Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sunday- going home

Alarm went off at 6.10am it's going to be a long day
Sun not yet up but the birds are. scrambled around packing up last bits like pjs and wash bags
Checked out at 6.30, packed up the car and on the road by 6.40 to Faro airport
Saw the best sunrise ever as we drove East, the sun was a bright red ball as it rose, Michael said it was worth getting up early for it
Got to drop the car off in exactly an hour, trouble was no one to receive it. Both desperate for the toilet so we took the luggage across to the airport and went there. Checked out the desks and ours isn't even open yet, Michael left me to wait for desk number and went back to see if anyone at the car hire place to take car keys back
Wouldn't mind, airport was empty when we got here, now 3 bus loads have arrived and no one knows which desk to go to. Still no one at car hire desk so Michael left the keys with another car hire firm adjacent. 
Confusion like the day we arrived here.
Then desks opened and there was this mad dash for desks 41-37 queued up for ten minutes at gate 40, half way up the queued someone behind a desk starts shouting that if you already have been checked in on line and have a boarding card go to gate 38, ( Michael had ) I made a quick shifty change and Michael followed we were 4th in  the queue, it took the guy another ten minutes to open up before he got his sign up for bag drop, and another fifteen before we dropped  our cases off, the queue behind us was longer than all the other desk queues,  then we had to join another big snaking around the airport queue to get in a queue to go through security. Finally got through and sat down for a coffe in Costa's at 8.55 well I did Michael had to join the long queue for the drinks.
Good play area for children.
By the time Michael got back with the drinks our gate number came up
Another big long queue to join now for passport control, and it just gets better, join the queue for electronic passports only 3 working no one to help then down to 1, lots of people getting tetchy saying their flights have been called and try queue jumping, this airport is a joke. after 20 minutes we just push to the front of the ordinary passport control saying they are calling our flight, got through that part then have to queue for a bus to get to the plane, and it's a lovely sunny day!
Finally board plane at and have to wait for the poor souls still trying to get through passport control.
Lots of leg room, then realised we are in the emergency exit seats. Late taking off push back was 10 30, taxied and took off at 10.40am
Only up half hour and it got very bumpy, too bumpy to read it only lasted about 10 mins so catering was late starting. £10 for 2 teas and 2 kitkats. As its only another hour and s half we declined
Michael got a stiff shoulder taking the weight from his fellow passenger
Who fell asleep on him.
Landed at 13.15pm
1.30 waiting for bags nothing moving because we got through border control so quick.
Nearly 2pm before we got our bags, got a cab back to the holiday inn where we left the car, only a five minute journey
Both so thirsty and Michael has a headache, so we stopped for a cup of tea at holiday inn
Cups are about 3 times the size to what we have been used to
Left for Sams 2.25
Got to Sams just before and watched QPR v Chelsea second half.
Chelsea won in the dying minutes 
Sat chatting and catching up, watched next football match Man City v Man Utd
And Simon cooked us a nice roast dinner
Left Sams at 6.15
Traffic a nightmare every route we took
After a quick pitstop at clacketts got home at 9.30, both shattered.
Made a cup of tea spoke to sienna on face time, caught up on the post, went to bed just after


Full sun now that we are going home
Michael woke me at with a cup of tea, having trouble waking up, washed dressed, Michael even dared shorts today.
Went to breakfast and still can't believe the weather
Hardly a ripple in the water, wind has dropped considerably.
Got back from breakfast just after ten ,broke out the swimsuits and sun lotion and packed up a bag for the pool.
Have vouchers for pool towels and if you don't hand the towels back to get your voucher back you get charged €50!
These guys took about 20 mins to get in the water is so cold, obviously not heated.
Not only nice to see the sunshine but nice to feel warm after last few days. 20/o today wowcher
About 11.30 Michael went and got some drinks, in all stayed about 3hrs soaking up the sun, until some big clouds came along so we went back to our room, maid had been. 
Both had our sardines and crackers with some fruit and a cup of tea. Then an hour later went back to the pool area, sun back in between the clouds but the clouds are smaller.
Went to the other side of the pool our room is on the top level seven away from the top of the Palm tree on the left, trouble is from here you can see all the topless bathers! And the community here is the over 70's club. Don't need to say anymore!
The wind has picked up a little but at least it is a warm breeze now. 
came back to our room about 4.30 had a cup of tea on our balcony as the wind picked up a little more and got colder, showered washed hair, dried it with hair dryer in room, could breathe on it faster and warmer,
Eventually got it dried and straightened it. Finally ready to go out just after,
did the beach cliff boardwalk
And walked down into the town
Walked back up the hill to Primavera where we had booked our table last night as this is a very popular restuarant 
Gorgeous scallops. Got back to Tivoli at, Michael made us a cup of tea and I packed up our cases. Early start in the morning.
Managed to get everything packed away by 8.45, by then we were too tired to go down to the sports lounge so we just sat and read.

