Saturday, 29 November 2014

Going home

 Woke up at 5.53am alarm went off 6.00 and wake up call 6.02, and stepped right into the day.
Washed dressed urghhhhh after weeks with bare feet and sandals, socks don't feel good, after weeks of shorts, leggings not good, have layers in for the homeward journey too. Packed up last minute bits .
6.30 we were kerb side outside the hotel waiting for a cab. Taxi only took half hour to get to airport terminal 3 and was half the price if the arrival, although it was in the morning.
Checked in our bags and went and had a drink at the Bean and Tea leaf
, 8.15 we went to gate and scanning ready to board in 10 mins
Row 44 h/J lots if leg room, push back 9.10
Take off 9.35
Michael got his gluten free breakfast at 10.15, he said was ok but a bit bland, rice cakes again. Never got my breakfast until 10.55. Baked eggs sausage tomatoes snd home fries, quite tasty, fresh fruit roll butter and jam cereals and milk, cup coffee and OJ.
About 3.00pm went and ordered a green tea and Ferrero Rocher, have done puzzles up to now but pencil run out so started on some reading
4.00pm Michael got his lunch.4.45 I got mine, starter of prawns and potatoe salad.  nice beef stew layered potatoes green beans and carrots, finished with cheese a
Nod crackers didn't like dessert some soft yellow mushy suff that didn't have a taste so why waste eating it 
7.20 michaels turn it get the chocolate and tea!
Finished book 12yrs a slave, 1 1/2hrs to go, back to puzzles
10.00pm singapore time 2.00pm uk time should land at 3.00pm
Sammie and Kelly picked us up at the airport and arrive at SAMs house at 4.00pm and Simon cooking a roast dinner.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Last day

Singapore slings worked really well, head hit the pillow at 11.00pm last night and slept solid until 6.30am.
Nice looking day so far
Then woke to some lovely pictures of the grandchildren 
Michael made a cup of tea, Belly seems to have grown more because of the meal last night than all the time in Australia.
Went down to breakfast at 8.30, nice breakfast buffet again, came back to room, had a cup of tea and decided what to do with our last day.
Left at 10.00 and hit Irchard road, miles and miles and miles of shopping malls, 
And all looking very Christmassy 
You can walk miles and not really know how far you have gone.
Stopped for a drink at Starbucks as it was airconditioned 
Got back at 12.3o and went to pool nice balmy 32 degrees
Stayed about an hour before it rained, stayed as long as we could, wasn't just a shower, really started to rain heavy, went back to room and ordered 2 Cobb salads to eat here.
In room service
Thunder and lightening so we decided it was a good idea to pack, found I have lost my birthstone ring, white gold with aquamarine stone in if anyone finds it!
Why is it, it goes in when you pack to come out but refuses to want to go home when you are packing. We didn't buy that much extra.
Face timed Sam and Kelly making arrangements for pick up tomorrow. Rain stopped but decided to read for a while in the comfort of our lounge with a cup nog tea.
5.00pm thought we would stroll to the Fullerton. The weather had other ideas started to spit with rain on the way to Orchard street. So we took the MRT to Raffles place. When we got there it was raining quite hard but so very warm, have a good frizz going on.
Made a dash for the Fullerton their Christmas decor is beautiful
Winter scene all made of gingerbread cookies
All the decorations on the tree are Christmas bears
Went to the Starbucks near Fullerton as you don't have to go out side, sat and watched the world go by
Then we saw thousands of people dressed as santa's all running for charity the runners starting from the beginning of these tall buildings
Across the marina bay sands shopping mall
And beyond here
Then they travelled back, the rain stopped and the sun made an appearance just in time to set. Walked around one Fullerton and past the Merlion
And back into the Fullerton hotel to check what the sports bar had to offer for dinner, but they were having a function tonight and we were offered dinner in the main restuarant, checked the prices and they were no different from other hotel buffets.
We were shown to our seats and immediately felt spoilt
This has to be one of my favourite hotels.we were told $75. For seafood buffet, or $95 for barbecue and seafood, we went for just the seafood, then ordered 2 singapore slings, our waitress came back and said our singapore slings were over $20, if we went for the $95 for the barbecue we could have free flow drinks (as many slings as we wanted) and free flow lobster (as many lobsters as we liked). Game on. Sadly these two light weights could only manage 2 slings each didn't want to over do things with a flight tomorrow, and the lobster was perfection, classy restuarant Sara, we were given finger bowls with our meal for the sea food
Stayed over 2 hrs just soaking up the atmosphere, after all that food we walked back to the MRT at Raffles Place, the Fullerton looks so pretty at night
The red trees line Clarke quay
to Orchard then walked back to our hotel,
Lots of street entertainers along Orchard road tonight
more packing up of our clothes we are wearing, showered and got ready for bed, early start in the morning 


