Monday, 25 September 2017

25th September 2017

Alarm went of at 6.50am Simon up making coffee and sandwiches, Michael had his breakfast and we packed our last bits up, I washed as much up as I could, and had a crossaint. We played pass the baby until it was time for us to leave. Carys still asleep
Michael and I left at 7.30 because we have to return the car
Beautiful sunrise on our way to Faro.
Dropped the car off at car hire and arrived at the airport at
A lot of chaos at the airport due to renovations but we made it through security and passport control by 8.40.
Because of works not much seating available and quests for a drink 30 mins long, not feeling too  good, but I got two chairs and Michael queued for the coffees 

Nerys decided to do a stinker on the way to the airport in their taxi
Eventually met up with Sam, Kelly, Simon and the girls at 9.35 our gate was due to be shown at 9.40.
They had a very stressful journey, only a booster seat for Carys, Nerys had an explosion in the nether regions, their buggy had to have a special check, they queued through customs, so everyone was hot and tired by the time we met.
We are seated in row 2

They are 2 from the back
Push back 10.25  Actual take off 10.35
We had a snack €10 about half hour up.
Midday had a visit from little one
Landed 1.16pm. Absolute chaos getting through customs and passport control, only ten minutes to get cases.
Sam went shoppingHoliday inn 2.20pm

And Nerys was glad to be home

We got to Bromley by 4pm and went straight to the council offices to try and sort out Kellys parking permit. 
Next we had a cup of tea in Nero's all very thirsty. Then we went to the police station, to drop off Kelly's bag.
Picked up a few bits from Tesco's before going to a new Turkish restaurant, called Meze


And vegetarian, all thoroughly enjoyed

Sunday, 24 September 2017

24th September 2017

 Nerys and Carys were both awake early today, either they were trying to get as much in today as possible, or it was pay back for going out last night lol.
After breakfast we did some tidying up then 
We all started some packing so that the main part of it was done.

When the pool was open kelly got in with Carys 

Another warm day
A change of swimsuit, because the other one was cold and wet, then help granddad fill up the paddling pool

11am already and Simon takes Nerys off for a nap.
Time for some tea and cookies

Midday kelly and I took it in turns to play with Nerys

While Michael ran Carys, Sam and Simon down the road to Oscars to have their Sunday carvery lunch. Tina's outfit smelled a bit so I washed it and hoped it would dry before she discovered this.
When they got back at 1.15pm Michael then took kelly and I back for our lunch.

Michael got in the pool with Carys when we got back

We played with Nerys 

When Michael got cold, Simon then got in with Carys
No one noticed Tina's outfit was nearly dry

After feeding Nerys mummy got in the pool with Carys and daddy

Time for some quiet time indoorsno chance of a nap though.

Back in the pool
Carys and I played around the other side of the house while everyone showered 
We sat for ages watching people in the water park across the road go down the big slides, Carys got very excited when she heard them screaming.
Then we were called for tea, and we ate in the garden
Carys was happy Tina's outfit was dry for her to wear again

Simon gave Carys her bubble bath and sam fed Nerys. Then they swapped. Simon put Nerys to bed and sam settled Carys.
Michael sorted out the Sangria, and the four of them played cards for a couple of hours.
Nerys turns over in the cot and wakes herself up, just before 9pm I went and found her with her face pushing against the netting of the cot, finally settled her and she went back to sleep.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

23rd September 2017

Heard Nerys nice and early this morning, after we all had breakfast we spent some time in the garden and pool. Sam put some washing on

About 11.30 Michael kelly Carys and I got ready to go out supermarket shopping

Pingo Doce. Also had a visit to the loo
Once we got all the shopping on the shopping list we bought two hot chickens and brought them back to have with some salad.

After lunch we had some quiet time, first we played some iPad games, you tried to have a sleep with kelly, but just kept her awake. I put some of our washing on.
I managed to get Carys to our room and we played for an hour

Back in the garden we had a cup of tea and ice cream
Before getting back in the pool

Nerys is flipping over every time you put her down now

Dried off again while I made tea and cookies
Back in the garden to chillax 
Granddad cooked our dinner, Carys Michael and I had Salmon and veg, kelly was having her pizza later. Simon bathed Nerys while Carys ate, then he bathed Carys while sam fed Nerys.

They put both children to bed, then Michael drive sam and Simon out to dinner.
They had a lovely meal out just the two of them, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
While they were gone, Nerys managed to flip herself over twice, waking herself up in the process, but after a little cuddle went back to sleep. Carys slept through!
Sam and Simon got a cab back just after