Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday - two Birthday parties in one day

William was good for us last night although the little monkey went past his ten o clock feed, we were sitting up waiting for him and he woke just after 10.30pm then we had problems with a teat, poor fella put in a lot of effort with little reward, the thicker night milk clogged the teat,  once we sorted that out he took about half the bottle and fell asleep, onto the next feed, which he woke at 1.45am michael gave him a bottle and I changed his nappy at the Same time. But he woke up at 4am for a feed, I went and picked him up but he snuggled into my neck and went to sleep, I half sat up in bed with him and he  slept for about another half hour, gave him a bottle and he slept until 6.30am, Simon had heard him and came and took him downstairs, Michael and I then went back to sleep until 8am
Sienna had fallen out of the bed in the night and didn't remember in the morning
She woke up at 7am and went to look for Sam in her room and was surprised to find she wasn't there. And then found her in the lounge with Simon and William, they all had their breakfast by the time I got up, I quickly showered and dried my hair, had my breakfast and as Team 1 at 9am Kelly myself and Sienna set off for Kelly's house.
We got to Kelly's for 10.00am unloaded the car had a quick pee and walked up the hill to Bromley, sienna said kelly what a big hill, we both thought she was going to complain, instead she said nana let's run, which I did for a bit, as we chatted, she couldn't believe she had made it to the top, then a very excited little girl couldn't wait to get to build-a-bear and Rosie's birthday party. Sara arrived at Build-a-bear, Sienna had a great time she chose a big pink monkey,
who she named Dora.
After over an hours play with 'George'.
When everyone had their bears stuffed we all went to lunch together at a cafe called Esquires. Sienna enjoyed her picnic bag.
1.30pm we had to leave, we walked back down the hill to Kelly's packed up Dora
with sienna into the car and then I drove us to Cheryl's for party number two which was for Riley.
Team 2 arrived just in front of us. Michael had been looking after William in the morning feeding him and dressing him, and took him to pick up Joan and Roy.
Team 3 Simon and Sam had been to Eastwell for an Anniversary Dinner, also met there.
Michelle brought Poppi and Riley,
Paul brought Vicki and Dominic. And Cheryl and Stewart had collected Ruby.
We all had a really lovely family afternoon
Then team 1 kelly sienna and I came home, team 2 Sam Simon Sara and William got home before U.S. team 3 Michael took home Ruby, Joan and Roy.
Got home Sara fed William and fed him, Sam and Simon did the bath with Sienna the put her to bed she was exhausted
Sara put William down after chatting with Daniel on face time which we all thought William had said dad.
The adults managed to stay up until 10.00pm

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday - cake making

Sienna woke in the night and asked Kelly to take her to the toilet. When she woke at she had a dry nappy pants. She got in with kelly for a cuddle for an hour.
Master William had mum awake on and off in the night. Michael got up at and took him downstairs for a bottle,
Everyone got up around 7.30am and had their breakfast, I got up washed dressed and had my breakfast and looked after William while Michael and Kelly got ready, Michael sienna Kelly and I took William for a walk down the town.
Sienna and I kept taking short cuts and beating Kelly Michael and William.
We got to the canal
and sienna said she was tired so I told her time for a rest, we managed to find a dry bench and sat for a few minutes until a man came along with a dog, we asked if sienna could stroke the dog and he said Trudie would like that, she was fine with that, forgot she was tired and walked the rest of the way across the bridge to the park, as we got there
Simon and Sam and Sara arrived and sienna ran across the grass to them, then Michael and Kelly arrived with William.
Sienna played in the park for over half an hour, Sara sat and fed William 
We all congreagated around the exercise machines and sienna showed us how they worked. 
As soon as William was fed we all trooped off to truleys for a tea and cake.
Sam Kelly Michael and Sienna went to do a food shop, I pushed the buggy back, Sara walked and Simon carried William in the Bjorne. 
When the shoppers got back we had lunch. Simon played with Sienna in the garden.
Sara fed William then Michael ran her to sandling station as she was having a night with Angela.
After lunch sienna helped Kelly make cakes
pop cakes for Riley's birthday tomorrow
and a fruit cake for Ruby.
While the cakes were cooling down Simon Kelly sienna and I played chase in the garden with Sam doing her best to keep up with sienna.
Michael cooked a nice roast for dinner, once that had gone down in about half hour, Sam and Simon got in the hot tub with Sienna and William, I ran their bath for after, Kelly transported William in first, I got him dressed and Michael gave him his bottle, then Kelly brought in Sienna, I bathed her washed her hair, dried her off, put her night clothes on her, and dried her hair.
Sam had a shower, then they watched horrid Henry, later Sam and Simon put Sienna to bed.
Everyone was in bed before

Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday - Joan & Roy's 60th anniversary lunch

William had a rough night and so did Michael, he got up about 5.3 with him fed him a bottle at 6. Then he went back to sleep on him in our bed.
Sienna slept till about kelly got up to go to the toilet, sienna said she was scared and didn't want to stay in bed on her own without kelly so went to the loo with her, she went a toilet and had a dry nappy this morning she woke at 6.3am she came to tell us about the big bad wolf and Michael made Me get out of bed and stop her coming into our room I went down with her to hear about how Santa was watching out for us through the burglar alarm and if the wolf was bad he wouldn't get a Christmas present.
She then went into Simon and Sam and snuggled in next to him for half hour so kelly went back to bed and I got in Sienna's bed so as not to wake William.
Everyone got up and had breakfast and by 8.30 kelly got changed into her swimsuit, Michael got his swimming stuff ready, kelly and I got a bag ready for sienna and William and by kelly  Michael William Sienna and I were at the Hythe pool
. I got William and sienna ready. I didn't get in but gave William to Michael who was in the pool already, and Sienna and Kelly got in. Both children loved it. After about 20 minutes
William looked a bit cold so Michael gave him to me and soaked me. I took him in the changing room and dressed him, we sat for a while watching the other three then Michael got out and dressed, he came back for William and took him into the car to play.
Kelly said she was cold and that it was time to get out, there was a little protest but she got out anyway. I stripped her off and put her in the showers to warm her up, Kelly then washed her hair we gave her a flannel to put over her eyes and she was very good having her hair washed so much so that she didn't want to get out, but the showers stop automatically after a few minutes and she couldn't reach to turn then back on. She just accepted this and I quickly dried her off, and dressed her. 
As we were leaving she saw the sweets machine and started with the 'I wants'
We all told her we didn't bring any money and she could have something at home. She wasn't very happy but we distracted her by coming back via the beach which was very choppy.
Poor William was exhausted, but I wouldn't let him go to sleep as we were at the bottom of the hill and didn't want to disturb him getting out the car. We got in and Sara tried to put him to sleep but he was having none of it, so I took him downstairs put him in the buggy and he went off in a couple of minutes. And slept an hour.
11.30 Sam took Simon and Sienna to pick Joan and Roy up for their Anniversary lunch that Sam Simon and Kelly were treating them to.  we are meeting them there at 'The Ship' in Sandgate
Sienna met my brother Marks dog Sophie and fell in love with her. Sienna held out her hand and Sophie put her paw in Sienna's hand. Sienna was thrilled. We all arrived at the 'Ship' at the same time.
Sienna doesn't do waiting, so all considered she did fairly well.
Mum and dad thoroughly enjoyed their meal, and playing with the children
Sam Kelly and Simon then took Sienna to kidz planet, while Michael Sara and I took Joan and Roy home. Said a quick hello to mark and Jane then left.
Tried to register at penny pot lane dentist as I have now broken a tooth. No deal though.
Came home had a cup of tea and enjoyed our respite while we could.
Both children had been well behaved William had a sleep in the car so Kelly sat with him while he slept and fed him when he woke, Sam and Simon queued up for twenty minutes to get in kidz planet, sienna went off and played in everything, she played for an hour, as sienna was so good when Sam took her food shopping she was still good Sam bought her a special peppa pig comic, they got back around 5pm, we all payed 'rice mans bus' (blind mans bluff).
Later Simon cooked sienna tomatoe pasta which she almost finished. Then she had jelly.
I bathed William in the bidet which he loves because he can support himself.
Sienna watched horrid Henry until Sam had her dinner.
Then it was time for Sienna's bath. I gave her a bath and got soaked by the flippin squirty frog. Simon came and rescued me and Sam and Simon finished off the bath. Simon got her out and Sam dressed her and at 7.3 got in Sam's bed to watch another horrid Henry before bed 
Sara fed William and put him down at 7.3
Sienna was asleep by 8.15, everyone went to bed but stayed up reading

