Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Tried to sleep but didn't work, stayed resting for about 6hrs, then watched 22 jump street  2 really stupid comedy but it had me laughing. Played games 9.45 and it's got really bumpy. 
10.30 and ghe meal was a f..k up, Michael had some courgette thing
and I had smoked salmon, though Michael might appreciate the salmon so we swapped wasn't enamoured of the courgette thing and before we knew it the stewardess whipped away his salmon and gave him some white fish thingy 
So we were both peed off, didn't want the bowl of fruit either so Michael ate both
Messed up my main meal too I thought steward said chicken and pasta or chiabatta, I turned my nose up at both, Michael said he thought the options were, chicken, pasta or chiabatta, so I went hungry Michael had more fish
Landed 5.25
6.40 on M4 as m25 chockablock 
7.15 chelsea bridge
7.57 passed Kelly's turning
8.30 Maidstone and hit traffic but it only lasted 10 mins
By 9. We we're grabbing a few grocerys to get us through breakfast and were in door just befor 10. Drink and read post then off to bed,
Have 6 bites on left foot 2 on right, that's more than I got while we were away, they were either stowaways in my case from last night or they hijacked the plane!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hilton - Airport

A lot of those good intentions went up the spout again, alarm set for 6.30 so we could go and have a nice breakfast on the 31st floor breakfast downstairs started at 7.00
Michael woke me up at 7.10 saying he never heard the alarm. We dashed about like loons packing everything up and went down stairs and checked out, only to find in our panic we both needed the loo. Michael ran off first, and left me with the cases, 2 different bellboys tried to take the cases kerbside and order a taxi. When it was my turn I ran off to the loo and ended up in the gents, did a quick swing around and dashed to the ladies. Bellboy called us a cab and it seems we left at 8.35
Right in the middle of rush hour
As we came off the motor way yesterday the journey took 10 mins, today to get to the motorway took 25 mins, put his foot Down on the motorway and got us to the airport by 8.45, checked in and got rid of big Bertha, was given fast track through security only, it wasn't so fast tracked, finally got to the business lounge at 9.15 finally sat down and still Michael made us a cup of tea he then had a plate of fruit, I had a cooked breakfast scrambled eggs, bacon tomatoes and the hash browns turned out to be ham and cheese coated in potato, not the best but then it filled a big hole, then had a banana.
10.20 left the comfort of the lounge, it's been like a time out sitting quietly reading
Bought Michael some snacks for flight then went to hate E3 at 10.35 boarded plane at 11.10 chaos with free for all to board  we were scheduled to leave at 11.15 but the crew got held up in the Bangkok traffic!!!!!!! We made it in time ! With 3 hrs to spare. All aboard we pushed back at 11.30 taxied across to runway 3 actual take off was 11.55, 12.15 we were given menus and drink with nuts
1.15 my caprese salad starter arrived look quite tasty 
Tasted it too michaels was very similar but had slices of chicken with rice cakes instead of a roll
Had beef as my main 
That was tasty too, Michael had chicken 
Said his weren't too bad either. Started to get really bumpy,
Choice of choc dessert or cheese biscuits and port went with the choc dessert, 
Then green tea and truffle
Michael just had bowl of fruit and green tea
3.00 everything cleared away tried to sleep

Monday, 26 January 2015

Last day Samui - Bangkok

All wel intentions again missed that sunrise, didn't wake up until 7.10 made the tea, went to breakfast at 8.30
Went for cooked today not sure what I wanted anything at first but then thought about the meals may have today, 
Booked our transfer to the airport at reception.
Took a stroll back to our Apt and took on the mammoth task of packing up, you know it all came, and you have discarded stuff, then the panic starts as to why it all don't want to go home
All done we went for a stroll down the beach,
found 221 but he wouldn't give and neither would I too bad Michael said there wasn't enough space in the case anyways 
Sat on the sun beds to dry our feet and soak up some last moments
10.30 Michael went to the gym I stayed at the pool in the shade but got too hot so went back to apt till Michael finished
Went to lunch at 12 mango salad for Michael I had chicken rice, 
went back to apt, then it was a mad dash as we were locked out of our room with all our luggage still in the room, Michael ran and got a key, quick mad panic to change and pack last bits away, got everything over to reception, then Michael sent me back the maid had found his golf chain and cross and watch, checked the bill to find they had added 20 percent on everything instead of the 20 percent discount we should have had. Hotel bus picked us up at 1.00 it only took 15 mins to get to the airport the driver dropped us off and we were told 15 mins to boarding, our plane arrived at 1.30

