Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy birthday Nana

All woke up about the same time, got dressed and called for Sam and Simon and all went down to breakfast. 
Had my mothers day cards to go with my birthday cards
Sam and Simon left shortly afterwards as Sam was going to have a scan at the hospital.
We packed up our gear and packed up the car and checked out about 10.30 
Drove towards London as we are going to Chelsea, dropped Kelly and her bags off at Earl's Court station to make her way home. We parked around near the Lily hotel and walked to the whole food shop and went and got something to eat. Later we walked across to the ground ready for the match to start at 1.30pm
Sadly Southampton held chelsea to a 1-1 draw.
We walked back to the car and drove through London, bypassing St Thomas's where I was born!!!!
Stopped at Greenwhich to get some cheap petrol at 5.00pm
Drove down the A2 until bluebell where we came across and joined the M20 decided to stop at 6.00pm at Ashford for a Nandos because we didn't have much at home as we've been away since Wednesday.
When we got home had a few more cards to open, and some drawings and a mask sienna made telling me I had to wear on my birthday, so I put it on and faced timed sienna,
she was happy to see me wearing it.
Then Sara surprised me saying she was trying to extend their tickets to stay longer in May.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Saturday - Marlow my new birthday

All woke up about the same time, Michael made Kelly and I a cup of tea, then we had a text from sam to say what time to meet for breakfast. 
They came to our room as I was in the bathroom, when I came out i was surprised to see a pile of presents on the bed,
they said they had decided to have  my birthday early as tomorrow was mothers day. 

After breakfast I went for s walk around the grounds
We all got ready, Michael Kelly and I walked into town and sam and simon drove as sam didn't feel up to walking too far, we walked up and down the high street buying little bits and pieces, then went to costa's for s coffee, we then went to waitrose to buy something for lunch to take back to hotel.
Kelly and I went to the wool shop and bought wool and a book as she is learning to crochet.
We met Michael then walked back to hotel, it has got decidedly chilly with the cold wind blowing up. Sam and Simon drove back, we all ate our snacks in our room, until the rugby started, sam simon snd Michael went down to the bar to watch the game Wales are playing Ireland. I stayed with Kelly to show her how to make crotchet squares.
Then Kelly decided to have a nap and I sat and read.
Sam came back after Wales won to have a nap and a bath.
When Kelly woke up we took it in turns to shower and get ready to go out.
Michael stayed to watch England play Scotland with Simon. They came back at half time to get ready and watched second half in the room.
Michael drove us to the Marlow bar and grill where we had a lovely meal
We ordered desert and Sam asked for a candle in my cake.

She then face timed Sienna so she could see me blow out my candle,
Sienna then sang happy birthday to me, and as loud as it was in the restuarant we could hear her happy birthday.πŸŽ‚
After I blew my candle out I said I would call Sienna back as we just couldn't hear. we had a drink then paid up and came back to hotel where we had a proper chat with Sienna and she sang a lovely happy birthday to me 🎼🎢
Until it was Sams turn to chat.
Sienna gave a lovely kiss good bye😘
We watched TV then went to bed

Friday - Off to Marlow

Kelly was gone again by the time I woke up, Michael made me a shake, took our time getting ready, packed up the car and drove to Woolwich for michaelbto have an emergency dental treatment on a broken tooth, whilst I wandered around Woolwich, still can't believe how much has changed, the Arsenal has completely gone with tower blocks going up everywhere,
the road that used to run across the front of the Arsenal gatehouse/clock tower, now goes behind them.
And the DLR stops at the Square
The building that used to be The Woolwich Equitable is now a college and coffee shop
Then drove across London to see Sam.
Made it in good time not any hold ups at all.
Left sewing machine and all the gear at Sams then we had some lunch with her. sam thinks the dress is too small for sienna too!
Packed up more stuff in the car and left Sams house for Marlow.
we left in our own cars, sam made a detour to the post office and we made a detour as we came off the motorway at the wrong junction
Arrived at Marlow at the same time we checked in,
Michael and Sam had naps and I read, Michael and sam went down to the pool and I read some more.
Kelly and Simon arrived about 6.30pm they got washed and changed and we went to the hotel restuarant for dinner.
Had a really nice lamb meal and shared a bottle of wine with Kelly.
After dinner we sat in the bar until about 11pm having cocktails and chatting.