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Thursday - Visit to Ruby

610am. Sammy get up its morning look - curtains wide open! Argh!!!
Very moany and restless all night again. No bad dreams though. Apparently they are all stuck in the web.
William woke at 10. Pm feed and we fed him but Sara was already awake, he woke at 12. Midnight and about
All had breakfast and got ready to go out, the man came to service the burglar Alarm. When it was time to test the alarm he let Sienna be the burglar to set off the alarm to test it.everyone left when he had finished,   except me. I cleaned the house from top to bottom changed Sam's bed, hoovered cleaned the bathrooms then did some ironing. 
The A team ( Sam Michael Sara and sienna and William) went to see Ruby. They phoned me at mid day to say they were going to the outlet mall to shop and have lunch in pizza express, but Michael took William for a walk instead of lunch. They got back as I was about finished and had some lunch around Michael had some lunch too.
Sara had a headache and William needed a sleep.
So Michael Sam and I took Sienna down the road to feed the ducks
She ate some of the bread before we even parked in waitrose. 
When we parked she just wanted to run off, and just would not stop or hold someone's hand.
We fed two ducks and Sienna just wanted to empty the bag of bread over the bridge for the gulls. 
Bread all gone we took a walk across to Truleys, where we all had Tea and cake
Then I took Sienna to the park, while Sam and Michael went shopping for dinner tonight. We got to the park she went down the slide, on the swings over the climbing frame, then the little elephant. All done in about 10 mins, and was then off looking for mischief, she started running off and I just can't keep  up with her when she darts from side to side, she ran onto the bandstand when I told her to stop she just carried on there were all broken bottles all over the bandstand and I was worried she would trip and fall, as she just doesn't see the dangers.
Told her I had enough and we were going back to the car, and again she runs off along the canal, and again I was worried that she could trip and fall into the canal, she just argues with me through gritted teeth that she won't. 
As she went to run off I told her if she took one more step she was going straight to her room when we get back. The little moo watches me and tries to move a toe.
Took her by the hand and said I was too angry to talk to her and marched her back to the car.
Got in the car as good as gold, and looked at Michael like butter wouldn't melt.
Then she starts hitting me and Michael around the head with her new hobby horse, I took it away and said she could have it when she got home, she just starts screaming and kicking and hitting me.
Sam shouted at her to stop now and that she was very angry.
Sienna has tried everyone's patience today.
We got back and Michael sent her to her room, I could hear her telling one of the teddys that they were very naughty and had to go to their room!
Sara went and had a chat with her and she came out and said sorry to each of us.
Sam sat with her for an hour watching horrid Henry.
While Michael cooked our fish for dinner.
Later it was time for Michael Sam and Sienna to go to Sandling to pick up Kelly from the station, sienna sat telling her about her day as kelly ate her dinner, by that time it was time for Michael Kelly and Sienna to go to Sandling again to pick up Simon this time.
As soon as they got back it was straight into the bath with Kelly. I got her ready for bed then Simon and Sam read her a story and she was asleep by 8.35
Adults stayed up until 9.3pm

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Wednesday - Dymchurch - beach