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Botanical Gardens

Woke up a couple of times in the night but soon went back off, woke up at sienna o'clock thought of her having her breakfast and dozed off until Michael woke me at singapore time with  cup of tea, weather should be same as yesterday hot humid and showery, although the only rain yesterday was before we got up. 
Sienna face timed, being a bit of a monkey, kept putting phone in a box and wrapping it up, when Sara came in she asked where nana was, sienna laughing, kept saying she had put nana in a box, and running away with the box, phone then got switched of in the tussle to get the phone out of the box and sienna made so much noise wanting the phone back in the box that she woke William up, so not in her mums good books. Even santa's bell ringing and telling her I was talking to Santa about a naughty girl, didn't work, very hyper, although we did get an upside down glance of some of the decorations she had put up. She wasn't happy about  us going but we had to get to breakfast.
Washed dressed and went down to buffet breakfast, sienna face timed Sam and told her she was sad nana and granddad had left but that I had stolen her monkey
I found this when emptying my handbag.
Came back to room and got a bag ready and went for a walk towards the MRT and got on a train to Bashan, where we changed to the central line and got on a bus to the botanical gardens, in a city of monster buildings, these gardens are an oasis.
The usual favourites, and some new ones
Keeping hydrated
Michael caught sight of a monitor lizard, he was in and out of the water and frightened a turtle the monitor lizard that is.
We then stopped at Halia for some lunch
And the cold ginger and honey drink
2.00pm we left and pressed the magic button for a cab, not as quick as before Kelly but came after 5 mins, 
Got back to hotel, checked ourselves in on line for the flight home, then we got changed and went down for some pool time
No sun but the pool was warmer than yesterday so was getting out after warmer, pool attendants came by with cold flannels, cold iced lemon water and some mixed fruit, blueberry, strawberry and melon.
After a couple of hours went back to our suite and showered and dressed and got ready to go out. Got a taxi from the Hotel to Raffles where we both had a  Singapore Sling
Or two
We then walked across to Marina Bay
Went into the shopping centre
Decided to go over to Marina Bay Sands and the buffet at Rise
After dinner felt really stuffed and thought it best to walk to the MRT station and walk back to our hotel.
Got back around 10.45pm and Michael face timed Jacques, they had some snow, but not as much as Buffalo, and they had a good family thanks Giving.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Singing poor

Got woken up about 3.00am by steward asking  Michael if he wanted some light refreshment,
he was not impressed with his gluten frees choice. I had a mixture of sandwiches which were fine
4.20 we were told to prepare for landing it is 1.20 in singapore. Got a cab to the hotel, nice chatty cabbie who told us our hotel was one of the best in singapore.
As soon as you walk through the foyer the hotel says luxury.
We had emailed the hotel to tell them that our flight had been delayed and it was circumstances beyond our control. They emailed back to say thank you for letting them know and they will be expecting us. We arrived just after 2.00am
When we checked in the receptionist apologised but they had to let our room go because it was so late but they were upgrading us to a suite if that was okay, we were both tired and gobsmacked. Our axe card wouldn't work either.  We got to our room 453. I say room it's incredible, as you enter there is a bath room to the right
and you then walk into the lounge with balcony,
With drink making facilities 
to the left of the lounge is the bedroom which is massive has a big king size bed,
which I have to jump up onto,
this also has a balcony,
then there is a dressing room
which next to that there is the bathroom,
every thing screams plush luxury. 
Slept until 7.30 singapore time. Got up and took it in turns to unpack our cases and have showers, and hair wash, got dressed and went down to breakfast feast buffet, everything imaginable, plenty of different fruit and all the usual hot cooked breakfast and Asian style too, as well as the whole table of different breads to toast and the pastry table.
Well stuffed we went for a walk along Orchard road,
very warm and thousands of shops,
So warm that we had to go into the shopping mall to 'the coffee bean on ion orchard to have a drink to cool fown.
Big tree 
Had our credit card refused in a shop now Have to sort that out so we came back to our hotel
So hot time for some pool time
Got fussed over at the pool, someone put the towels on the bed, we wer brought iced water with lemon, and cold flannels, we ordered salad for lunch and satays which we shared, and later we were given some small pieces of fruit in a bowl .Might not be that sunny but very warm
Pool water so warm, really crowded with all 6 of us sitting here relaxing ha
Our room is the second level up and centre
Stayed a few hours then came back showered and changed, and left hotel about 5.30, walked down to Orchard road and got the MRT to Dhoby Ghaut, walked around the shops
The had a Gloria Jeans
Found the material shop Kelly mentioned lots of nice material but not sure what to buy, left the mall and got the MRT to Marina Bay, where after walking the mall a bit
We stopped at TWG and had dinner, went into TWG shop and spent ages sniffing lots and lots of teas before deciding on one. Bought some of their macarons because we thought we would buy some to take back to hotel with a cup of tea instead of having a dessert. Got the MRT back to Orchard Road, the Christmas lights are amazing, pictures don't do it justice
Got back to hotel and made a cup of tea and had our macarons. Went to bed at 10.30 tired out