Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Journey home

Alarms went off at 6am erughhhh, we were up showered and the last bits packed and checked out at 6.3am on the dot 
Went outside hotel and a cab was there, only about 25mins drive. $20,
Checked in our case, very short queue, went to GST and got a few dollars refund, went through departures and all done by 7.15, this airport is so efficient
Michael went in search of food and found Starbucks that did a big bowl of fresh fruit and banana 
Got to our gate at 8.10am Michael went to see if he could get us seats together as we are about 10 rows apart at the moment, he was told to wait to last to board.
When we boarded at 8.55 Michael was given a change of seat next to me. Happy days. We were supposed to push back at 9.05 but captain said there was some congestion and we actually pushed back at 9.20 and took off at 9.40am
Flight is 13hrs 15mins changed our watches to English time plane says 2.00am in the morning
Which was when they brought round a drink of orange or water
Half hour later Michael had his gluten free breakfast, poached eggs, spinach, tomatoes and hash browns, mine was similar except I got it an hour later. I read while Michael dozed
Read until my eyes just would not stay open, put book down and dozed for about 20 minutes
Went and got Michael and I some nuts crisps and green tea
About an hour after that we were offered more nuts and a drink
Another hour after that Michael had his dinner
Mine was given half hour after that
Finished my dan brown book with 2.45hrs to go
Landed at 4.pm
Sam phoned Ruby to say we were home
Sam was there to pick us up and 5pm we were on the road home with slow traffic, Sam took us to her house.
 Peeled off travel clothes showered and felt nearly human again
Phoned my mum and dad to tell them we were back
When Simon got home we all went to the harvester for dinner
Got back at 8.30 and managed to stay up until 9. Before going to be dans crashing out

Monday, 9 June 2014

Our last day

Woke up to some nice sunshine again!
Washed dressed and packed all the dirty washing into the case and all non essentials. 
Went down to buffet breakfast, didn't seem to be much choice today
Went to meet Kelly at Starbucks for her breakfast
Went walkabout looking for a post office to post Dans birthday present.
Got there in the end only to find the queue was 22 deep, good old Michael stood in the queue and listened to every ones woes
Walked on through the centre underground and got totally disorientated as to where we were so we went and had a cold drink in Starbucks 
Got the MRT to promenade, and should have got the transfer line to esplanade, but Michael said it'll be fine we can walk it from there, an hour later we were still nowhere near our hotel and our feet were killing us and Kelly was feeling rather unwell. Bit emotional about us leaving too
Eventually got back to marina mall and sat in our hotel atrium for a while.
went to Bangkok Jam for a Thai lunch
Then came back to our room and face timed Sara and sienna
Michael and Kelly both had a nap whilst I read
Later we all washed changed and went to get the MRT to bay front 
Wandered around the shopping Mall then went into the
TWG Tea shop and spent quite some time smelling and sorting out different tea to buy, the Manual for the teas which Michael was heavily engrossed in was thicker than the wine menu. Made our purchase
And went to the casino  for a while, passport gets checked on the way in and out, all had small wins but then put it back in left just after about an hour.
All agreed to go back to the TWG restuarant for a meal,
our last night treat. Eating here is really a treat, we all ordered our main meal and after a good while we were asked if we wanted a dessert,

then we all chose our different teas, they make it such an art
Hidden needle tea
Mine was Tung Ting Blue Tea
Didn't know where the time went because it was 9.30, said our good byes and kelly got a little upset.Kelly went home tired she has work tomorrow
We walked back across the bridge,
and they have opened up the walkway along to esplanade

which they have been getting ready for National Day
instead of having to walk around the long way the last couple of nights. Nice warm evening, going to miss these lovely warm walks in the evening.
Got back to our hotel and sat in the bar

having our last singapore sling (mine)
And Michael's caramel apple martini 
Then it was back to our room to pack the last of our gear up, why is it? That even when you haven't bought anything extra there seems to be twice as much to pack to go home than when you packed to come, otherwise the case wouldn't have been able to come, so logic tells you it all has to go home, but had a real fight with it all to get it all back in the case, grrrrrrrrr managed it in the end with some blood sweat and tears and of course some swearing, phew need a cup of tea!
 blogged read and bed. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Flower Dome/Cloud Dome

Yeah another nice looking day especially as the weather forecast last Thursday said stormy thunder showers from last Friday through to Tuesday ,
Got up washed, dressed and went for buffet breakfast, had a big breakfast as we were going for afternoon tea at the Fullerton this afternoon, 
Walked across to marina bay sands it hot out
Got a message from Kelly to meet at the marina sands mall for her breakfast, at the bean cafe
Michael and I just had a drink.
Had fun in the under pass of mirrors
Trying to take a reflected selfie

Walked across to the marina bay sands gardens, 

it was so hot we were melting 95o today, went into the flower dome
where it was air conditioned and saw some lovely flowers,

came out and within minutes we were hot and sticky so we went into the cloud dome
again it was lovely and cool,

Singapores national flower

In was nearly 2pm and we walked back in the heat (mad dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun) to our hotel.
We all had to wash and change before we could go to the Fullerton.
Walked through the shopping mall and got the MRT to raffles place which is around the corner from the Fullerton, arrived at the Fullerton bang on 3pm.
Our high tea was amazing. These tiny little nibbles and sandwiches,

tiny little savouries that they kept replenishing until we said we had enough, then the tiny little cakes,  
creme brûlée, macaroons fruit cake followed by English scones with cream and jam.
Michael's tea consisted of gluten free sandwiches, lots of fruits and jellies and chocolate and a panna cotta 
And the best thing was the tea, first pot of tea I had was blue royal oolong, Jackson our new friend told us how to brew our tea, how long to let it stand, then how to pour it out.
We all had many rounds of savouries and as many desserts, and a second pot of tea, which was a mango infusion.
Tea finished we all felt like we needed to walk, so we got the MRT to Dhoby Gault and went to the Singapura shopping mall, this mall was on about 8 levels and we walked our feet off.
7pm we got the MRT back and had a drink in our room
Just after 8pm we we went for a stroll across the Esplanade, stopped at an Irish bar and shared some wings and wedges, 
Time for a Singapore sling
And a cider
Found out today that the two domes and the trees all collect solar energy