Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sunday 1st May

Woke up at miss the (Sienna) bang bang bang of the knocking at the door, (William) no little voices calling Granddad from down the street, no phone calls to say Nana can we come to your place.?
Face timed William had long conversations with him, not that we knew anymore of what he was saying but at least the look was ' I know who you are now in the phone'
Sienna was pleased to see us and told us 'I miss you guys'. Lump in the throat!. 
Then we had to say goodbye and go to breakfast.
Hazy lazy day today! Rain all gone, still very warm.
Greetings from Singapore 
Sam and Kelly Simon and Carys went to the gardens at Marina Bay Sands
Came back at 9.30 had a long leisurely breakfast, reading newspapers, cups of tea, nowhere to be, no one to please.
Got ready for the pool and went down to level 4
Parked up for a couple of hours,
With occasional dips in jacuzzi pool
Had a snack of satays at midday, stayed at the pool until three, went and got changed and went to the exec lounge for afternoon tea, just sat and relaxed with our cups of tea for over an hour, then went and got changed again and went back to the pool for an hour,
by then it was time to get ready and go for cocktails and canap├ęs 
Only 6.30pm so we decided to go for a walk around the market, lots of cheap stuff but so hot, melting, so we did a quick circuit and came back to the Hilton for Dinner.
Again took our time, spent nearly two hours over dinner, really full so just coconut sorbet for dessert
Wow 2hr dinner
The Hilton has been open 15years now, and the day before yesterday I was thinking how shabby the actual pool looked. With lots of missing tiles. And guess what? We find out as we were leaving the pool today that it will be closed tomorrow for a month for renovations.
If we want pool time they have made arrangements with the hotel Sheraton across the river.
Bed by 11pm though

Friday, 29 April 2016

Saturday 30th April 2016

After leaving us
Got a message to say both children were very good but moaned a little trying to get comfortable, who doesn't !
And that the A team landed safe and sound three hours ago
Would you believe it no children and I wake up at
Michael got up at 7am and made tea
Cloudy morning, air con that works at a decent temperature, nice to be able to just sit and relax and decide when and if to get up, trouble is, sit to long and I mope, got up and washed and dressed, clothes smell of the laundry done on Samui.
Went up to breakfast just after, got back to room just after, no one to chase after though!
Had a chat with Sam and Carys and got ready for the pool
Our lounging area for the next couple of hours
Pool water temperature is 29o as opposed to Samui's pool of 40o feels chilly..........
Sam Kelly and Simon take Carys to the pool in Singapore
Where she made lots of friends
After a nap ready to go out
And the Ozzies happy to be home
There I was enjoying a lovely relaxing time finished my tea and cookies and it came over cloudy, that was okay still enjoying sitting and chatting when all of a sudden a howling ins blew through, got covered in sand and rumbles of thunder, decided to pack up, as the clouds suddenly turned black, the wind was incredible, as it was 2.30 decided to go back to the room, by the time we got back we could hardly see out
The driving rain and lightening crashes were tremendous 
About got changed and went up to the exec lounge and had High Tea.
As weather not so good stayed in the lounge for about an hour and a half, rain and clouds have cleared, work has resumed on the building site next door
Cement lorries are permanently driving in and unloading cement night and day.
Came back and had more tea and read in our room for a while to lazy to get changed again. Michael face timed Kelly then phoned Ruby.
Went to dinner about 7pm, manager greeted us and personally escorted us to our table, had a lot of attention from the staff too this evening, have a good table near the Jazz band. like listening to the music, good saxophonist.
Sushi bar excellent, main course choice of Duck, roast Lamb, of Rib carved.
And if course Dessert,
skipped the Cheese room tonight.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Partings are such sweet sorrow Friday 29th April

