Friday, 20 January 2017

Friday 20th January 2017

Woke up at 2am thought I heard Carys say Granddad, but I could even have dreamt that. Think she woke between four and five. T thought I had done so well when I woke at 8.30 only to find that my phone was still on Finnish time. So it was only 6.30am
Carys got up just after, and so the day began!
We all had our breakfast, taking it in turns Carys very happy to see her Nana and granddad   We gave Carys a small paper carrier bag, just her size, she thought it was the bees knees.
 We waited in for a man to put up some blinds in Carys bedroom and the hallway.
To give Sam a bit of a rest, Michael took Carys out for a walk the canal was frozen   We bought some shopping in Morrisons then had a snack  we took a slow walk back we had some lunch, then it was time to leave.
We got to Leeds services to stop for a drink at 3.30 
Finair Rep phoned to say our bag should be with us between 5-6pm
Got home just after 4pm. The house very cold. Took Michael a while to keep the boiler going. we got a phone call to say the car delivering our suitcase has broken down! Can they deliver tomorrow after midday.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Thursday 19th January 2017

Michael set the alarm for 4.20 didn't get much sleep, maybe an hour at most.
Woke up 2 minutes before the alarm, feel drugged.
Got up washed dressed, and packed up our last bits.
Got to reception by 4.40, our taxi to the airport arrived five minutes later.
It only takes 15 mins to get to the airport, but nearly half hour to check in. At least we are checked in all the way to Heathrow. Again there were queues at security, by the time we got to our gate 7 ( the only gate that is air conditioned) we were the last to board, with ten minutes to spare to take off.
 Push back at 5.55 take off 6.05 breakfast was served about ten minutes after take off, wasn't feeling hungry feels too early so I just drank the water. No green tea either so just had OJ, by the time they reached the back, everything was collected and packed away ready for landing
Landed at 6.55 by the time we had walked to the end of the airport it was 7.45am and we went to find the lounge
Michael little disappointed in the lounge, as he couldn't find anything to eat, I was disappointed too couldn't find anything I liked other than toast
Left lounge and went to gate, only to be told there is at least. 20minute delay.
Boarded plane at 9.15am Thai time
And today's menus are
Push back 9.40am and safety demonstration
Take off 10.05am
10hrs 20 mins travel time. Although this keeps changing!
Brilliant on board cameras of the outside
  At 11am they started serving a meal, but I was so tired I nearly fell asleep in it, have a headache, 12.30 as soon as lunch was finished, I tilted the bed back not quite to sleep mode, and slept for about an hour and a half. Put bed into ful mode and dozed on and off for another 2hrs 
Sat up and read for a couple of hours before another meal was served, didn't feel very hungry and decided not to just eat for the sake of eating, only another 1 1/2hrs to go, carried on reading and played games
Now we lose 7hrs for Uk time
Landed Helsinki  3.30pm
We gated at gate 37 we were rushed off the plane, hurried through security, to get our connecting flight due to take off at 4.00pm, went in a complete circle to get to gate 36
Boarded bus and drive around the airport to get to our plane, Michael and I have 3 seats each as it's a small plane! The sunset is amazing and it's bloody cold. Can only hope our bags made it in that time too
Push back at 4.10
 Take off 4.20
  Followed the sun all the way back 6.00pm a meal was served was okay and ate this mealamazing colours in the sky  landed at Heathrow at but lose 2hrs so it's uk time. Straight through passport control then had to wait for bags, and wait, and wait.
There were four other passengers who were with us on the Bangkok to Helsinki to Heathrow, we were all standing there waiting for our bags, as a joke I said it's a wonder if our bags did make it, how we were rushed from the Bangkok plane to the Helsinki one.
Sam messaged to say she was waiting outside
One of the girls from the group went and spoke to a porter, 
He said this always happens on that Finair route, best you go see the guys over there at baggage claims, so the whole group goes over there, one girl has lost her ticket for her bags, we all have to fill in forms. Apparently our bags were put on the next flight out. After sorting out our forms we left and found Sam and went back to her house. 
Carys was already in bed
Sam had made a lamb stew, which we had, only made it to then had to go to bed.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Wednesday 18th January 2017

Rain didn't stop until 5am. Thunder and lightening for hours.
Woke up at looked at the time, next thing I know it's 8.30 and Michael Is giving me a cup of tea.
Forecast not looking good for today either.
Then we get to breakfast and are greeted with ☀️  An this is supposed to be 60% chance of rain, we had downpours with only 30% chance of rain!

