Saturday, 1 April 2017

Saturday 1st April 2017

Woke at no rain!
Michael woke just after 8am and we had a cup of tea
 Although dry the waves are still pretty rough.
Went down to breakfast and met Leilana, organising flower arrangements, she gave me a corsage and Micheal his pin
 We went to check out the venue but the doors were closed  with lots of busy people.
Leilani said that she had let Kelly organise every thing, until last night when kelly was upset things were not organised, but Leilani had been in the background going round checking everything was, and making sure it was all going to plan. But kelly doesn't know that and Leilani agreed that if she wanted her to take over she would!
Went back to our room and did some emptying out of cases and some repacking.
Showered and got part ready, had some of our goodies from Leilani's welcome package with our cup of tea
 All to soon it was time to get ready the family walked into the gathering, Leilani and her eldest son lead, followed by Michael and I
6 ladies maids
Followed by Kelly and Vinnie, her best friend
 We all proceeded to our seats as Kelly was offered to James
 A friend of Kelly's father, a judge, started with a few words about Kelly's father, a few tears were shed, then the ceremony, exchanging of rings, and they were Mr and Mrs Herbert Leilani gave a blessing, and even learned how to say it in Hebrew, as her husband was Jewish, she'd been learning for weeks after the ceremony James had to do the traditional breaking of the glass 

 Giving it a good old stomp, he wanted to make sure it broke, because its unlucky not to.
The James and Kelly led out followed by Leilani and Geoff, then we were promoted to leave, followed by everyone else,
We were led into the Verandah suite
  Where we were served drinks and snacks  a lot of socialising went on where we were introduced to Aunts all sisters of Leilani, so many I lost count, and lots and lots of cousins and their families then nearly an hour later, again we were all processing into the main room again, which had been laid out now for dining.
Led by Leilani and Geoff, us and the girls, we were announced and cheered, then led to our seats.
When James and Kelly entered they were cheered and led straight into their first dance
 By Ed Shearan
Followed by James dancing with Leilani and Kelly dancing with her brother Casey
Everyone else was served their salad course
After we were given a pasta dish, didn't go down well with either of us!
Before our main course, Kelly's best man Vinnie, gave a speech
 Read from his iPhone
We had our main course of Salmon
  More dancing before cake cutting   The cake was cut up and everyone was given a piece along with the petite fours, and coffee, whilst we ate we were entertained first by the bridal flowers thrown to all the single ladies and caught by her friend
 James then had to retrieve Kelly's garter and throw it to the single guys, caught by, Kelly's friends boyfriend 
 Then we all gathered for family photo
Michael and I were then shocked as at DJ announces last song!
Three times during today I was congratulated on the marriage of my Son James and Kelly. One person told me I must be so proud of him.
The caterers then start clearing everything away, and everyone went home!
Michael and I said our goodbyes, went back to our room and got changed. We decided to go for a walk along the beach
   It was bitterly cold, and didn't get very far, instead we walked back to the car and had some lunch at the Wholefoods market, getting back at 7.30, we did some more packing up, then read and played games till
Michael not looking forward to driving back to JFK tomorrow 

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