Sienna Woke up at 430 sat bolt upright telling Sam she had a dream mummy and daddy were monkeys and she was sad as she couldn't speak to them
Then awake 510 telling Sam it was morning She had to get up, she told her Jessie was too tired still and needed a cuddle
Went back off again and has been moaning and restless till 7.30
Woke up at 710 moaning wanted daddy and needed him -Sam  told her to go find Sara to call him but won't get out of bed
Sat watching cartoons for awhile.
William did a little better, slept for just over 3hrs each feed and after a little comforting went back to sleep until around 7am we all got up and had breakfast packed up the bags.
9.30 Michael took Sienna in Lilly to take Lilly through the 'Hair wash' (car wash)
Hung out some washing, and tidied up some
Michael took Sara and Sam took me and Sienna and William 
We got there first, William had just dozed off and was not impressed at being woken up to go in the buggy.
I bought sienna some tokens for the rides and Sam watched whilst I walked William up and down to get him back to sleep. She went on the pirate ship, the mini big wheel, then wanted to go on the helter skelter, she got to the top with her big sack, but then Sam started to call me, we swapped, I asked if I could go to help my granddaughter, and was told yes, I made my way up to the top, put Sienna in the sack and saw that Sara and Michael had arrived. I let Sienna go down, but then all the children that had come up needed help getting in their sacks, so I spent the next 15 minutes helping the children get into sacks, finally got down in time to see her go on the aeroplanes, then she took Sara on the water ride, after the water ride she took Sara on the ghost train, and although scared she wanted to go on again, so I went on with her, while Sara and Michael went to sainsburys to get our picnic, I took Sienna in the arcade to spend her pennies.
William woke up and wouldn't take his bottle for Sam so Sam put him back in the buggy and came looking for Sienna and I, so we swapped.
I took William upstairs as it was quieter and less distracting, when he finished I took him to the toilet and changed his nappy, sienna was running Sam ragged, they came up while I was in the toilet and missed me, I couldn't let them know because I was holding will on a change bench.
As soon as I could I went in search of them. We soon found each other and it was time to pack the children back into Sam's car and head to Greatstone.
Michael met us in the car park And led us down the beach to the area they had all set up with our picnic. 
I was not very happy as I don't like sand. First I dropped a sausage, sienna wanted to share my pork pie and sausages, lost one pork pie to the sand, sienna shared her crusts with me in exchange for a piece of the other pork pie, I managed to drop my crusts in the sand too and then the rest of my pork pie. Not s happy bunny.
After lunch William managed to face plant the sand and try to eat it.
Sara and Sienna built sand castles, sienna suddenly ran off, the tide was far out, Michael chased after her, and still she carried on, he tried to tell her about the mud.
She wouldn't stop till the mud was up to her ankles.
Then she came screaming up the beach crying about the mud.
Managed to calm her down and took her to the toilets and rinse and scrubbed her down.
Sienna didn't want to leave, it was wills nap time so Sam drove William and I back  and he slept on the way. He went off as we left, and Sam stopped for petrol on the way so he had about 30mins sleep, William and I sat on the drive till he woke, then I gave him a bath in the Bidet to get all the sand off him, he loved it bless him.
Michael arrived about half hour later with sienna and Sara.
We hosed sienna down then Sam Michael sienna and I all got into the hot tub. 
Sienna Sam and I all watched Matilda after we got dressed.
Michael cooked us a nice stewed chicken which had slow cooked whilst we were out. 
Then she watched some horrible Henry with Sam in her room
About 8pm sienna got s bit lairy, in the end she asked for grapes s second time candy was told no, but she went ahead anyway and tried to help herself. Mummy told her she was now going to bed on her own without any stories. 
So we had the sobbing for Sam. Sara told her Sam would sleep with her but later she had to go to bed, she got herself into s bit of a state, so she didn't even know why she was crying. Michael told her she had to listen to her mummy. Which only made her yell even louder for Sam.
I picked her up and told her she had made Sam and Jesse cry, that Sam would come to bed later but she had to let Sam rest. I eventually calmed her down and mummy said no stories, so I tried to tell her that if someone yells Sienna Stop, it was because it was dangerous, that she had to freeze so that we could tell her what the danger was. It could be because there was a car near the road, or s hot dish in the kitchen, or sticky sinking mud.
She fabricated her own stories around my lecture , then asked for a cuddle to go to sleep as long as we left enough room for Sam later, Sara hung up the dream catcher Cheryl bought to try and help her with her bad dreams she was asleep by 8.15 
To help Sara get some sleep we said we would wait up for Williams 10.00pm feed and give him his bottle and she would then come up from Sienna's room at 2am for that feed.
Sam and Sara went to bed at, we went up to bed but waited for William 

Monday, 25 May 2015


Poor little William awake quite a bit in the night but was in with Sara, 
Sienna slept in with Sam, stirred around midnight but slept 8.15pm - 7.15am
Michael and I went to bed about and slept until
Everyone got up in a really happy mood
Nana had her shower and hair wash first while Sara fed William Sam had her shower, then she dressed herself and sienna, 
By we were all ready to go to Folkestone, Sam drove Sara and Sienna Michael drove William and I 
Sam parked at the bottom of the leas Michael dropped me and William and the buggy at the lead then went and parked at the top of the lead and walked down to meet us.
Sienna went up and down all the rope crossings and tunnels then went on the zip wire which she did rather well. We walked down to the Ampitheatre where Sara and Sienna performed let it go.
Then Sienna amazed us all by walking up the zig zag path with me and Sara, and into the town where we met Michael and Sam as they had gone back for their cars
We went into Costa to get hungry Horace sienna a sandwich as she was starving, the queue was so long that while Sam and I occupied sienna, Michael and Sara went to Starbucks and had a ham and cheese croissant and mango drink on the table waiting for her, by the time we tricked her into changing to go there instead.
William had been asleep all this time and decided to wake up as we were about to leave, so I stayed in Starbucks and fed William, Michael and Sam took sienna shopping in Asdas, Sara went off to get some bits.
By the time William had his bottle and bottom changed the others had finished shopping, Michael and I walked William back to our car, but he didn't want to be in the buggy so William and I sat on a bench and waited for Michael to get the car
When we got home Sara had made our salads for us.
After dinner Sam and Sienna watched some horrible Henry on Sam's iPad while William and Sara had a nap
Later I got into the hot tub with Sienna for half an hour
Michael made us s nice shepherds pie for dinner, just as we were eating our dinner Sara's friend Polly arrived.
Sienna abandoned us and wanted to play with Polly, Michael Sam and I thought we were getting a break as Sienna chucked us out of the living room.
Sara asked me to bath William while she chatted to Polly,
William bathed I joined Sam and Michael for a cup of tea in the conservatory, Kelly face timed. sienna came in search of us and wanted us to play, Sam thought she was getting a rest, sienna left Polly and went to talk to uncle Simon
Then princess Elsa (Kelly) left a message asking Sienna to have her bath and clean her teeth, next minute Sienna was hoping into the bath room, I bathed her with Sam sitting talking to her.
Afterwards they went to bed to watch some horrid Henry again.
Polly left about 8pm and Sara tried putting William down for the night took her about 20 minutes Sienna didn't go to sleep until 8.3
We all went to bed about 9pm