Went to bed with air con on woke up frozen Michael turned it off, then woke up baking hot turn it on, Michael woke up cold, turned it off I wake up hot, stupid air con! Michael turns it back on and makes tea, 
Feeling quite emotional...
Noooo stupid nana forgot to plug in both ends to charge phone,
Sienna arrived at 7.15, Sam asked if we could all be ready for the pool and not go back so that we bump into them leaving, so we all got ready for the pool. we knocked for Sam but she had already left, we all thought breakfast was at 7.30. But Sam says it was 7.
Had no camera to take pictures of our last breakfast together, everything is all packed up. All got a bit upset, Sienna cried for Sam then Carys, Sam cried back, Kelly then got upset because William finally gave Kelly a kiss, he had promised all holiday and pulled back at the last minute, Sara got upset kissing Carys goodbye, all said our goodbyes and Sam Simon Kelly and Carys left, they went back did their last packing up then got a cart to collect their bags land left at 9.30 for the airport.
Sienna Michael Sara William and I played in the pool until just after we had to stay to wave goodbye to Sam as her airplane took off.
Michael took William for a walk to have his nap and review the bill.
I took Sienna back to ours she had an apple and watched cartoons while I had my shower and washed my hair and dried it.
Then I washed Sienna's hair and bathed and got her ready
She said she was too sad to go meet granddad so we sat for another 15 minutes having a cuddle and watch tv.
Mummy messaged about lunch and she begrudgingly agreed to walk over.
William woke up so we ordered lunch and Michael went back to have his shower and finish his packing.
We walked back to our room for the last time to organise a buggy to pick up our baggage
Sienna was being very gentle with William So hot we are melting,
we got a buggy ride back with the cases 
1.30pm we got to reception and loaded up the bus with all our luggage while Michael checked out. It only takes 10 minutes to get to the airport.
We checked in our bags only to find that because Sara is on an international flight she has to go through a different gate to us, we thought we would be able to meet up through passport control, but we couldn't. we did ask but we couldn't make ourselves understood, so Sara has no help for over an hour, and in this heat 40degrees today and the airport is open air, feel like I am dissolving, sure there will be a puddle on the floor when I stand up
I needn't have worried about Sara her lounge is air con with a children's play area
Sam checked in to say they had arrived in Singapore 
Boarded plane at 3.05 and met Sara on the plane
Sienna decided to sit next to Sara, rejected us already as we abandoned them earlier, 5 mins into the flight poor William started crying, as soon as he could he swapped places with Sienna. She was so good, ate all her meal, then sat with games on kindle, also holding my hand and telling me how much she was going to miss me.
She asked if I was going to cry when we part at the airport, I told her I don't think so and asked why did she want me to,?she giggled and said yes, little minx
Landed 4.10  went with Sara to find her gate, because she was a connecting passenger we were not allowed to go further, Sienna grabbed me and said I don't want you to go, I started crying, Sienna very tearful, we had a tearful goodbye with Sara and William was quite nonchalant by his good byes, Sienna gave a tearful goodbye and they were ushered through, after a good cry we went out side to queue for a taxi, 5.20 we got a taxi, the taxi from hell
First we couldn't get the little man to understand us
'No speak English ' he moaned, Michael got out his reference with hotel address, 'no read English '
We looked at each other as if to say should we get out!
Finally got him to understand Hotel was in Klongsan, he crunched the gears and shot off, I put on my seat belt on, then we hit the worst traffic jam, one after the other.
We got to the first toll,
'25 Baht ' he growled. More crunching of gears, drove about ten miles on the hard shoulder, stalled the car, was worried that the car wasn't going to start again in the middle of this traffic. 
'50 Baht'  he growled again, wasn't quite sure what he was actually saying, only that I saw the toll charges as we approached the tolls, as it grew dark after an hour didn't recognise any of the surroundings and was becoming increasingly worried about where we were going to end up. but all is well that ends well, he did understand where we wanted to go, he just took the 'scenic route' more crunching of gears and we arrived at 7.20 at the hotel.
5 minute check in, we are on the 25th floor with all the executive privileges.
Both so hungry we went straight to dinner, first course didn't sit well and got a bit choked up, eyed up the desserts
so started on the desserts
Had a cup of tea, live band playing moon river on saxophone, enjoyed so much that decided to stay a while and to try out the cheese room
Really am comfort eating.
The waitress gave Michael a questionnaire to fill in. He made a remark about the tandoori chicken being raw.
Next thing we know the manager came over all apologetic, he questioned the chef and made notes, he even got a new batch freshly done and asked Michael to taste for him, Michael told him it tasted cooked and was so much better than what he had before, had a second apology and a promise that the chefs would check in future.
Manager apologised again as we left and said he would reserve a good table for us tomorrow.
Got to bed about 10.30 shattered

