Saturday, 31 May 2014


Sienna did so well after being so poorly even telling the poor baby in the next row who was crying a lot in the night to be quiet
She slept right up until they turned the lights on to wake every one up for breakfast and we still had 2.16hrs to go to landing in Singapore and seeing Kelly again
She also wanted to tell everyone that she felt all better now and that her belly didn't hurt, I think we all cat napped and had a few 40 winks.
An hour before landing and she  cried she wanted to be sick but it was just water and she soon felt better, not quite running around and very '. I can't do that granddad can you do it for me, we landed at 9.3 Singapore time and we did try to surprise Kelly by letting sienna and sara go first. But first she tried to get to Kelly through the glass then did a dive past sara and headed to the bags and granddad then did a dart the other way with nana and granddad chasing her so she gave the game away to Kelly
with her guessing we were there and only for a split second when she first saw just sienna  and Sara did she think she must have been wrong.
We went to have a drink at the airport before going to the hotel and tried to check in. They had a room for sara and sienna right away as michael had been emailing them for a few days and said our room would be ready as soon as possible. They are in 821 and every one got ready for the pool
but michael just can't bring himself round. He came down to the pool and fell asleep, but sienna had lots of fun in the water with kelly
until a wind blew up and the pool being in the shade she and Kelly got chilly and sienna was hungry and sara fell asleep. Sienna woke every body up and made them come back and get changed.
Michael lay down on the bed and went back to sleep it was only 1pm
Kelly and sara showered and changed and we got sienna ready to go out, we tried waking granddad but he couldn't come round.
We all had MRT cards so we got the train back one stop to the Expo shopping centre, we went to subway to eat because sienna  was starving marvin, and she had a meatball sandwich which knowing your sara should have realised it was all going  to go everywhere,  sienna refuelled looked up to the top floor and saw the play area and Kelly paid for her to go to soft play, and she run her legs off playing. 
But you was a contrary Mary all afternoon, I don't know if it was being cooped up yesterday or being ill yesterday but you just tested the boundarys to beyond the limit. Kelly coaxed you out of soft play with the promise of an ice cream
and we all had one thanks again to Kelly she was the only one with any Singapore money.
It all got a bit much for Kelly and she was meeting her boss for a meal so she decided not to stay as we were here to see Sara to the airport. After a few tears and big hugs and kisses Kelly left,
granddad and nana gave sienna  a bath and hair wash and got her ready for bed. Sara  cleaned out the packet of pop corn sienna emptied into it and settled her down , Michael and I  left as we were tired too, sienna  was asleep before we got back to our room