Sunday, 30 March 2014

Back in the UK

Not sure if I slept or not because I was aware of all the noises going on around me. And the bumps in the ride,
Looked at my watch and it was 2.45, closed my eyes again until the lights went on at 3.50 to say it was time for breakfast.
All I know is that it was hot didn't have much taste, scrambled eggs tasted a bit better with some salt. Michael wasn't impressed with his gluten free either, at least steward made the effort with some green tea. but with the time change UK time is we should land in about an hour landed 10.10
10.45 bags collected and on our way to bus to pick up car
11.00 have car and leaving Gatwick arrived at Tesco Ashford to pick up a few groceries to get us through to tomorrow.
Arrived home at 12.30, had some lunch, phoned Joan, phoned Ruby
Went to pick up plants from Joan Nd atYed an hour really weary now.
Got home and emptied cases. Lots of ironing to do.
Had acup of tea and macaroon, sat down to watch Liverpool v Spurs michael nodded off in no time.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Travel day - going home

Woke up at, showered dressed and packed up all our belongings,
Jacques face timed to say have a safe journey and they missed us and had a good time with us. Nancy had a bad journey home, went straight to the dr. And waiting results of MRI.
Michael loaded up the car, and we face timed Sam.
Checked out of the Wyndham at 10.30 and went in search of a post office, found it after 30 mins with out the useless Sat Nav.
Drove on to look for somewhere for breakfast, in the end just stopped at a Starbucks, very warm and muggy 79o out.
Decided to go to starbucks and have a drink as we have so much time to waste, then we went to the Florida Maal on Orange blossomTrail.
Really hot but quite dark and cloudy.
Bought a new pair of Crocs and donated my old ones for recycling
Had to buy the fairies for $6 to get $11 tax off?
Wandered around the mall for a couple of hours. Sky's almost black and thunder and lightening, absolutely coming down in stair rods can hardly see, went back into JC Penney, bought a couple pair of leggings, but 1 for $24 get second half price, queued up for 20 mins, big sale on here at the moment, everyone holding lots of vouchers like when Debenhams have a sale, lady in front of me said she had do mNy vouchers and couldn't use them all, asked if my purchase was more than $25 if so I could use her voucher and get $10 off , yeah!
Absolutely tipping it down, Michael went to get car but we were disorientated and didn't know where car was, Michael running all over car park pressing bleeper after 10 mins Michael drenched but found the car, 
Drove to find some where to eat but it's raining too much to get out if car.
Got to car rental return at 3pm still raining Michael changed his clothes after we got across to the air port. 
So glad we got here early, managed to change our middle row seats for window and aisle up stairs.
Went to the loo and women in next toilet talking about ' hope the Tornado passes before they have to take off wtf.dropped off our bags and went through departures
Security took over half an hour as people had to got rough body  xray
4.20 we went to only sit down restuarant 'the outback'
???? Last blow out?
 5.30 finished dinner, went and changed from shorts to leggings as the aircon in airport quite chilly
Rain stopped just as predicted.
Yeah the sun had come out
Our plane is English Rose
Just have to sit and wait now
Boarded at 8.40
Push back 9.10
Take off 9.25
Pretzels 9.45
Dinner  10.46
Had the beef!!! Ok ish, wine helped it go down,michael didn't like his gluten free but he ate it.
About 11pm they came round with the brandy or liqueur.
Drank Amaruala and settled down to try and sleep. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Am Pool - Pm Universal

Woke up just after 8, but slipped back into sleep and woke up at 8.3
The sun has come out today under partially cloudy skies, 
Walked down the road to Perkins for breakfast, again service not what it used to be, and not a lot if gluten free options went to the pool for a couple of hours as the sun had come out a bit nice and toasty too
1.30 packed up and back to room then went to whole food shop for some lunch
2.30 off to universal city walk for a couple of hours
Sad but even universal not how we remembered it, also very money grabbing, and charge for the two different parks, had a drink and only stated until 5, was going to eat there, but seemed very expensive,
Came back to resort and sat around the pool until it started raining at 6.35,
Was going to walk and eat, but rain changed our minds, drove to the Red Lobster for dinner instead.
Lobster feast beat me I couldn't finish it.
So full that we got back to resort and went to the gym to burn a few calories and get dinner down. Came back to our room, Showered and washed hair under stupid shower with a few curses
9.00 started to pack up our cases.
Face timed sienna for a while then continued packing, finished just after 10.
Read and bed

