Friday, 12 June 2015

Saturday - home June 2015

Early risers, heard mum and dad up about, apparently dad had mum awake at they were washed dressed and packed by 7.
Michael got up at 7. And made a cup of tea, he had a bad night, so every time he got up to go to the loo he told me he couldn't sleep, told Me every time I stirred that he couldn't sleep, in the end he was asleep and I was left awake tossing and turning.
Got up washed dressed and had some breakfasts, then packed.
Left the barn just after, we were going to leave at 9.30, so we could be at Lorraine's for 11.30.
After about an hours drive I needed a pit stop so we stopped in Arundel.
Forgot how pretty it was here.
Today at noon they have a Town Crier competition on at the castle.
We also stopped at a Tea room and had tea and cake, mum and Michael bought chops from the local butcher as they were huge. As we were leaving the town criers led by the local scout team band paraded through the village. Back on the A27 and it only took us another 45 mins to get to Lorraine's in Ferring.
Lorraine and Marie live in a beautiful thatch cottage, Lorraine has done a lot of the renovation work on the cottage, and it looks lovely, 
Marie had baked a cake, and we all had a piece with a cup of tea.
About 1pm Marie drove her and Lorraine, we followed to a local restaurant/hotel Highdown for lunch 
The restaurant was fully booked, so we went next door to the tea rooms and sat outside and had an enjoyable meal
Said our goodbyes and left at 2.15pm
Got to Joan's about 4.30 unpacked all their stuff from the car, settled them in and left.
Got home 5.0pm spent loads if time watering, lots of dead plants! Need some TLC around the garden, 
Made a cup of tea and sat and read the newspapers,
Feel really weird, my house doesn't feel like my home at the moment.

Friday - Wimbourne Minster

All woke up later today, thunder and lightening through the night along with the planes landing.
All washed and dressed, and had our breakfasts.
Got ready to go out and left about 10.30, Michael drove us to Wimbourne Minster.
Market today, we all split up and wandered around and agreed to meet back at the car in an hour, had a great time wandering around the different steals, from garden plants, fresh fruit and veg, cakes, meat, bread, then the antiques part. Bought mum and dad a China cup and saucer for home as they had been talking about drinking out of China cups when they were younger.
Met them back at the car and we drove around into the town
Stopped in the town of Wimbourne at a little cafe across from the church
Called cafe on the green
Walked up
And down
of the many pretty little streets
Before driving back to the barn
Had lunch of the gorgeous pork pie bought in the market, the scones mum bought in the Tea shop, and the bread was from the tea ago too, used up some odds and ends that were left as well, 
Read for the afternoon, some people had naps!
Michael checked the Internet at 3.30 and the traffic into Poole was choc a block so we decided at 4pm to drive to Poole early, took us nearly an hour. 
Then we had to find somewhere to eat, 
Found a strange looking pub called the George, although very dated the meal was okay.
Then we went across the road to the Lifhthouse theatre and had a really good night watching the show The Elvis Years
Got home about eleven to find three giant slugs slithering across the kitchen floor got the salt out and soon dispensed of them. Made s cup of tea and took it to bed

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Thursday - Bournemouth, Boscombe

Woke up today to find out Sam has gone to hospital, at this stage not too serious but has to stay in 48hrs for total bed rest and observation, could be that the placenta is moving.
Made a cup of tea for everyone and went back to bed, had a slow get up all washed dressed and had our breakfast.
As we packed up our picnic we had another drink, left about 10am and drove to Bournemouth, drove west cliff and East, nowhere appropriate to stop for the parents, tire very easily.
Drive to Boscombe where we could park on the beach and a short walk to a cafe.
Sun has come out and the wind not so cold but still very blowy
Discussed what we would do for this afternoon and agreed to go back to Poole park
Found a nice bench and ate our picnics
So windy at the edge of the lake
that we moved inner the park where it was less breezy
I needed the loo and walked across to the Ark cafe,
there was no wind at all and very warm, Michael went and got the car and we moved the parents onto the cafe, found a bench in the lee of the cafe and with no wind, it soon got quite warm
Michael mum and dad settled down and read their books, I wandered off to check out the ducks
Found a swan with baby cygnets on her back they were so cute,
Michael caught me up and we told mum and dad we were going on a short walk,
saw a baby moorhen that liked about a day old it was just fluff.
Also saw a baby Greylag goose,
When we got back from our walk the parents weren't where we left them, they had got so hot they had to move to the shade, we went into the cafe and had an ice cream and a cup of tea.
Going out for dinner tonight, so we went back for a rest.
Michael mum and dad had cat naps, with their drinks, 
Left just after 6pm to drive back to Boscombe, as there was a nice Harvester right on the beach called The Neptune.
Very busy and we had a twenty minute wait for a table. Just goes to show looks can be deceptive, mum and dads meals were ok ours were awful. Warm grey coleslaw yuk. Meal took so long coming looked like it had been left under the heat for too long. Then waited ages for desserts and the bill left just after 9pm and was home in twenty minutes. Had a cup of tea Watched Stonemouth then bed
Thunder and lightening started about

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wednesday - Weymouth

Mum and dad up early, mum made the tea this morning and brought to us in bed.
All got up washed dressed and had breakfast packed up a pack lunch and drove to Dorchester
Had a coffee and cake in a place called Nappers mitre,
walked around the town then drove on to Weymouth very busy and no where to park
So we drove along the coast to Lodmoor country park and had a picnic lunch
Followed further along the coast and climbed quite high, parked up and stopped at the lookout cafe for a cup of tea,
Lovely and peaceful, beautiful scenery
Also watched the yachts training for the Olympics
Next we drove to Lulworth Cove
Mum bought us an ice cream, and dad was really worn out, so we sat them in the shade to eat their ices while we went for a short walk
Left around four and hit traffic, arrived at a roundabout to find that the police had closed a road off at a roundabout due to an accident, from then on every road was affected, finally got to Parley, our nearest town at 5.30, although early we decided to have our fish and chips early, Michael didn't like the look of the traffic to come back for the fish and chips.
All cooked fresh and we got back to the Barn for 6.00pm