Saturday, 1 October 2016

Saturday 1st October 2016 going home

Carys woke just after 6.20am , Michael got up about 7am I had a really bad back all night and could hardly get out of bed. finally got up about 8am. poor Carys just didn't understand that I couldn't pick her up, or walk with her.

she had her breakfast and we all packed up our bags, Michael and simon packed up the cars in pouring rain.
Sam, Simon and Kelly took Carys down the road to the soft play, Kelly played in the soft play
until the breakfasts arrived and then sat down with her and she ate more toast. Michael and I stayed behind to do the last cleaning and tidying up.
we arrived at the garden centre and had breakfast with them, we said our goodbyes and kelly came with us to go home.
we had a pretty uneventful journey.
sam stopped at the services about with carys and simon and then made good time home.

we dropped Kelly off about and left at 2.30.
about 3.30we got to Tesco in ashford, had a cup of tea then got a few bits and pieces to eat later and arrived home about 4.30pm
back still really back so we got in the hot tub which did help for a while.