Such a pretty little airport
And we were taken out to our little plane by the Disney trolleys
Propellers too eeek, boarded at 2.05 pushed back at 2.10 trundled down to the end of the runway and because there was no other traffic took off at 2.15 only 80 min journey and they serve us a meal,
Thought Michaels gluten free looked very nice, they weren't to know he's not eating seafood either, so I ate his prawns
Not sure what mine was, but it was curried something
Landed at 3.30 and waited about 10 mins for cases, Michael and I got in a strop about picking up the wrong case,
but was over it by the time we got to the taxi, which took about 30 mins into Bangkok and the Hilton
His and hers welcome gift
Nice room
Decided to go for a walk, went to check out the pool for old times sake
Trouble was got too comfortable
So just sat  for a while doing nothing, stayed till six, went back to room to pick  up bag and then went down to catch the boat across the Chao Praya to River City 

First change Hiltons ferry only goes up to the pier where the train station is. So we have to cross on the ferry with its 2 new landings and have to pay Bht3 each, secondly River City has been joined to the Sheraton and has been completely renovated,
lots of Art on show and very Americanised, all the seedy little shops are gone, cafes replaced by starbucks type coffee shops and s few river front restuarants, and lots of river boat dinner cruises, disappointed we got the ferry back to the Hilton,
I put a skirt on instead of my shorts and Michael found a pair of trousers,
respectable we went to the Hilton starters tempura prawns
Main duck
Then desserts what to choose creme Brûlée 
Or Black Forest gateaux 
What the hell decided on both

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Almost Same Same

All good intentions!!! Planned to get up at 6.30 to go see sunrise, meant to all week but was determined to do it today, woke up at 6.10 thought another ten minutes sunrise is at 6.40,
Next thing I know it's 6.50, no point going for sunrise so I'll make the tea, then it's 8.05 this time I did get up and make the tea. went across to the verandah for breakfast
Amen, although I do think he's looking at his phone.
Stayed til just after 10.30 then went back to apt, I read in the cool whilst Michael went to gym, then at 11.00 went for our massage. Which finished just before 1.00pm
Got changed into our swimwear and went to the pool area only we couldn't find good beds,
I went to get towels and our man had already saved our beds for us, Michael likened him to Richard Prior. His name is Ar-Non
Then we went to eat and there were no tables, again our man was on it and as soon as a table freed up he was calling us and ordering our coconut drinks, I had the beach BBQ chicken and prawn Satay ,
what we didn't realise was that the last few days when it has been busy and we couldn't find beds was that Ar had been saving the two beds that he had got used to seeing us in. We asked him about the Amari and it closing at Easterfor a year and he said he was very sad and had to find a new job
Such a cheerful guy and always happy.
after dinner went for a swim in the sea was really surprised how warm it is today like getting in a bath, when I got out hawker 221 was waiting for me, he told me he had good price for me, I told him unless he could do 2 4 1 no deal he cried and I just walked away with him calling after me, security won't let them on the property
Stayed until 5. Then went back to apt for a cup of tea, 
Showered washed hair and read while we had second cup of tea and hair dried
Decided to spend our last night eating across the road at the Amari beach
Michael stuck with the traditional Thai food, thom kai chicken soup
and Phad Thai, I went with the build a better burger
Must have been hungry it was gone before I even thought about taking a picture, was so good and nice to have avocado in it.