Friday, 30 September 2016

Friday 30th September 2016 - Wimborne, Poole and Weymouth

Carys woke about 5.30, but got in bed with Simon until about 6.30, that's when Michael got up dressed and went down to have some breakfast.
I got up about and we left shortly afterwards.

We had a beautiful sunrise as we drove to Wimborne.

Then we saw the most beautiful scenic picture. As the sun was rising and its warmth reached the fields, wisps and swirls of moisture rose, the cows in the lower fields were in silhouette,  as were the bales of hay.i gasped as I took the picture in my head because there was no where to stop the car and take the picture with a camera, And as we drove looking for somewhere to park up the time passed and the moment had passed.
We arrived in Wimborne, for the market, it should have opened at but they were still setting up, the town centre was about s fifteen minute walk,  so we decided to walk into town and have some breakfast first. Only no where in town was open until,
so we just wandered up and down the town and went to a little cafe that we took mum and dad to last year called Number 9 on the green, opposite the church.

After breakfast we walked back to the market, there didn't seem as many stalls as last year, even the car park seemed empty, we were going to buy some plants but changed our minds on thinking about getting them home, same with the fruit and veg snd the meat, in the end we came away with just a pair of frilly knickers for Carys.
Sam text to say they were in Poole park, so we left Wimborne and drove to Poole,
when we got there Kelly was having a cup of coffee in the cafe and Carys was in the soft play area with Sam and Simon.
Michael and I sat with Kelly and had a drink and cake.

After Carys had exhausted her self we all went for a walk
thinking she would sleep,
she only managed to have about 40 mins.

When she woke Michael bought some bird food for her to feed the ducks geese and swans.

It was now midday and Sam and Carys were hungry so we went to the Toby. I had a voucher for us to have king size plates for the price of a normal plate and we had a feast, Carys loves her Yorkshire puddings.

When we finished Michael and I went shopping for a few groceries while Sam, Simon, Carys and Kelly went to the monkey sanctuary.

Shopping done Michael and I went to Weymouth to buy a gift for my mum, dad and mark,
it was such a lovely day we walked along enjoying the scenery.
We both needed the toilet, so we stopped in the cafe we went to the other day by the harbour.

Whilst there we heard on the news about an accident in the town centre with 2 buses involved and several cars, brought the town to a standstill for several hours, next news item was about an old WW11 unexploded bomb found in Portsmouth, SBS towed it out to sea and did a controlled explosion.
We then travelled back to Rylands and while Michael made a cup of tea I packed up our big case.
The others returned from their monkey visit shot half hour later.
Carys had done very well walking around most of the sanctuary

I finished packing and Simon took the heavy case downstairs for me, then I leant across the bed to the small hand case and tweaked my back,
poor Carys didn't understand that I couldn't pick her up , carry her or walk her about snd kept getting upset with me.
Simon took her for a little walk down the road to a small park for half hour.
Simon said as much as she enjoyed the swings she enjoyed being adventurous and liked the slide more
When they got back she had her dinner and everyone else did their own dinner, everyone took it in turn to amuse her until it was time for her bottle, Sam gave her the bottle, then Simon brought her up for her bath and bed.
I managed to stay up until 8pm, but my back was very uncomfortable, so I went up to bed

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Thursday 29th September- Swanage

Carys slept until 5.30 am. Simon got in the bed in her room and she dozed on and off for the next hour and a half in bed with him.
They never came in to wake us up until about 7.30
Michael made us kippers for breakfast, so Sam stayed out of the kitchen. He also made Carys boiled egg and soldiers
Bit of a rainy day so far
But it's due to stop later!
We're hopeful
Played with Carys until it was time to go out Michael and I drove Carys to wyevale  garden centre because they had a soft play
It was very small but suited Carys
She had great fun just climbing up everything
But then she just took off
Walking everywhere 
Michael caught her on video
Until someone complained to management about being uncomfortable being there with her children while Michael was filming so he had to stop, but it was lovely to see her confident to just walk off
We left just after but it took her 25 mins fighting it all the time before going to sleep
She slept for 50 mins and woke as we pulled into Swanage,
We parked in the main car park and put Carys in the buggy and walked into the  town and met Sam, Simon and Kelly and went to eat in the restaurant that we ate in with mum and dad last year.
After dinner Carys wanted to see the sea
So much so that she wanted to go in the water, Simon agreed to take her to the waters edge
She managed to pull him in far too mouth to soak his trainers
We walked back to the car where there was a park at the back of the car park
Everyone took it in turns playing with Carys
Our time ran out on the car park and we then drove to Corfe Castle
We walked through the village
to the model village 
Carys loved it
We then brought Carys back to Rylands while Sam, Simon and Kelly went shopping for some groceries.
Carys started walking down the hallway as soon as I put her down, when we got in.
Michael and I played with her in our room, until the others returned, Michael cooked dinner and Carys ate most of hers.
One very tired little girl it took all of us to amuse her until 6.15pm Sam gave her her bottle then Sam and Simon took her up for her bath and bed

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wednesday 28th September- Brownsea Island

Carys woke at 6.30 this morning not a peep all night, and woke us up just after, we really did wear each other out yesterday, Sam is feeling a little bit better today. But doesn't like the smell of cooking, Michael cooked us all omelettes for breakfast, everyone sorted out some washing to do as it's going to be a nice day. Simon did some work and Kelly and I played with carys while Sam rested and michael tidied up the kitchen. At Sam, Simon Kelly set off to buy some picnic food for lunch. Michael, Carys and I left at 10.30 we set off for Sandbanks to catch the ferry. After 10 mins carys was asleep

Michael drove around sandbanks until Carys had an hours sleep.
We parked up, and Sam, Simon  and Kelly were waiting for us, and carys woke up straight away.
We packed up the buggy and legged it down the road to catch the ferry over to Brownsea island
Carys loved the boat ride, another nana day, only nana will do!
She laughed and clapped all the way and said more, more when it was time to get off, 
Nana carried carys around the island in the Bjorn, as we walked around.
We saw free roaming chickens and lots of Peacocks, which carys squealed with delight as she saw more and more of them
We saw a red squirrel,

which Sam was very happy to see
And a dear
We walked for about half an hour,
before finding some picnic tables, 
We set up the picnic and started the picnic
Carys just loves picnics
But the Peacocks decide to join us, Sam was not happy, so granddad walked away and dropped crumbs for them and led them away from us like the pied piper
But more sneaked in behind us
and scared Samantha
So simon had to lead these away
When we finished, we packed everything up but you wanted to feed the peacocks the rest of your lunch
Everyone decided to do some exploring, 
only we got a little lost, nana and Simon were not best pleased faced with climbing a steep hill, Simon had to get the buggy up, and nana had carys in the Bjorn 
We got back to the beginning and went to have a drink at the cafe, 
more Peacocks 
We took it in turns drinking our tea and cake and amusing Carys
Granddad took carys to see the ferry
She loved the little bench too
All too soon it was time to get the boat back
Which again she thoroughly enjoyed
We got back to the car park, sam and Simon went back to Rylands, Michael Kelly, carys and I went to Tesco's, to buy groceries for dinner, 
Sam was resting up and simon was working when we got back.
Michael cooked dinner and Kelly and I played fooseball with Carys
She got very excited when Kelly or I shouted goal and after a few times she started shouting goal too
She kept wanting us to score goals so that she could shout goal, even putting her  arm up as she did it
Then it was time for dinner, carys ate her sausage and mash, and came back and wanted to play more fooseball 
She played until it was time for her bottle then Simon ran her bath, then bed