Friday, 20 January 2017

Friday 20th January 2017

Woke up at 2am thought I heard Carys say Granddad, but I could even have dreamt that. Think she woke between four and five. T thought I had done so well when I woke at 8.30 only to find that my phone was still on Finnish time. So it was only 6.30am
Carys got up just after, and so the day began!
We all had our breakfast, taking it in turns Carys very happy to see her Nana and granddad   We gave Carys a small paper carrier bag, just her size, she thought it was the bees knees.
 We waited in for a man to put up some blinds in Carys bedroom and the hallway.
To give Sam a bit of a rest, Michael took Carys out for a walk the canal was frozen   We bought some shopping in Morrisons then had a snack  we took a slow walk back we had some lunch, then it was time to leave.
We got to Leeds services to stop for a drink at 3.30 
Finair Rep phoned to say our bag should be with us between 5-6pm
Got home just after 4pm. The house very cold. Took Michael a while to keep the boiler going. we got a phone call to say the car delivering our suitcase has broken down! Can they deliver tomorrow after midday.

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