Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Holiday November 2015 over

3.30am they started to bring round our drinks
Dinner order
And asked to fill out breakfast order
4.am crisps and a cuppa green tea, then put pjs on and folded clothes up
4.3 had dinner
By 5 had bed made up, ear plugs in eye pads on and tried sleeping.
Dozed on and off, a few noisy oiks drinking and talking at the bar, getting louder and louder, only went to bed when it got a bit bumpy and seat belt sign went on about two hours ago. Knocking and kicking my bed in doing so. He promptly went to sleep and snored an alcoholic loud snore
Woken up at 10.30 by people getting up and having breakfast.
And then the sod kept swearing to his mother to f..k off when she tried to wake him as he couldn't come round. Seemed like he'd taken something else the way he was acting
Got a quick wash in and dressed, brushed hair and hopefully presentable.
12.15 and due to land in the next 20 minutes
Landed at 12.40
1.pm through passport control, had bags and went looking for Sam our chauffeur 
We got to Sam's and Simon did lunch, I wasn't hungry, so I played with Carys while Sam had her lunch.
We all squeezed into Sam's car and went shopping in Watford.
Trouble was I felt really motion sick, and we came home shortly after that because Carys needed feeding. Got back at 4.45pm. Felt so bad when we got back I went straight to bed,

Monday, 23 November 2015

To Los Angeles

View from our window!
Think my view at home is better, but somehow this will be missed.
Very cold this morning low fifties.
Checked out 8.50
After an hour had a pit stop in Primm 48 degrees, was going to get a drink, but I think everyone stops here as it's the first services out of Vegas only 220 miles to go to LA.
In the distance it looked like water, but they were just solar panels
What a time to have upset tummy! 20 minutes later needed the next rest area
Temperature risen now 65 degrees
Crossed into California at 11.15am
Got to Barstow at 11.35 pitstop and a drink in starbucks.
Back on the road at 11.45
12.30 passed through the San Bernardino mountain range
40 miles to go at 1.pm and traffic got bad
1.30pm nearer to LA and its 84 degrees,
should have come back sooner
Stopped just before car return to fill up with petrol at 2.10
Dropped car off at 2.20
Got to the first class lounge at 3.pm
Worst part of the holiday waiting to go homebut at least we are being spoilt
I had burger and chips, Michael had a salad
Later Michael and I shared some chicken wings and iced tea
6.30 we boarded the plane and given pjs and wine
7.pm we pushed back and took off ten minutes later
But we lose 8hrs so it's 3pm uk time

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Packing up day

Woke at about 8am Michael made tea and we had some breakfast from our groceries, sorted out some washing and as everyone has told us how cold it is at home decided to get some more washing done, which took about an hour all told. The sun is out and gorgeous, thought we would spend a couple of hours around the pool,
didn't want to waste a shorts day, don't know when they will be back out again, 2.pm came up and had some lunch, then went back down again for another couple of hours
Came back to have a drink and pack  (ugghhh)
Went out at 5.30 for dinner and started losing on every machine we layer on, went and had dinner in Aria then played on some machines and lost even more,Michael drew out some more money, went into New York and lost more we were down now $200, then I had a small win of $38, decided to go back to MGM and bed, then every machine we played on we were having wins $30, $53, $43 we just couldn't lose, by the time we came back to the apartment at 11.pm we were $100 up, that was it I called it quits and made us leave winners yeah

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Love those lazy Saturday's Homer!

