymore 
And right near the airport
 Left park at 1.45
And dropped car off at thrifty at 2pm, got the sky train from the car rental drop off, and got to the airport about 2.20pm. Flying home business. Dropped off bags, no queue as we are 5hrs early, 
I think every one worried Michael with how long it was going to take us to get to the airport, it was really worrying him.
Got straight through security, and was in the Virgins clubhouse before 3pm
 And settled in, with a cup of tea
At 4pm we had snack to eat
 Michael had chicken curry, I had  boarded the plane at 6.45 and got into some pjs. Glass of champagne and I'm ready to go
Push back at 7.20 because a passenger had a problem with his ticket and his bags had to be unloaded
As we missed our slot, I ordered my meal as we were taxiing 
 There is a queue of about 12 planes in front of us
 Actual take off is 8pm 

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