Friday, 31 March 2017

Friday 31st March 2017 - James's wedding

Woke up just after 8am, had our fruit breakfast and cup of tea, repacked the cases, and had everything ready to go.
Put DND sign up and walked up to the subway, filthy rain, feet got soaked within minutes, still have a headache, and Michael has a funny tummy, worrying about driving out of Manhatten.
Good t out at 76th street and walked up to 83rd street where thrifty is, we have a Nissan Versa. Driving is no fun in this torrential rain. We managed to navigate our way back to the hotel11.30am picked up our luggage and checked out. Then we had to get our selves to the Lincoln tunnel, not easy when you have to join a one way system that goes in ever decreasing circles to get there, once through the tunnel we stayed on the Toll road I95 which cost $5.15 then joined the parkway $1.50 stopped at Thomas Edison services at 12.45 for a pit stop and Michael to get his bearings
Socks so soggy had to take them off!
Rain is so cold
 Got drenched just going to pee
Came off on the 34 $.50. Need to know how much we need for this tolls on our return
Got to spring lake and a place called Wall had a wholefoods market, so we stopped for lunch
Still pouring with rain we made a dash back to the car and my dried out socks and shoes got soaked.
Arrived at the Breakers hotel at 3.30pm, along with a half dozen other wedding guests
 Kelly and James arrived at 5pm bearing gifts
 James very calm, kelly a bit Hyper, think she'd had a few drinks
Had cup of tea and dried out a little.
Got washed and changed and met James and Kelly in Reception.
Pouring with rain and got soggy feet, just getting into the car.
We followed them to Sumo, a Japanese Hibachi restaurant, where we met one of  Kelly's bridesmaids Andrea, her adopted brother Casey and his wife Laura and Kelly's mum Leilani,

 So much food was ordered we had just about dried out and ate so much food around we left. 
It was absolutely tipping it down. When we got back Michael was kind enough to drop me under the covered porch that cars can temporarily draw up to, I got out in the dry part. Michael went to park the car across the road on the beach side.
When he got back, from such a short trip he looked like a drowned rat and had to strip off straight away

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Thursday 30th March 2017

Woke at 8am with a dull headache,  Michael made tea and we ate our fruit breakfast. Showered and dressed and was ready to leave by 9.30am we walked a couple of blocks to get the E metro train right to the base of the world trade centre, we were too early to meet Deborah, so we went to Brookfields Place, opposite the world trade centre, and on the river
 And had a cup of coffee
At 10.30 we had a message from Deborah to say she was at the survivor Pear tree, a tree that was rescued from ground Zero, nurtured at the botanical gardens, until it was healthy enough and the garden area was ready for it to be planted, back at the world trade centre
 After chatting and getting to know one another, we had our pre booked tickets, and a quick security check, we went down to the museum.
Many of the items here have come from the original site
 These are original girdersone of the escape staircases    We then reached the original walls and bases there are halls where missing people cover the walls and their families tell their stories remnants of the communications tower when this was knocked out communication came to a standstill 8.06 am by the time we had seen everything it was 2.15 Deb asking where ladder 10 is and O'Haras   Fire fighters that lost their lives that day lunch in O'Haras
O'Haras was used as a safe haven for people on that day. It is full of Police badges from not just all over America, but badges from all over the world!
We sat and chatted for about 2.5hrs
My head was getting worse, but we were enjoying Debs company.
 We decided to walk back towards the river, it had turned bitterly cold again. Michael wanted a cup of tea Deb and I went to the observation tower with every intention of going up. 
  But when we both saw that it was $37 to go up, we both agreed that that was too much so we went in search of Michael. We had a drink and it was now not sure where the time went, and didn't want Deb travelling back to late, so she went to get her ferry and we went to get the metro back   Deb sent these pictures to say her ferry arrived right opposite where we were staying. 
So as we got back we took a walk 4 blocks towards the river and found she was right

  We were both looking at the same ship but from opposite sides of the river.
Had a good day but just need to close my eyes.
On our way back we stopped at Sunlac market and bout some buffet food and ate it there. We also bought some fruit for the morning 
 Returned to our hotel around 8.30 and started the arduous task of packing up

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wednesday 29th March 2017

What is it about drunks having to be awake and shouting in the courtyard at 2am in the morning, and at it laughing and shouting until gone 3am
Woke up this morning after 8am Michael made our tea and we had banana and fruit for breakfast. 
Nice sunny day today, after showering and dressing we left just before, and with all good intentions got the Metro and headed down to Battery park, We wanted to go out to Liberty and Ellis Island, nice clear day today.

As we turned the corner to the ferry, there was an enormous queue. 4hrs just to get through the airport type security, then the queue for the ferry!

Michael does not do queuing, needless to say we saw Liberty from afar
  And Ellis Island 
 New world trade centre

So after walking around Battery park we headed back to the subway and got the metro back to 42st and got some lunch in the Tree Haus
Lunch finished to went back up 42 street 
and got the Metro out to Queens.
Found Jacques and Renee's apartment straight away.
We were warmly greeted, and exchanged gifts. Renee made us a cup of tea and offered us fresh fruit, saying that she couldn't get any gluten free cakes or cookies.
We spent the afternoon there just generally chatting. And early evening, Jacques drove us to a Spanish Restaurant. Meal wasn't brilliant just nice, and it was the company we had gone for
 We finished the meal just after 7pm Renee was sad to see us leave, but was worried for us using the Metro in the evening  it was dark by the time we got back to Times Square, but still we walked to the Sunlac market and bought our fruit for tomorrow's breakfast.
Got back just after 8.15pm

Tuesday 28th March 2017

7.35am Penn Station train woke us this morning, and it's pouring with rain.
Face timed Carys.
Had tea and only had 1 banana, so had half each lol, so we showered dressed and walked down to the Sunlac market and had smoothies.
Our plan was to go down to Battery park and get the ferry across to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was light drizzle so we walked to the Metro and got the train to as near as we could.But when we got there it was heavy rain, we could barely see Ellis Island
Michael said he didn't see any point in taking the boat out if we couldn't see much!
We walked back to the 911 memorial site, where Westfields have built the biggest shopping mall I have ever seen
After travelling through the north and south tower we stopped at the Apple shop and bought an IPad mini 
Again the rain changed from heavy rain to drizzle and we walked towards Wall Street and had salads in a funny little cafe called Greens.
When we left it was raining again. My shoes are not waterproof, every time they dried out i managed to step in another puddle and got soggy feet again.
We got the metro back to Macy's and went and had a nice coffee
As it wasn't nice enough to do much we took the Metro we went uptown to thrifty and organised our car hire for Friday.
Clocked up another 11 miles.
Made our way back down town and went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner and had some good ribs. When we left Ruby's Heavy rain again, but we decided to go to the Sunlac market, bought some fruit for breakfast and fresh water!
Got back to hotel at 7.35pm, had enough of soggy feet,  
Went back to dry out