Friday, 10 April 2015


Michael woke me with a cup of tea at7.30am, thick rainy mist, what a difference a day makes
Could swim on our balcony the puddles are so big
Washed dressed and went to breakfast, pouring with rain, having joined the rewards program not only do we get free internet we get a free daily mail every day too. 
Sat in the reception lounge area and read the newspaper together.
Rain stopped for a while but still very wet about.
Went back to our room and picked up our puzzle books and went to the bar lounge to give the maid time to clean our room,
Stayed until 12.30 weather forecast says the rain should stop by 2.00pm
Went back to our room, maid not been yet. Both had our crackers and sardine paste for our lunch in the room, 
Checked the weather and took a chance and thought we would drive to Alvors where the mud flats had the boardwalk and go for a walk, as soon as we got in the car it started to rain, but we persisted and drove on, parked the car in the beach car park and was fascinated by a bird in the tree, we think it was a goldfinch. Got out the car and it started to drizzle
so we took refuge in one of the three beach cafes and had a cup of tea. A patch of blue sky appeared out at sea and by the time we finished our tea it was above us,
we took advantage of this break and set out on a longer walk than the other day  
(have the right shoes for walking today) the sky didn't look to promising inland so walked further along the beach this time
After about half hour was warm enough to take off fleece
A plane! As we walked today saw so many different birds
Managed to even take my fleece off on the walk, although it wasn't warm enough for Michael
Stayed till gone drove along the coast to see what Rocha de Praia was like
Not as good a beach as Alvors, so we decided to go back to Carvoiero, stopping at Jumbo on the way back to get some petrol, €1.17 per litre Diesel.
Got back and had a cup of tea and Macaroon on the balcony until we lost the sun.
Michael went down and printed off our boarding cards
Washed changed and walked across the cliff boardwalk into town
Walked back up the hill and went into the restuarant A Galeria, service a bit off tried 3 different fish on the menu before we found the one they actually had
Got back to Tivoli after and sat in the sports lounge and had a cup of green tea

Thursday, 9 April 2015


What a night, the storm continued until about when finally got to sleep, woke at it was so quiet I thought I had gone deaf
But at least the sun was trying to break through.
Dropped back off to sleep and Michael woke me at 8.30 with a cup of tea,
Read messages, drank tea got washed and dressed and went to breakfast.
Came back, broken cloud so we can see more of the sun, showers predicted for today.
Packed up a picnic bag, changed, and got ready to go for a drive.
Drove to Portimao, sign oat kept saying Centro, and after our experience in Lagos avoided the narrow streets of the town centre,

navigated our way to the harbour
where old memories flooded back,
found the same coffee shop that we came to with mum and dad ,
sat a while with a cappuccino
and admired the scenery
had the sunshine for a while, even managed to take my fleece off as it was quite sheltered where we drank our drinks
Went for a walk around the town, still need to wear our fleece there as the wind has a chill to it especially in the shade of the buildings
Took our shopping back to the car and went to Pingo supermarket, but they did not have the sardine pate that Michael could have, (gluten, soya free)
Decided to try and find the Intermarche which does sell it. Drove around the town following the signs and couldn't find it so we decided to go to Alvors, saw a sign which said Alvors Intermarche, so again we went off in search, eventually found one right out of town, more by luck than judgement and not the one we were following the signs for.
Having bought our bits for lunch to drove back to the beach at Alvors.
We found a free car park right on the beach and had our picnic.
That done we took in our surroundings and found that there was a boardwalk
the other side of the beach that went for miles across the mud flats
Saw lots of would life
Lots of cross crossing making different choices
Some to the marina
Others to the beach
Went to a beach cafe, where we had another drink, inside
Walked for about an hour and a half
Got back just after to the car a bit weather worn but glad to be out in the sun walking.
Drove back across the N125 
Back to Carvoireiro,
Sat on our balcony for half hour till we lost the sun
With a cup of tea, 
6.30 changed and walked across the cliffs into town
and half way back up the hill,
stopped at Taberna Portuguese for a meal
Had a good dinner, then walked the rest of the way back up the hill to Tivoli, went to sports lounge and watched some Spanish football