Thursday, 27 March 2014

No sun but warmer - Black Point refuge

Woke up at 7.30, managed to face time Kelly today nice chat for half hour, our family is spread all over the world at the moment!. Bit cloudy today but warmer cold wind dropped and due to get warmer this afternoon.
Showered, water control a bit like the air con, burn your arse or freeze your arse, not good when you're trying to rinse shampoo out of your hair, dressed and went out for breakfast, drove down international drive and found the hotel we stayed in in1987 now called the Rosen not the Rodeway Inn
And the Ponderosa opposite
They still have the brown mugs
And Ponderosa mints
LOL wet n wild not gone, we are just at the wrong end of international drive and the wrong junction.
Decided to drive to the East coast, got to cocoa beach just after midday, stopped at Starbucks to see where to go, wanted to go to Merritt Island to the wildlife refuge,  went to Publix to buy some picnic bits.
Then we had a problem with the sat Nav it wouldn't programme in the wildlife refuge so Michael thought he knew the way
1.5hrs later frustrated we stopped and ate our picnic, refreshed we tried the sat Nav again,
Half an hour later we found Black Point Wildlife Drive by default east of Titusville.
Had a lovely 2hrs crawling along the wildlife drive seeing lots of wild birds even a single spoonbill.
White pelicans
Tricoloured heron
Roseate Spoonbill
Baby Osprey
Michael heard a great big plop here and leapt backwards! There are alligators here, but I think it want warm enough for them really.
Started our drive back and got back to international drive just after 6pm and went to the sizzler for dinner, stuffed we then drove to Walmart to get a bit of a walk in, got back to our room around 8.40 a lot warmer now about 68o
Read then bed 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


The room has blackout blinds, got woken up at 8.55 by the maid wanting to clean the room!
Brrrrrr a cold wind has blown in, only 54o, but very bright out not a cloud to be seen, Orlando not seen these temperatures in March for a long time. Went to starbucks for a drink to decide what to do today, left at 10.30am
Decided as it's not a sitting around day to go visit EPCOT
Really looking forward to it too.
Rip off $15 just to park car!
$99 each to enter park, wouldn't have minded so much if it had been value for money.
Michaels ticket was goofy and I got Donald .
Think Walt Disney would be turning in his grave if he could see what they have done to his park.
Entered park at 11.
Really crazy because the fast trak pass you have to queue up for half an hour to be told you can only fast trak 3 rides and then there is no guarantee that you can get the 3 rides that you want ! If not you get to rides and there are 2.5hrs wait! Madness, gave up and walked to the showcase countries,
really upset as every thing now is fast food,and every beverage stations sells wine and beer, never seen so much alcohol consumed, and when you think that all these people will be leaving the park at the same time getting on motorways with lots of kiddies in their cars is just scary, Disney was never into selling beer and wine everywhere,  when we got to Paris the nice patisserie has gone replaced by queues for quick foods wrapped in boxes. Walked on to morocco and stopped for lunch of meze, chicken skewers were burnt beyond recognition, and the lamb skewers were raw, don't do hot tea but we could have cold mint tea! What!
Loved listening to the Japanese drummers,
got to Norway and the maelstrom ride was an hours wait so we had a pastry and a cup of tea, walked on to china,
finished one lap of the lake and went back to the innovations and the energy ride, nothing changed there, took some pictures of the flower fest
started on lap two got back to Japan and had dinner there which we quite enjoyed, a lot better than our lunch and afternoon snack.
Went to Germsny and bought a ring out of birthday money

Finished lap two of the lake and as it was 8.45 went to find a place to watch the 10. Minutes of fireworks. Because everything in the park closes as the fireworks start. And do not reopen.
quite cold too good job we took jackets and fleece.
seemed so much better in the early days of coming to Epcot.
Left the park at 9.2 and was home twenty minutes later had a cup of coffee read and bed

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Rain rain and more rain and chilly- Orlando

Last night was predicted rain rain and more rain and a big drop in temperatures,
So we decided we would check out today and move on. Packed every thing up and Michael went to check out and mrs miserable at reception says she can't cancel our 4 day booking. We have to get in touch with bookings .com to do it now Michael pissed off.
Quickly got out iPad found phone no. And they did it instantly with no problems and no fees.
One up to us mrs misery. Still surly when we checked out.
Drove up to the I4 to 30 mins out of Orlando and stopped at a Starbucks to book a hotel, and rain has stopped. Found a good deal at the Wyndham  resort so booked that.
Drove along international drive, unrecognisable from the international drive we came to when we first visited, in1987.
The Wyndham Resort is actually built on the old site of wet and wild.
No rain here but quite windy,managed to get to 68o
12.30 and too early to book in we think, so we drove to the whole food shop and bought some lunch.
1.30 we thought we would try our luck at the resort and ask if we can't check in could we use the resort facilities,
Such a change in attitude, all very friendly they had a room available and we checked in right away.
Unloaded our baggage and went to check out the pool area, took our books bought a drink futon ten cafe and sat snd read at the pool, the resort has just been refurbished and every thing still very new and some parts not even finished.
Every thing just looks so new
Michael soon got comfortable after getting chill with the aircon
Stayed until 5.3
Came back to unpack then go to dinner 
Went to dinner just after 6pm to
And thoroughly enjoyed
So full we needed a walk so we thought we would go to downtown Disney village, took us nearly an hour to find a parking space, Michael was just about to give up when a car reversed out of a space to go
The Emperess Lily is now called the Fulton Crab house
Had fun looking around all the Disney shops
Missed a little mate to share it with
Left at 9 and it only took us 17 mins to get back to hotel
Unpacked some more stuff finished off the last of my champagne and off to bed.
Air con has 2 settings Arctic cold or Jungle hot and no off!!!!
My defences against blower!