Monday, 2 May 2016

Tuesday 3rd may 2016- home time

Why is it,that when you have to get up early you wake up every hour to check the time to see if it's time to get up yet. Michael got up at 5am and made tea, packed up last bits, like night wear etc, washed dressed, drank tea and left the room.
Checked out 5.30ambell boy called a taxi for us and he was here in minutes.
Saw a beautiful deep red sunrise on our 45 min trip to the airport.
Checked in, prioritised through customs and in the lounge by
Had some breakfast and stayed in lounge until we went to our gate at 8.30am, and boarded at 8.45am.
50 mins journey
Push back 9.10am
Take off 9.30am
10.30 our meal
11.30, ear plugs in, eye mask on and bed laid up to sleep
Dozed on and off until about 2.45pm needed the loo and so thirsty, asked the steward for a cup of green tea on my way past, was given a nice bowl of chocolates with my tea. Laid down to shut my eyes for another 1hr, not quite sure time wise were we are at, lol phone says 2pm not sure what time zone that is? My watch is on Bangkok time which is 4pm
Carys back to normal in old Blighty
Read for a while then another meal, cold meats and salad, roll and fruit with a green tea at 5.30pm Bangkok time??? Bangkok time Helsinki time as we approach to land
Landed 3.15pm local time ( Helsinki ) straight through customs by 3.35 we are on the bus out to the next plane
Push back 4pm
Actual take off 4.10pm local time
2.10pm London time
Short flight this one 3hrs 
Half hour up and we were served another meal.
Landed at 4.50pm uk time, through customs and Collected our bags, argument at the front of the taxi queue, had to wait for them to sort out, some guy wanted to go to Peckham and pay in Dollars, eventually got a taxi and it dropped us off at the Crowne plaza, quick pit stop, got parking ticket validated and at 5.30pm we were on our way, M25 busy until after junction 10, then M26 missed rush hour on M20 Maidstone, got to Tesco just after 7pm picked up a few essentials until tomorrow. Got in at 8.10 just in time to see the sun setting.
Made a cup of tea and went to bed frickin cold. 
Although it's the 3rd may in the UK it's already the 4th May down under and Sienna's real birthday
And daddy got her a puppy

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Monday 2nd May

Michael got up and made the tea at 6.15 ?
Team B are flying home from Singapore today
Think a 5am wake up was too early for Carys
Team A back in Oz are back to normal
Not impressed with mums breakfast after all the Amari 3 courses.. Then ready for school
Team B arrive at airport in Singapore
Ready for take off
The Hilton has been open 15years now, and the day before yesterday I was thinking how shabby the actual pool looked. With lots of missing tiles. And guess what? We find out as we were leaving the pool yesterday that it will be closed today for a month for renovations.
If we want pool time they have made arrangements with the hotel Sheraton across the river.
Got up about 8am washed dressed and went to the exec lounge for breakfast, sat and read newspapers over cups of tea, got back just over an hour. 
Michael had a need to do some walking, I suggested the gym rather than walk in this heat any distance, it's air con in there, I stayed and read a while.
On his return we got ready for the pool, went to our pool where we were given bags with towels and a bottle of water, pool guy carried our bags down to the shuttle boat and we were then met by another pool guy, who put us on the Hilton shuttle boat,
on the other side we were then passed onto another guy  who carried our bags and escorted us up to the Sheratons terrace pool,
really nice pool, not hot but refreshingly cool.
Lunch time we both had Cobb salads and coconut juices and stayed until 3pm, again we were escorted to the Hilton shuttle boat back to our hotel
Where once back to our room we got washed and change and went to the exec lounge for afternoon Tea.
Didn't realise but we stayed drinking tea for 2hrs.
Came back to our room and packed. Made a right mess of the last packing, so emptied cases and started again. Went in quite well this time.
Showered changed and got ready for dinner
Gonna miss these lazy days, but they've been good. early Dinner
Lol we are recognised now , greeted and taken straight to our table 
Gets dark very quickly
After dinner we were going to go over to River city
But couldn't find where to get ferry across. The little ferry cost 80 baht but Michael had no small change
So we decided to go up to the roof top bar instead 
Where we had a cocktail
Watching the boats going up and down the river
Before going to bed ready for an early rise.
Managed to get her her own seat
Heard from team B arrived at 10pm our time, safe and sound didn't sound like Carys slept much.