Monday, 3 April 2017

Monday 3rd April 2017

As we take off at 8pm USA time U.K. time is 1am
Michael decided not to eat anything, so he set up his bed and tried to sleep.
My tray would not work so I had to change seats.
My meal was served at 2am started with cream of courgette soup, which surprisingly was very nice, about 20 minutes later my Main arrived 
 Meal was very good, followed by dessert followed by an Amarulu, 3.30 I went back to my seat and my bed was already made up, so I then tried to sleep 
6.30. We were woken up, we both declined breakfast as we want to use the Virgin revival suite, where you can have a shower and get breakfast.
Every one was helped to put their beds stowed and given their breakfast, 
And watched the sun rise
  Half hour befor landing, Heathrow tells the captain we have at least half hour stacking!!! Urgh 

  Landed 7.35
Straight through immigration, at the carousel for our bags at 7.55
Got to the arrivals hall and went to the virgin revival lounge, took advantage of their showers, brilliant didn't want to get out feel so refreshed. Wasn't going to wash my hair, but the shower was so powerful I ended up pinned up against the back wall drenched. Got out and found my red towel for my hair.
Returned to shower and thoroughly enjoyed it, lovely big soft bath sheets for after too. Dried my hair and found Michael  in the lounge, where we had a full English breakfast
9.10 we went down to wait for our cab driver from the hotel to come and pick us up to go collect the car.
By 9.50 we were checking out of the Hilton.
Arrived at Sams house at 10.20 , phoned Mum.
Sam and Carys arrived back at
 Before lunch we played ball in the garden  Carys and granddad had a nap about 1.30 Michael had a ten minute power nap, Carys had an hour.
When she woke we had lots of cuddles until she came round.
Then Michael and I took Carys to the park, she walked all the way there, stopping on the way to say hello to the daffodils 
Then we had to stop at the bus stop and sit on the seat a while, we got to the park and she ran straight to the swing   We chased Carys shadow through the park we all had a ride on the see saw, Michael one end and me and Carys the other, after the slide, we were on to the climbing frame   We walked back along the canal, to see the ducks  and got back at
Later we had dinner and granddad was drifting off again after 
Carys had her bath and watched in the night garden 
So tired Michael and I went to bed when Carys did.
Michael was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, I made it to 8pm before I crashed out.
But poor Carys wasn't well and woke up at 9.30 very unsettled, spent the night in with Sam and Simon 

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