Thursday, 15 December 2016

Thursday 15th December 2016 - Hong Kong to London

So we were called to our gate at 11.20pm when we arrived it was to tell us there was a heating problem on board, and there is a short delay.
Finally boarded at 11.45pm
 Push back 12.24
Take off 12.45
Time difference to U.K. is 8hrs
Hong Kong is 12.45am U.K. is 4.45pm got pjs on
6.10pm meal served
  Then I made my bed up and tried sleep. Michael declined his meal and put his bed up and went straight to sleep 
Slept for Four hours, but stayed in bed for another four hours light dozing. Got up washed dressed and watched a film.. Star Trek, and Ben Hur 
Declined breakfast to see if helps with jet lag
Landed at 5.05am uk time.
Got to customs by 5.20 then had to queue for customs, got our bags they were first off.
Went to Virgin lounge for breakfast 
Sam picked us up just after
When we got to Sam's Carys was running around like a headless chicken at first. Smiling not sure who to hug first
 Settled for her Nana and her bottle
 Time to show off how she draws
Michael had to go and fetch his car from the Mercedes garage. Sam went and showered and did her hair Which left me and Carys time to play,
But when Sam tried to get Carys dressed ready to go to dancing. She was having none of it just clung to my neck and sobbed. We tried the snowman out fit, it was off in 2 mins. We tried the Santa dress, it was like the end of the world. So Sam said fine we're not going out.  And put TShirt and leggings on. She hugged me and was all smiles
  Michael came back with the car and swapped our cases from Sam's boot to ours.
We both played with Carys until lunch and she was as happy as Larry.
After lunch she snuggled into my neck, but was okay about us leaving and waved us off.
Just after 2pm we stopped at Clacketts services for a break.
Arrived home at 3.30pm

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Wednesday 14th December 2016 - Christmas concert

We had a little visitor early this morning, she got in bed next to Michael and he just cuddled her. I looked at the time, and said hang on a minute it's only 1.10am and still very hot and sticky. I took Sienna back to bed and she slept until 5am, she went into Sara. They have air con on in the room, she went back to sleep until 6.30. William was already there. Michael got up, and brought sienna down to see the mess Nic had made  she couldn't believe he had been so naughty. And was pleasantly surprised that Jasmine had been good and had presents for her and William
Sara and Michael went food shopping, she needed something to take to the school.
Sienna helped me take the presents up 
I did Sienna's hair and we watched TV until they got back.
When they returned, William woke up, and sienna was eager to open presents
       David and Dorothy arrived so we all got ready to leave for Sienna's concert Michael and I told her we was coming to her concert but would leave straight after. She was OK about it.
 A message left for Sienna from Nic
We got to the concert and left sienna in her class, with lots of hugs and kisses, and outside tears from me. 
David, Dorothy, Sara and William were waiting inside for us
All the children were led in and there were lots of waves and "mummy's " from the children.
I went and sat on the side so I could film Sienna. And more than once fumed inside as someone or another walked in front of me
      Just as they were singing their last song Michael and I gave her a big wave, and left, David and Dorothy caught us outside and said goodbye, then a hug from Sara and William, and we went as the last song played. Tears from me as we talked about where we had been with them,
We drove to the airport and dropped off the car, 
walked through the airport to drop off our luggage.
But the service didn't open for twenty minutes so we just stood and waited,
After the big cases were gone and we were checked in all the way to Heathrow, we went through passport control and X-rays, Michael had to go through the body scan!
We went up to the business lounge at 1pm and sat and waited for our call. Well we had snacks first. Bad snacks,  went to gate at 3.20pm,
Technical fault so we did not board until 3.40pm
 Nic was waiting for me in my seat! Become very hot and sticky out there, looks stormy too
Push back at
Take off 4.10pm
 Captain says it could be a bumpy couple of hours!
After an hour we had drinks and nuts,
Started watching a film Jason Bourne...
Watched as lunch was started. 
 Decided to watch another film London has Fallen !
Watched Skiptrace - Jackie Chan film
11.20 only had fruit didn't like the rest!
 Gig, caramel ice cream was nice.
Listened to classical music until we landed, have that giddy motion sickness going on yuk, thought I'd seen the last of that.
Time change, of 3hrs 12.30 am Sydney time... 9.30 Hong Kong time.
Landed 10.00pm and went to the Virgin Clubhouse and had a cup of tea to wait till our gate is called

Monday, 12 December 2016

Tuesday 13th December 2016 - Milsons Point

 Michael got up to go to the toilet at 4am, and a little voice in my ear said ' Nana I'm scared,can I have a cuddle with you, '  before I knew it she was in behind me and Michael got in and went back to sleep, after a few wriggles and verbals she went to sleep
There were three in the bed.......
5 mins later I'm being dive bombed and attack by a blessed mozzie.
About 5.30 I heard Daniel up, sienna couldn't have closed the gate properly, because Rosie then came down and tried to get in bed, and licking Michael's ear, we all dozed back to sleep and got woken by a Mynah bird, flitting back and forth,  after some more cuddles Michael got up.
Sienna sat and watched cartoons on my phone until 7.45. My phone was running out so she went to do some crafting with Michael while I got ready. William woke after 8am and it was gone 9am before we were all packed up and ready to leave. It is so hot already, the air is hot, and the wind is just hot breezy air
 We drove to Milsons Point and parked under the Sydney harbour bridge.
From there we went to the Olympic swimming pool
 There were school classes going on, so we played mainly in the covered small pools  really El scorchio now, too hot for William snack time after an hour and a half we all took it in turns to dry and change and get dressed. Michael then drove us to Willoughby near to where Sara used to live and went to the park  heat very intense now and no one has any energy       It was 11.50am so we decided to go to Kirribilli RSL club for some lunch. View from the club we left the club and it was quite cool in there, as we came out we nearly dissolved as we got back in the car Sienna had to be back at school for her concert practice at 1.30.
I took her in and had a difficult time trying to get the limpet off me. But I sat her down in front of the cartoons and another teacher and told her I wouldn't be long and snuck out.
We got back, William played, while Sara did some work. Michael and I set about packing, think it all went in and out 3 times.
 Phew made it
At 2.50 Michael and I went and picked Sienna up from school and brought her back.
We gave them a few presents to open and Sienna was very happy with her shopkins and mermaid and book.
William loved his hot rod cars, and puppet Gruffalo book, and wooden crocodile. So hot head splitting now.
Sara wants to save her presents for Christmas Day. We helped Sienna get a present for her mum and dad and helped her wrap it, from her and William.
  Sienna sat a while doing some more Christmas crafting,
We chatted to Carys for a while after dinner. Conversation wasn't so hectic today.
 Michael and I played with the children while Sara and Dan did some of his book work.
Michael gave them a bath, and I dried them off and dressed them.
Daniel then put on Star Wars for Michael and I and the children to watch. Sienna went to bed with a headache, and only wanted Sara!
Michael and I managed to get 1 case in the car.