Bank holiday Monday -Teddy bears picnic

William didn't do so well last night, woke for his feed at 9.45, went back for an hour cuddle him and he burped went back to sleep, woke just after again burped went back to sleep for and hour, woke about 12.3 Michael made him a bottle and used some panadol in it, cuddled him he dozed for 15 mins until 12.45 when he woke this time he took the whole bottle and drained it winded him and he slept until 3.15am, cuddled him back to sleep on me for half hour, he then took half a bottle and decided it was time to get up and play, so I got up and took him in the front top lounge to play.
Around 6am William did the biggest dirtiest smelly nappy,
One happy little bunny.
Played until 7.10am then just went to sleep on my shoulder. Put him in his cot and he slept for 40 minutes.
Meantime Sienna was having her breakfast with Sam, she had Kelly awake most of the night crying, this morning she said it was because she missed her mummy and daddy.
Sam face timed and she was happy after she spoke to them both
We took it in turns having breakfast and getting dressed.
Granddad suggested that we play schools this morning and learn to spell our names, if we are good we can go to the Teddy bears picnic this afternoon 
Sienna was very excited and reeled us all a list of who can come to the teddy bears picnic, Sam said it sounded like the Disney parade. Sienna thought that she would show us the parade, marching up and down and waving to us being Minnie. William was very excited too crawling after Sienna playing with all the toys going to the picnic that were lined up ready.
Kelly took William to have a nap and sienna  and Michael and I were all students at Mrs Jones school learning how to spell our name
Kelly Michael and Sienna went shopping to get food for the teddy bears picnic, Sam had a rest and William woke up as soon as they went off the drive, so we played until they got back
On their way out to take Kelly to the station sienna saw 3 horses at the bottom of our road and stopped to speak to the riders the horses were Sid Phoebe and Teddy. The riders said she could come and see them later.
When they got back Sienna William and I got all the blankets and teddys ready for the picnic, Sienna got her self ready into her fairy outfit. Sam got the sandwiches ready granddad joined us and we had our picnic
Sienna and William thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Sienna was so good that she had a special pass the parcel, where she won a watch, when you ask her to do something now she looks at her watch and tells you it's not time yet.
William needed to sleep so Michael and I took William in the buggy and Sienna walked to go see the horses, William  went straight to sleep.
Sam then took sienna to Ashford to pick up Sara 
William was getting grouchy as we were trying to hang on for Sara to get back to feed him herself.
Granddad cooked us a nice fishy dinner, when it had gone down Sam and Sara got into the hot tub with sienna and William. 
Michael and I were on the bath and clean up and dress up team.
Sara fed William and put him to bed. Sienna had her hair dried and we all sat down to watch Frozen.
Because Simon has gone home and Kelly has gone home and Daniel, Sam said if Sienna behaved herself she could sleep in her bed tonight.
When Sienna went to bed so did everyone else we were all very tired

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Saturday - A visit to Rye

All had a pretty good night, William woke for feeds but went back to sleep soon after.
Heard Sienna just after 7am everyone had breakfast, 