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Thursday 28th April

Our last full day today. Where has that time gone!
The air con worked so well last night that we both slept solid for the first time !
Missed that sunrise too.
Knock at the door at 6.30, guess who
Sienna and Kelly arrived just before poor William awake with his teeth last night.
After opening another present Sam took Sienna to her room so we could get ready for breakfast.
Quarter of an hour later Sienna was knocking on the door excited
Nana come now if you want a lift, the cart is here for me!
We rushed out and got the buggy over to breakfast, 
She thinks she is such a lady arriving  by buggy. Breakfast was the same same!
We all walked back, Sienna promised Sam she would sit in silence while Carys had her nap. Sam agreed and said as soon as she talked she had to come to our room, but she managed to whisper so Sam kept her till pool time.
Michael and I picked up Kelly Sara and William about 9am and went to the pool, Kelly and Sara got in with William and Sienna, Michael and I went for a walk along the sand bank

Cameo back after half hour and got in the pool, 
Then Carys Simon and Sam arrived
We all stayed until 11am Michael went to get our laundry. So we all went back to change and Simon went for a massage at herbs, Sam took Carys back to cool off
when he came out the tailors called out to him to say our goods were ready and he carried them all back. Loved the alterations they did to Sienna's dress
Later Kelly took Sienna to the coffee shop to meet Sam and Carys. I met Sara who had got William to sleep, I took William to the coffee shop,
Sara collected her laundry, then Michael and Sara went down the beach for a massage.
Then it was time for Carys to have her lunch, the coffee shop warms her meals up and they have a high chair,Sienna started to get a bit noisy and we didn't want her waking William up before he was ready, so I took her upstairs to the lounge and played imaginary games with her. William woke and wanted Sara so Kelly came to get me and she brought Sienna down. I cuddled and sang songs with him and he wuietened down a lot, even making him laugh at times. by the time Carys was finished, Simon returned from his massage and took Carys off.
While I cuddled William Kelly cuddled Sienna and let her watch cartoons on her phone.
Michael and Sara returned, Sara and Kelly took William back to the room, Michael and I took Sienna down to the beach to get beach food
When it was all cooked we took the food and Sienna back to her room, then we took ours back to the room and ate ours, got a phone twenty minutes later, William was unpacking everything Sara was trying to pack. So we took the children to kids club so Sara and Kelly could do some packing
Whilst Carys played in her room experimenting with a banana from lunch
Sara came over to kids club about 3.00pm, so we went back to do some of our packing. We gave over all our stuff and presents we had for the children. I've bought one dress, and it feels like there is just too much to go back in the case!
All met back at the pool around
Simon was late because their balcony door was busted and wouldn't lock and he had to wait for someone to come and fix it. We all went back to our rooms and for Carys to have a nap.
The other day I sent a message and a picture to the Amari thanking them for Sienna's birthday party. They asked if they could put the picture on their Facebook page, it was published today
We are all going out to dinner together tonight to the 'ship' Sienna's favourite restaurant 
Really hot and sticky tonight, and the meal seemed to take ages to cook,
Sienna thought it very funny that while we were sitting at the table a kitten came and licked the back of my leg and I screamed!
After our dinner Sam and Simon took Carys back,
As a special treat Michael treated the rest of us to an ice cream in Movenpick
Got back about 8pm and Sara and Kelly took the children off to bed.
Michael and I went across to the coffee shop for an hour.
Got back and did some packing up.