Thursday - A day to myself

By the time I woke up, kelly had left for work, Michael was up and dressed and ready to leave for an appointment in the city, he made me a shake for breakfast, while I got washed and dressed.
We left about 8.30 and walked up to the station together, he caught the train and I walked into Bromley centre,
I went to the Apple shop and queued for twenty five minutes to get an appointment in an hours time. So I went to starbucks and had a coffee and fruit toast for an hour. Then went back to Apple shop and waited another fifteen minutes to be seen for my appointment. Spent an hor in the shop, to try and fix bug on my phone, to be told to go home and back up phone on lap top because I was out of my allowance on the cloud, then go back to shop and they will plug my phone into their system, wipe it then restore it. Michael had brought a shirt with him for tomorrow night, but found he had no cuff links, so I went in search for them, found a nice pair and reasonably priced in Timpsons the shoe repairs of all places.
Wandered around some clothes Shia to spend the money Ruby gave me for my birthday, and bought some plain basic Tshirts.
Then walked up the high street, through the market, they have a nice wool stall where I bought a pattern and wool to make a waistcoat for Sam
now that she is getting the sewing machine back.
Then I saw some materials on another stall
and fell in love with it, only trouble was it came in blue, red, white, black and gold
Decided on the blue.
Next stop was the fruit stall where I got bananas, strawberrys, raspberrys, and blueberrys. As I was leaving I saw some lovely primroses for sale, could only carry four, so I bought them and feeling pleased with my purchases, walked back to kellys house. Got in unpacked and dug out my gardening shoes and gloves, and did some tidying up, planting out of my plants and some Kelly had bought.
Suddenly had s thought that if Sam was having the sewing machine, when would I get to see this lovely material, so I went to the car and unpacked every thing I would need and set about making the material up.
And was very pleased with the end product.
All too soon it was 2.45pm, did a quick tidy up, then got ready to walk up to Bromley station to get the train to Petts wood to meet Michael,
Whilst on the train I realised that this was the first time I had ever caught a train and travelled on my own (sad I know)
Got to Costa coffee just before 3.15 bought my tea and waited for Michael who was another 15 mins, we chatted about our days, and then Penny joined us who used to work for us at Sheppards. Sat and caught up on all the gossip. Then Michael and I caught the train back to Bromley. Realised I had no buttons for the dress so we dashed up the market and bought the buttons. Walked back to kellys, Michael cooked our dinner as I finished off the dress.
Kelly got home and we had dinner.
Sienna face timed and was surprised to see Nana and Granddad at kellys house, having seen sienna concerned now that the dress maybe too small, watched TV then went to bed

Wednesday Mother's Day/birthday weekend

Woke up to a glorious morning, lots of baggage to take with us as we are away a few days,  Michael excited about the game tonight, he went down the road to get some shopping, whilst I did some tidying.
Conservatory looking good, have to wait till next week for the floor to dry out properly, then the plasterers come back.
We had some lunch then packed up the car,
Drove to Kellys, unpacked the car and walked up to Bromley to get the train to Chelsea
We went to the whole food shop where we had something to eat befor the game
Although it was 2-2 on the night, sadly we lost because they had the away goals! Michael not a very happy bunny, thought Chelsea played badly, and even talked about giving up his tickets. Came out of the ground and saw our bus go past, Michael said he wasn't running for the bus but we might try jogging as it was moving very slowly in the traffic, but it still got to the bus stop and left before we got there, so he gave up, but then it was stopped in traffic again so again we jogged to the next stop, again the bus beat us, three times we played this game before getting in front of the bus and getting to the stop before the bus, sat down knackered. Michael looked up the trains times, only to find we were about five minutes out and the next train was in six minutes, then the bus got held up, so we got off the bus and ran as fast as we could to catch the train. Made in onto the train with about 30 seconds to spare, It was not a pleasant journey back to kellys going over the game 
Got back around 11.15pm, had a cup of tea then off to bed.