and Sam gained a shadow, they went back to bed and watched iPad 
Got Sienna some clothes sorted and Sam dressed her and did her hair
We played chase and the big bad wolf until it was time to leave, the plan was to go to Rye for lunch
Sienna came with Sam Kelly and I in the girls car, Sara had to go in the boys car of Simon, Daniel Michael and William, we took different routes and got there at the Sam time we parked at the station car park and walked up the high street to Fletchers Tea shop
Daniel took Sienna up the clock Tower.then it was time to go into Fletchers for lunch, all had a nice meal but Sienna had finished first so Michael took William and I took Sienna into the church.
We showed her where the bride and groom had to stand and kneel
We then went to the votive candles where we bought and lit candles for Nana Diana and Granddad jim.
Don't know why, but all of a sudden Sienna turned into a little monster, she ran off into Simple Simon the pie mans shop, she ran behind the counter and demanded a pork pie. I told her the lady would tell her off as she shouldn't be there and that she had to ask her mum about the pork pie, without looking or thinking she ran down the road.
She demanded a pork pie from Sara. And had a tantrum when Sara said she had only just had lunch. Sam had gone shopping and bought Sienna a small purse. Not knowing what had been going on Sam had given her the gift. Mummy and daddy were still upset with her. So Michael Kelly Sam Simon and I went for a little walk to let Sara and Dan deal with her.
By the time we caught up with them although they had calmed down a little we said if it was okay with Sara we would take sienna in Sam's car if Simon wanted to come we were going to pop in on Joan and Roy. We stopped at sainsburys on the way and tried to buy Roy some strawberrys, and Joan some flowers, Sienna chose pink for Joan and some orange roses as a sorry to mummy, they had no strawberrys, so we bought grapes.
Joan and Roy were pleasantly surprised to see us.
We left after an hour.
We got home and Sienna Simon and Kelly washed Sam's car.
William was still asleep so we played in the garden
Granddad cooked a lovely roast beef dinner which everyone loved Sienna loves Yorkshire puddings
After their dinner went down Sam and Kelly got into the hot tub with Sienna and William. Then Sam got into the bath with them, Simon helped me get them both out and dressed ready for bed.
Sara took William off to feed him and  put him down for the night.
When Sam got out the bath Sienna helped Sam mouse and style her hair, then helped her clean off her makeup,
Then surprise surprise, William decided he wasn't ready for bed. He played awhile with Pluto before trying to crawl and stand up. After a couple of attempts he finally managed to crawl over to the toy box pull himself up to stand.
Meanwhile Simon was on his second hour of story telling with Sienna.
Sara took William up just after 8 to try and put him down to sleep.
Sienna went to Sam's room to listen to more stories and finally went to sleep at 8.15pm

- Poor granddad

I didn't have a good night, first Michael was pacing up and down like a caged bear with his toothache, midnight he decided he couldn't bear it any longer, knew he could be keeping everyone awake, so he got up got dressed and drove to Kelly's. As he was going through Ashford he changed his mind and went to the William Harvey, had a two hour wait, they gave him a mild dose of morphine which he said didn't help, and they said it could be a fungal infection. When he left he carried onto Kelly's as he still wanted to go to the dentist.
Myself I was up twice in the night visiting the loo.
Got woken up at 6.30 by two little visitors, still tummy not good and have a headache 
Heard from Sam, one lesson this morning and she's coming down too.
Everyone else had breakfast
Sienna William Kelly and I watched Frozen,
Sienna gave Kelly and I a rendition of frozen, from the movie she knows it word for word. 
While she watched the rest of Frozen I changed Kelly's bed, then Sam's bed
Severely hampered

Time for some bounce time

William fell asleep on Kelly

While Sienna and I played games, Sara tidied up and sorted out three loads of Washing.

Once awake I dressed William, and he was off, changed Sara's bed.

Kelly and Sienna painted the money pig, her birthday present from Katie

William tried crawling on the grass, a new experience.

William played footie with daddy.
Michael saw the dentist who said it wasn't Michael's teeth that were the problem it was his sinuses, so he had to wait till midday to make an appointment 

Sienna and Kelly played at being Sam and Simon in their nice clean bed

Sara and Dan went for a walk down the town, Michael got back then dropped Kelly sienna and I at the park he went to meet Sam for shopping

All was fine until she fell over and grazed her palms,
So we took her to Truleys, and she had a glass of water and a half scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a bite or two of my scone that I had with my tea.
Mummy phoned to say she was feeding Wiiliam and they would meet us at the park, 
Daddy had been busy purchasing his war memorabilia at the war shop.
He bought a rusty helmet and a gas mask 
we met them on the way, sienna and I played chase in the park 

around the band stand

And back

Then back to the swings

And climbing 

Tried out the new gym equipment 

Wore poor Nana out, 

then Sam arrived

Nana and Sienna played some more chase, Sara and Daniel went off to the pub, then it was time to leave, and as Sienna had some blisters on her feet, Sam gave Sienna a lift back to our house in her car

Kelly and I took it in turns pushing William in the buggy, met Michael on his way to the doctors, William fell asleep on the way back, and we took it in turns pushing the buggy up our hill.
He had about 40 minute nap. He played for a while, Sara and Dan got back just before Michael, doctor said to change his dentist that it was his tooth take nuerofen and antibiotics 
changed william and I gave him his bottle and he only had half, wanted to get down and play with granddad