After a leisurely breakfast, we went back to our room and got ready for the pool, decided today to go to the back pool
 After half an hour had to go have a swim it's so warm, also had to move to some shade, Michael looking very red. Stayed at the pool until the went across the road to the beach, clouded up a little, the sun hazy, supposed to have 90% chance of rain, not complaining, but there's no sign of it! We ordered some chicken satay and two coconuts from the hotel as the lady who does the food on the beach is not here today. Ahhh the best coconuts of the whole holiday, have to savour this stayed at the beach until nearly 4pm.
Decided to go back and attempt the mammoth task of packing.
Seeing it all on the bed, it always looks like it's not all going home! It all came, so it should all go back, there's no extras.
Phew one minute to five and it's all gone in. Showered dressed and had a cup of tea
And at 6.30pm we have been invited to another cocktail party.
Had a lovely time chatting to Ingo the manager who replaced Shane. And the two girls Lara and Fay
 They are always so smiley and chatty Fays birthday is on Loi Krathong 4th November.
We left the party at 7.30, it should only have been half hour!
We walked down the Main n road and went back to Kahosan for dinner. 
Returned to the cafe at the Amari just after 9pm for tea and macaron 
Got back to our room at more stuff to pack up, read and bed.
Early start tomorrow at 4.20am urgggh

Monday, 16 January 2017

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Woke at raining, got back in bed and fell asleep until Michael woke me making the tea at 8.30am got washed dressed and packed a bag up for the day.
Stepped outside into the rain to go across to breakfast
Hung out breakfast until after 10.30 but they wanted to clear the tables from breakfast ready for lunch, so we took our tea upstairs to the lounge, where we played a couple of rounds of word brain before doing some reading it's quite warm and the rain eased to showers on and off, but the winds have picked up at least it is bright and airy here, instead of just sitting in our room, and you have random chats with passers by, looking for something to do. Michael went to the gym for an hour, I didn't fancy it, so stayed and read. we went to the cafe down stairs for some lunch, miss the beach food
 But as we finished and went to go back to our room, the rain started again, we turned around and went back upstairs to the lounge until the rain stopped, Michael face timed sienna and had a chat., it was  nearly an hour before the rain stopped.
Went back to our room for a cup of tea, when we had drunk out tea it was time to go across to the hotel Spa
We got there just after 4.45pm because you have to fill out forms first, about your health. I mentioned about my ear, we were given a pineapple juice and a glass of water and the cold flannels.
We had adjoining rooms, but different treatments,
Afterwards we were given a nice cup of tea and cookies. Felt really good afterwards.
When we got back to the room it was gone 6.30pm don't know where that time went. Michael told me I was talking loudly, we both realised my hearing was better in my left ear, hadn't even thought about it, don't know what the masseuse had done?, but the head massage was brilliant 
Got ready and went out to dinner, it was not raining, but we took a chance and didn't take the umbrella.
 Michael had a cider, I had a Singha beer, we decided in the boat tonight  and both had fish, just cooked differently,
Felt good to be out walking, even the breeze was a lovely temperature, so we just wandered around the markets, Michael bought himself a new pair of shorts. He doesn't barter though, 
Came back to the Amari, for tea and cookies got back to our room just after 10.00pm. Lucky as son as we got through the door the heavy rain started!
Read and bed 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Monday 16th January 2017

Got woken this morning at 4.15am, thought a bomb had gone off. Then the lightening going over head. Never heard a storm before where it felt like being in a war zone. Then the rain with a vengeance. This raged on for about half hour. Woke again at looks hot and steamy out, Michael made the tea, got washed and dressed and went over to breakfast was not expecting to see a hazy sunshine went back to our room, picked a few bits then went for a walk along the beach,  tide is in and quite high, 
 Michael is such a beach bum at heart!
the place sienna liked that had the 'glass princess tower' was the back of Dara Samui.
Walked through the Regent Hotel,
 Saw a humming bird, but the little devil never stayed still for very long 
 very nice, all individual bungalows hidden in gardens, quite cooling walking through.
Reached the Main Street and decided to walk up to the Coffee Club for a drink
 It was past midday when we left, felt a bit queasy, walked back down Main high street and collected our laundry.
Brought it back to our room and had a cup of tea.
Got ready for the pool, and took our bag to the pool, beds quite soggy wet, got left out last night, found two different type of beds on the beach that have no cushions on, sat o them and had some mango, banana and coconut there, still no sunshine but at least the rain has held off.
When we had eaten our lunch we took a walk across to the other pool, more beds type with no cushions on. Sat and read at the pool until about 4.30, getting more grey 
Went back to room had a cup of tea and fave timed Carys 
Showered dressed and checked weather forecast 
100% chance of rain at
Stepped outside the door at 2 mins to seven, spot of rain, Michael put the umbrella up, it just tipped down before we had left the Amari 
By the time we had passed Preggo, we were drenched, not just satisfied with torrential rain, the wind whipped the rain in all directions under the umbrella.
We soldiered on to the 'big horn' where they gave us napkins to dry ourselves off and napkins to sit on.
39 minutes later and the rain had covered the paths again and the roads were flooded. As we ate dinner the rain dissipated, but the damage was done. Not a nice experience, going to loo, pulling down wet shorts and underwear, even worse pulling them back up and walking back, the rain had stopped, too early to go back. So we went to the air on cafe and had tea and macaroons to console ourselves.
 Not thinking there's going to be any more chance of any sun 😂 
Went back to our room and had more tea and bed