Really did have a lazy morning, left at 10.30am and walked across to the Monte Carlo and had brunch, my best breakfast so far! Ham eggs and hash browns.
From here we walked down to the Fashion Mall
and I bought myself a pair of Sketchers, at 1.30pm
we stopped at Starbucks for a drink,
Michael bared his legs today ! 
then we took a slow stroll back in the sunshine
and got back to our apartment at 5.pm dying for a drink.
Phone says we have walked 14,000 steps today so far! Love these lazy Saturday's
Went out at 6.30pm and walked to Aria for dinner. Good meal.
Had a slow walk back through Minte Carlo, New York and MGM got back at 10.45 having done 22,339 steps today
Went to bed losers tonight for the dirst time by about $10

Friday, 20 November 2015

Desert Princess

Got up and showered as soon as Michael made the tea. Said he had a bad night with itchy legs. I had trouble going off at first, have three bites in uncomfortable places, serves me right for bearing my rear in these out back restrooms (which are pits in the ground)
Left at about 10.30 and drove down Tropicana, joined freeway out to Boulder City where we stopped at Starbucks for a drink, only stayed about half hour and took a flow drive out to the lake, found the Matina first time but still had to take the unpaved road to the Marina
Bought our tickets and nice young girl gave us a 25 o/o discount because we had been before
Lots of fish in harbour because people feed them sea bass, trout, and  cat fish
Waiting for our call up
Our boat left right on midday
And cruised down the Colorado river
Towards the Hoover Dam
Started to get really hot
No wind at all and the captain just let the boat drift while we all took pictures
So hot too wished I had some shorts on as the sun was burning my  jeans
Easily our best day so far
3/4hr out and it was time to return
Our trip before was over 2hrs
Got back just after 1.pm, decided to drive around the lake and back through Henderson. Stopped at Sprouts to buy some groceries for lunch, Don't know how the time goes so quickly because it was 4.pm by the time we got back to the apartment, had our lunch and a drink and then took a walk down the strip to the ticket booth and bought some tickets to see David Copperfields show at 9.pm as we walked back we decided to book a table at  Wolfgang Pucks for 7.30pm. Came back to apartment and read and did puzzles (quiet time lol)
Dinner at Wolfgang Pucks was very good, had a burger to die for.
David Copperfirld was just amazing!
Got back to apartment at 11.30 
cup of tea and bed 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hoover Dam

Woke up around 8.am and had a lazy morning, had our own breakfast, from groceries bought at 'Sprout'
Left about 11.am to go back to the lake and go on the paddle ship down black canyon to the Dam.
Went to Sprout on Tropicana, and bought some bits for lunch to picnic first. From Sprouts we drove to Boulder City and had a drink in Starbucks, drove out to the Lake
Where we had our picnic, it was 12.30
A after our picnic we drove to find the Marina which was a mission because we could see it but no road to get there, we eventually drove through the trailer park where we then drove on an unpacked road for nearly a mile to get to the boat
The 12. Noon ship was returning at 1.40, so we went to buy our tickets
Only to be told that there was only the noon cruise today, the 2.pm cruise is only Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Which if we had found it yesterday we could have gone! And that's not what the brochure said either.
So we made plans to return tomorrow for the midday cruise!
Decided to drive to the Dam today instead

A lot warmer day today
Drove to the Lake Mead Overlook from the Hoover Dam
Lol the Marina

Railroad trail, this can now be hiked

It was gone 3 pm so we decided to drive back around the Lake to see the different changes in the differentlight 
Sunset Overlook

Stayed until we lost the sun
As we drove through different mountain passes travelling west we kept seeing more sunsets
Left the park at 4.30pm
Lots of traffic all the way down Tropicana with lots of blue and red flashing lights as we got to MGM 
Had a cup of Chicory before changing to go out at 6.30pm Michael decided that if we got the train down to Mirage we would eat there. As we walked to the train it got busier and busier, then we realised as we saw all the people dressed  up going to the Garden Arena, that it is the Latin Grammy Awards, billed as a big night. More police and more security every where. Then one of the ground crew said to us that all the security was because JLO was on her way in for the awards ceremony.
Had dinner in Mirage which Michael enjoyed for the Dinner, I was more impressed with the Desserts, to die for.
Walked back lost some won some, still $30 up and played all nights since we got here.
Came back 11.pm tea and cookie