Decided to copy his granddad

Not to go unnoticed, as we were all together, Sienna wanted to give us a show

Finished her show and we were off out the garden

Nana get on the other island before granddad gets us with the lawn mower 

Sara fed William some baby rice, and he really enjoyed it.
Sienna then helped Kelly make the apple crumble for after our dinner

As Sam cooked our dinner, Michael went to get Simon from the station and I finished the lawn, Sara and Dan gave William a bath and Daniel did some more packing
And we ate Sam's bangers mash with veggies and onion gravy
When every one was back sienna held court again

Sara put William down for the night and I gave Sienna a bath, sam and Kelly finished it and dried her hair.
Sienna wanted to cuddle Kelly and uncle Simon to read the story. She was asleep by 8.30pm
We all had a cup of tea and chatted until it was drunk, then we all went to bed tired just after
Don't understand why but photos not loading

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sunday - Nana Joan day

William was awake at 4am and decided not to go back to sleep any more.
I went in at changed his nappy and took him downstairs, he just wanted to play, Daniel came down at 6am and took over William, I went back to bed for an hour
Sienna woke up at 5am had a cuddle with Kelly then went and had a cuddle with Sam and Simon until
Simon made us a cup of tea and Sam and Sienna brought it in.
Michael and I got washed and dressed and went down for breakfast
Sara gave William to kelly and Sam dressed Sienna and did her hair while mummy and daddy got showered and packed for Daniel to go home tomorrow and football today, sara was going to meet Katie and meet Daniel at Kelly's house tonight, and come home tomorrow 
Sam drove sienna and Kelly  to Nan Joan's house and I drove William, he went to sleep on the way.
William woke as I put his chair in the kitchen
After a while William wanted his bottle and nan Joan gave it to him, when he was finished I changed his nappy
Then nan Joan felt Sammys tummy kicking, she thought it was wonderful.
Nan Joan got in the back with William and played with him all the way to Ashford. We parked the cars and met out side Morhercare where Sam spent her money voucher.
We went to costa for everyone to have a drink.
We bought some bits and pieces and nan Joan bought herself some tshirts  for her holiday
As it was lunch time we all drove to the Harvester in Ashford 
Sienna wasn't bad but she was being a bit of a minx
Sam decided Sienna hadn't been good enough for soft play and thought the park would be better.
Sam drove Kelly and Sienna to the park in Hythe, I drove Joan and William to  Joan's house and William cried all the way, after dropping mum off I phoned Sam and told her I decided it would be best if I took William home.
The band was playing at the band stand and Sienna got upset that she couldn't play there like normal, so Sam and Kelly brought her home.
We fed William some baby rice and cauliflower, which he enjoyed
Sara phoned to say she couldn't get into Kelly's house, Michael phoned to say he would go and try the keys, 
He played on the floor pulling himself up on Kelly, we took it in turns making our tea and playing with the children, William had some bounce time. Sienna played games on Sam's laptop.
Michael phoned to say it was the wrong key, and they were all coming home
In no time at all it was time to bath William, I gave him his bottle afterwards he drained the bottle, and went straight to sleep.
I came down and had my sandwich, Sam Kelly and Sienna played in the kitchen while I tidied.
It was time to give Sienna a bath, William stirred and Kelly comforted him back to sleep.
Sienna played with her frozen dolls and played frozen with them with Sam.
Then we all went to watch Frozen.
Michael phoned to say he had dropped Sara and Daniel at a travelodge in sidcup  and he was in his way home.
After the film it was time to put sienna to bed.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Back to England May 2015

