Monday, 27 November 2017

27th November 2017 Monday

And so it begins
Michael woke me at 6.10, he was up so... alarm call was for 6.20am anyway. We were ready to go last night.
Showered dress and out the door by 6.30
Was surprised to see so many people checking out.

Didn’t know that many were here.
Sore eyes today, worse they have been since I broke my glasses
As Michael checked out, I kept my eyes on our luggage the best I could, as there were 3 mini vans and a taxi going to the airport 
With tons of luggage going here there and everywhere 
Looked so pretty in the foyer.
We were told which mini bus to get on, but I was still worried about our bags.
Every time the porter thought he had loaded the last bag, another late person arrived, took five goes in the end of packing and unpacking everyone’s bags.
Finally we were on the road to the airport our other part of the convoy had already left.
Only took 15 mins in rush hour. 

Checked in and went to the Miracle lounge, 
By 7.30am we were eating breakfast
Went to gate E5
Boarded the plane at 8.45am, welcome drink of blueberry juice

Push back 9.10

Actual take off 9.30
After an hour in the air, got talked into an Amuse Bouche and a glass of champagne and very nice too

Half an hour later we had starters, and more champagne 

But then it got rather bumpy and service was suspended

Main meal was beef, which looked a lot better than it was, potatoes and veg were fine, but there was more jelly than meat, and champagne topped up

Dessert made up for it though

Tea drunk, and after 3 glasses of champagne, I didn’t need much persuasion to try and get some sleep, because I don’t nap during the day 😆
Managed to doze of, but kept turning over.
Nneeding to Pee I got up at 3.30pm to see snowy mountains we are flying over Afghanistan.

Can’t watch TV eyes too sore with out glasses. Don’t fancy starting another book, so went and got a cup of tea and some chocolates 
4.5hrs to Helsinki 
Got changed from shorts and tshirt into leggings and dress, sam says it’s cold at home! Feet cried as I put on socks and shoes
3hrs to go and we are brought a snack( a roll with cheese & salad, Green tea and chocolates, 
Then 90 minutes before we land we are brought a light meal just as we are flying past Moscow

Ten minutes before we land we lose the sunshinelanded in Helsinki at. 8pm but it’s 3pm In Finland 
Very dark and grey
Took another 5 mins to taxi to our gate
By the time we walked to the next security desk for our transfer we had to go straight to our gate 50E to board the bus for our next flight
Boarded plane at 3.40pm I am in row 1 F
Michael is behind in row 2F
Flight is 2hrs 45 mins
Push back 4.10, had to wait for late passengers on a connecting flight
Actual take off 4.30
These have to be the most uncomfortable business class seats ever, service was the same. Although didn’t like my food, cabbage roulade 

Chased the sun all the way home

Landed at 7.20pm but I’m time is 5.20pm not sure which time zone my head is in though
Got to Sheraton to pick up the car at 6pm
Arrived at cobham services parched at 7pm
Only stayed half hour
Got home at 8.45

Sunday, 26 November 2017

26th November 2017 Sunday

For some reason feel very emotional about leaving Amari today.

Woke at 7.15am even though we weren’t getting up until 7.30
Only a draw while we slept, at least not a loss of points!
Packed up our last bits, amazingly it all fits back in the cases.
Showered dressed and went across to breakfast,

 all the staff have been so good and friendly.cheekily TTW said she will miss us
Sad sad 😢 
Lots of people have said they are sad to see us go, asking us to come back next year, even the cheeky lad who asked if we liked our green coconuts spicy or not spicy!
8.45am Having finished breakfast we went to reception to organise collection of our bags. 

All packed up and ready to go our bags are loaded into the back of the buggy cart and we are driven back to reception,

 while Michael checked out, our bags are loaded into our airport transfer car. 

Bee saw us and came hurrying across the road to say goodbye to us before starting work.
Our journey to the airport is no more than 15minutes.
Very short queue to check in and drop off bags.

 Took a stroll down to departure gate,

( Michael not amused, because I see lots of pretty flowers that I stop and take pictures of! )

Very short wait before they start boarding, quick visit to the loo

There’s a fish tank !
 every one must be here, boarding 5 mins early
Push back 10.15am
Take off  10.20
Flew over Koh Pangang just after take off

Landed 11.15

But then it took an hour to get our bags and then get a taxi, apparently you have to get a taxi for short distance in a different place to taxis going into Bangkok 
Arrived at 1.10pm, The Best Western premier inn Amaranth about 3.5 miles from the airport.
Lovely hotel and as reward members we have been upgraded to the premier level, top floor, but top floor is only Seven storeys high. 
Both hungry, thought we would go check out the pool
When we got down to the pool, 
 Was pleasantly surprised to find they had an eating area, where we managed a snack for lunch, I had egg stir fried rice Michael had papaya salad, both had our last green coconut for a while
Went to find the spa

Where we booked ourselves a massage for 4pm, 
Went and checked out the Exec lounge and had a cup of tea

Before we got changed and went and sat around the pool for a while 
Just before our massage went back to the room and got changed into dressing gown, there is an elevator at the back of the hotel that goes down to pool and Spa
Michael only had a 30 min treatment and went to the gym after until I finished, only have one key and it works the air con so we couldn’t split up 😂.

Came back just after 5pm and took it in turns showering and dressing went to dinner
Went to the Red/Brown bar first and had a free cocktail 
Pretty lounge, sadly empty, because it’s low season

Outside the restaurant was prettily lit up

Both had fish with some rice. It was huge. But both enjoyed.
Came up to the 7th floor, then went to loung for an hour with a cup of tea. Back to our room 702 had to repack and re jig everything, before going to bed, early rising tomorrow