Saturday, 26 November 2016

Thursday 24th November 2016 at sea still.

 Happy Birthday Mark xx

Since leaving Sydney there have been a few changes, the daily Navigator for a start. The breakfast menus have changed too. We cannot order what we have been ordering and certain items have to be paid for and no fruit for Michael. 
But I put an order of fruit on the menu, and banana, and we had fruit this morning! we went down to the vista for breakfast 
Michael filled in his request for this evenings dinnet, took our time over breakfast, have a bit of a thick head
9.30 we went to the promenade deck and walked our 6 laps = 2 miles
Went up to the Lido for a drink. Very warm, windy and hazy.

Still feel heady, went back to our cabin and laid head down a while 
Then read on balcony 
Went up to the Lido and felt really yuk, went to front desk and was given some seasick pills, didn't like the smell of food so Michael went to lunch on his own I went back to bed
Michael brought me a cup of tea, had s couple of saltines stomach settled but still felt better lying down with eyes closed
Michael read and then we watched a film
5.30 got ready early and went to dinner early. Thanksgiving dinner, Turkey And Pumpkin..
Finished dinner and had half hour in the casino, feeling a little better.
Then we went to see the show
came back with some water before coming back to cabin

Wednesday 23rd November 2016 - at Sea

 Decided as we were at sea today, that we would have a later drink and wake up.
Steward arrived with our tea and coffee at
Michael had a bit of a rough night last night as the seas got a bit rough, I slept through it.
I watched president Obama award 21 medals of Freedom ceremony on TV, as Michael went back to sleep.
Feeling tired after our lovely day with the grandchildren yesterday so we are having a lazy day today
Washed dressed and got ready to go out
Just after 9am we decide to go do our 6 laps of the deck
 Quite a few new faces have joined the ship and there always seems to be a few that have to walk against the grain, but different ones from the last tour
At we went to the presentation about the islands we are about to visit and the available tours. 
This finished about 11.15, so we went up to the Lido and got a cup of tea.
Michael still feeling out of sorts, so at 11.45 we had an early lunch, said he felt a bit better. 
Came back to our room 45 mins later, the sun just appearing on our balcony so sat and read awhile, wasn't long before it got cloudy and windy so we came in. 
Michael had a nap and I played games. we came up to Lido for a cup of tea and cake (Michael had fruit) stayed for an hour.
Went to tours desk and booked a couple of tours on the islands
Washed my hair early as water can run only warm when everybody showers for dinner. 
Gala dinner this evening but neither of us feel up to it,
So instead we just went to the Lido to eat.
Did a lap of the ship, before going to the casino for an hour. The stewards make some thing from the towels every night
 Naughty nic loves to play with them 

Tuesday 22nd November 2016 - Sydney

 Woke this morning at 6.15 thought I heard the steward with breakfast. No one there, lots of people up and making noise though. 
And we have arrived. Hot, hot , hot already  Was disappointed that I didn't see us go past Sydney harbour bridge  went to breakfast at 7.30 very busy with disembarkation passengers all wanting to leave early, even though we are colour coded to leave.
Again so disorganised. People leave when they want to.
Went and got ready to leave and queued up at a desk to get tickets ($9 dollars each way each) to Darling harbour
 Ferry only took10 mins to get to Darling Harbout.
Only walked along the marina a short way when we bumped into one surprised little girl
    Took sienna and William to the Darling quarter where they played in the water for a while until lunch time and we walked around cockle bay wharf
Sienna's picture of me
Found  somewhere to eat time for ic creamwalked across the bridge into the city  to the QVB building for a surprise visit     Then back to the waters at Darling Quarter the children played for nearly an hour, William had trouble keeping his clothes on time just ran away from us. The last ferry back to the ship was at 4.30pm so at 3.45 we started getting sienna and William dried and dressed,which became a bit of a mission took a slow walk back to the pier, sienna started to get a bit tearful.
Then she started to dance about the pier bare foot, next thing we know she has a foot full of splinters, and tears. We had cuddles, but she broke my heart with the tears, was beginning to wonder whether it was a good idea seeing her, bless her.
We had to leave them at their pier, because our ferry arrived and it was the last one!
Sara text to say she didn't think the splinters were too bad, the tears were more to do with us leaving.
We went up on the Lido deck to get a cup of tea and wait for our leaving.
 Just after we cast off and headed towards the bridge. Sara, Dan, Sienna and William were waiting at Milsons point to wave us off
  As we reached Milsons point the captain blew the horn. We scanned the area for Sienna.
Then Michael heard a scream of "Nana" and there they all were waving like crazy
 Waved for as long as we could and stayed on deck until we left Sydney     Came back to our cabin, showered changed and went to dinner

Monday, 21 November 2016

Monday 21st November 2016 - Eden

Steward woke us at 6.30 with our tea and coffee. Very foggy out there, can hardly see the coastline. Seas quite calm  the sun is up though and busy drying off the mist, we hug the coast for about another hour towards Eden. 
An hour later we are having breakfast and looking at a very pretty small town. 
 Going ashore via tender
Queueing system to get a tender, left the ship at found a cafe at the pier that had very slow internet net,
 not a lot would up load, sat with a smoothie 11..15 until it was time to board our small boat trip out to twofold bay to see if we could find some wildlife
Our cat  boat was called Cat Balou  surrounding the boat were millions of Lions mane Jelly fish which our captain said was unusual for this time of year. Our trip took in the sights and sea life from around the two bays.
  The earlier trip had seen a hump back whale and her calf, but sadly she had left the Bay Area by the time we got there.
We did see some dolphins,
 but with over 100 passengers on board it was impossible for everyone to take pictures, we were up the back up stairs and they were at the front of the boat.
As we crossed from one bay into the other we entered open water and was quite a bit rocky and Michael felt a bit seasick
We stopped in a sheltered cove
 Where we had a drink(water) and 2 crackers and a piece of cheese the tour guide said she saw our ship arrive this morning in the mist and we looked like a ghost ship the mussel farms looked weird
We returned to port around 1.30pm then had to queue on the pier for a tender back to the ship. About 2pm
On our return along with about 100 other people we all went to get something to eat, was very angry that they had closed all the food off.
This was a ship organised tour and they had not catered for our return! Feel a complaint coming on
We got a cup of tea and some ice cream,  everyone aboard, ships tenders were returned to their harnesses. And at 3pm we eased out of the bay, we went to our deck to sit in the sunshine
we had only been going about 15 mins when we came to a complete halt
The Captain announced that a member of the crew had phoned from the pier. We had left without her!
Edens port authority boat that was escorting us out of the bay returned to the pier to fetch her, this delayed us leaving by 35 mins.
We now head north towards Sydney.
Showered changed and went to dinner at 6.15 sat with Chris and his mum Joan and an American couple from North Dakota Bonnie and Rob
Dinner finished we went to the BB King lounge for an hour the others went to the variety show
Half hour in the casino before coming back to cabin