William had a better night, only heard him for a little while both timessienna had a good nigh too only stirred and turned over once, but she is like a human windmill
Morning granddad
Team 1 (Michael & sue) Checked out at 9.45am
Upset tummy so a Motorway pit stop just before and had our own coffee for 15 minutes 
 Upset tummy again Pit stop at the Peage €18.60 off the motor way for ten minutes
Onto another motorway €2.40 to Calais, stopped just outside Calais at a Carrefour and bought some basic groceries for tonight and tomorrow morning, 
So lucky another fine day and calm waters
Meanwhile Team 2 having packed up all their bags and cases and give them to us, when they checked out they caught the bus back to Disney
Sienna and kelly went on pirates and sara caught up but was a couple of boats behind. Sara had got fast pass tickets to the run away train. Sara went in while kelly got Peter Pan tickets. Kelly then went in the train with sienna. Sienna and Kelly did Peter Pan while mummy and daddy went to get buzz tickets. Sienna and Kelly went to meet mummy and daddy at small world and bumped into Rapunzel, Mummy and daddy weren't there so they went in its a small world. When they came off they were there so wethey all went again with William. Sienna was unhappy so they had to feed her. Mummy and daddy took her on buzz while Kelly got will to sleep. Time to leave Disney so Kelly took her to the shop to buy Rosie's birthday present, she helped Kelly choose it, and chose several options for herself and Kelly told her only one, she settled for the frozen characters and she bought them with the money granddad gave her for being good, and didn't ask for anything else. Which Kelly appreciated. She then helped Kelly choose a present for Jesse
She played frozen with a little boy on the train, time to switch trains
3.30 French time team 1left calais
Arrived 4.0pm Uk time 5.00pm French time.
Got home just after 4pm Michael heads to Ashford to pick up part of team 2
Tummy not good again, Hung wash load on line just as team 2 arrived, phoned Ruby to tell her Michael was going to the dentist early tomorrow and he would call at the weekend, was hard to talk as I was holding William Michael then drove to Sandling as Kelly bought a ticket from Asford to Sandling to save Michael having to drive to Ashford again.
Michael went and cut the top grass to try and take his mind off of his sore mouth.
I did salad and French stick with our Carrefour shop.
Sienna had a strop when I told her she couldn't go up the garden stairs as the rail has gone, 
She got in trouble with Sara, who sent her to her room, sienna shut her hand in the door. Daddy had words and she came back and said sorry and played in the garden for an hour with Kelly
She showed me what she bought with the money granddad had given her for being a good girl, the Frozen characters. Sara and Dan gave William a shower
Time for Williams feed and bed
Kelly and I took it in turns to Bath Sienna. I washed her hair and we dried it to make it look longer like Rapunzel, 
Everybody really tired. By 8.30 Kelly was on the story telling with Sienna.
By 9.3pm Michael was ready to shoot himself over his toothache.
He has an appointment at the dentist in woolwich at 9am just hope we make it through the night

Disney day two

Poor William had a bad night again. Michael asked at 6.20am if he could help, Sara changed him and Sara brought him into us, he woke Sienna up, so Michael took William for a walk, Kelly and I cuddled up to her and we all went back to sleep until 7.30sienna kelly and I got washed dressed and went down to wet Michael for breakfast and left Sara ad dan to sleep in for an hour or so.
Sara and Dan came down as sienna had finished, Kelly took her for a run outside I had got William to sleep, so although tired they had a leisurely breakfast, we came up and gave William a bottle. When Sara and Dan got back we changed William dressed him and all set off for the park.
Went back to same park as Sara enjoyed it so much
First saw Goofy and Pluto
Walked down Main Street and back to the Pirates ride
Went from on Snow White with Daniel, then on Pinocchio, Pirates again, went into the Cheshire cats labyrinth 
Mummy and daddy bought an ice cream for Sienna 
3.30 Sara and Dan went back to get some rest, while we took it in turns with the children. We went into the haunted house and William fell asleep on me, then back to the Pirates
Next we took sienna to have her face painted as Elsa and Michael fed William a bottle
More pirates
Snow White with me and then Kelly
We all went on small world William loved it
Stayed till 6.30 and caught the bus backlot to hotel at 6.40, Sara and Dan were waiting for us in the bar, left the children with them while we went to drop off buggy and bag, by the time we got back sienna had the devil in her and started playing up, she had been good all afternoon, hadn't asked for anything in any shop, not even mentioned food. Took it in turns to go up for food. Michael played with William his toothache getting worse. Kelly took Sienna to play in the gardens, Sara took William off to feed and bed Michael and I finished off our walk and joined them
No hot water for showers, maintenance problem.
9.00 everyone asleep and exhausted

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Disney day one

William was awake quite a few times next door in the Yeo room.
In the Buckle room sienna stirred about midnight the crocodile was after her. She stirred against n about 4. Spiders both times went back to sleep and slept until 7.40
Sara and down went down to breakfast on the first shift, we looked after William
and Got sienna washed and dressed,
changed Williams nappy and then the five of us went down, gave William to Sara as she had finished.
Kelly and Michael and I took it in turns eating while others chased sienna in the garden
Then it was pack up the bags and go catch the bus
One very excited little girl 
Waiting for our tickets, I'm just so excited nana
We saw lots of characters
and went on lots of rides
Buzz light year 
Pinocchio, Peterpan
Haunted house
Mary Poppins show
Small world
Minnie's spring train