Saturday, 12 October 2013

Coming home

What a start to the day,! Neither if us could sleep knowing we had to get up at 3.30am so we gave up at 4. And just got up, packed and checked out by 4.3 no problem getting a Taxi but he did stop on the way to buy petrol, but we got to the airport by but it took us an hour to get through security. No sleep and Michael already has no patience 
Hard to find a seat at this busy airport, this time of the morning. Snobbish I know but at least we are travelling premium economy home. Twenty minutes before boarding it filled up pretty quickly, boarded at 6.40am. A TV actor is sitting in front ofMichael I think he is a police captain in a cop show.  Pushback at 7.05 but actual take off was 7.20 has an OJ . An hour into the flight we were served breakfast, and green tea. Read kindle for a while then watched the film 'White house down' read some more of kindle and watched film 'Superman'
2hrs before touch down we were served dinner beef stew mash and cabbage and of course green tea. We were then told that as at was in New York it was now in the Uk and we would land in an hour, so read some more.
Landed at 7.10pm and the two actors who play Sherlock Holmes were next to us in the security check cumberbatch who plays Sherlock and the American series Elementary's Sherlock. We found our luggage going round the carousel as we got to the bottom of the escalator. Simon and Samantha were waiting for us and it was only 7.30 got to SAMs by half past and Sam did dinner for us. 
Watched TV for a while then went to bed 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Sore feet!

Today we woke at 7.3am washed dressed and went to breakfast.
Then we got ourselves ready, brolly(which Renee gave me saying carry this and it won't rain) raincoats, and a bottle of water.
First we went to Central Park 
We cross crossed the park, going back and forth to see different parts of the park
When we were here before we stayed at the Mayflower. When we went to find it, it was no longer there, we later found out that it was knocked down in 2004. We decided to then go down to Battery park and see the Statue of Liberty,
And we decided to walk, all the way down Manhatten, when we got to Chelsea village it was lunch time so we stopped and had a salad in a little Bistro.
Then on through Greenwich village and to the memorial sight of the twin towers wasn't really much to see, apart from the construction sight of two more towers.
We then walked onto Battery park and got a boat that went out and around the Statue of Liberty because it was closed we were not aloud off the boat there and did a boat trip around Manhatten, trip lasted an hour, just to here was 14 mile and phone died,  bought a few presents, then went to get the Metro, trouble was it was rush hour, we were packed on like sardines and it was so hot, Michael was not even sure we were going in the right direction so we got off after 2 stops. 
We carried on walking back and stopped for a drink in Starbucks, back on the street bought a few bits and pieces for the journey tomorrow, and carried on walking. Got to Grand Central Station dead on six o clock so decided to have dinner at central cafe.
Carried on walking back and got to our hotel at with very sore feet and exhausted but had a great day. Got to our room had a cup of tea then started to pack up.
Have to get up very early tomorrow 4.30am so 10. Went to sleep, have pictures for today but everything is packed away will have to put on another day.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

New York - Empire State Building

Woke up at 7.30 Michael already awake today, gloomy outlook for today, showered dressed then went to breakfast, plenty of fruit for Michael, melons strawberrys apple orange and bananas, I relented today had yoghurt and oats, but the croissants looked so nice and were tiny, I had two small ones.
Got up and headed down fifth Ave, and just started walking, in our sights we saw the Empire State Building 
And the Chrysler building
But before that we detoured and went to 
Grand central station
The place is amazing
West wing
There is a food level next down and on the East side a food Market
After touring the 120 tracks which just blew our minds to think of all those trains.
We then went on walking and stopped at a Starbucks right next door to the Empire State Building, which when we had drunk our drinks we then went up the Empire State 
East river
West, after seeing the sights midtown we walked to Lexington and caught the Metro uptown,
so busy!
Got to Jacques and Renee's place just after they made us lunch we chatted a while and left about 2.3 to go to the Kaufman Astoria Studios
These studios have seen a rise in use over recent years as the government allowed states to give there own tax breaks to places and film company's filming in other states.
Attached to the studios is the museum of the moving image. We got lost in time in there for about 2 hrs, Michael made a recording of voice over in Babe.
We both made a 2 minute cartoon. They had a whole wall of Actors who at one time or another had filmed at Kaufman studios. They also have several TV sitcoms filmed here.
We then went onto a park that faces the East River
from the Socrates sculpture park which had some weird and wonderful artistic impressions.
We then drove through Queens along the East River to places Jacques said he had never been to. And we saw the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building from the Queens East river
At 6.30 they took us to a lovely little French restaurant call Tournesol. We had an entirely different kind of meal. We had a really nice time in some really nice company and was sad to say goodbye, but its only until March.
Got back at around 9pm went and got a cup of tea read and bed

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

New York - Queens

Brrrr chilly not only is the temperature about 30 degrees different to Vegas outside but we were so tired last night neither of us could be bothered to get up and change the thermostat on the blizzard air con, and got quite chilled.
We are on the 37th floor of the Hilton and are facing the UBS building
Woke up at 7. Michael soundo, worked out how to use the Internet.
Michael woke up just after 8. No tea making facilities in the room?
Got up dressed and went to breakfast, not bad up against other complimentary breakfasts,
Plenty of fresh fruit for Michael and I had granola and yoghourt and green tea,
Brought a cup of tea back to our room and showered and changed, Jacques and Renee phoned and we arranged to meet them this afternoon, giving us directions to their home.
Decided to go for a walk,
the city is so busy
Found ourselves in Times square
Also found an area all cordoned off with lots of flashing police cars, they were filming a TV show stayed and watched a while.
Walked back past a Deli near the hotel and bought Salad and Sushi and came back to Hilton to eat it.
Just before we walked down to 5th ave and bought a Metro ticket and rode the Metro
up town to Roosevelt ave in Queens and Jacques was there to meet us. His apartment is 2 blocks from the Metro. When we got there Renee warmly greeted us and we were soon on our second cup of tea.
They were very eager to show us their neighbourhood their Queens and their New York, we were given a list of places to take us and then gave us the choice of things to do.
Renee made Jacques drive us to Flushing Corona park where the Tennis is played
and sits in a very large park,
we saw lots of squirrels and one Black one.

They then drove us to a museum that was closed for renovation when we got there, which made us all laugh. They then took us around the park
And on to the science museum, called the New York Hall of science
which Michael and I both enjoyed
The science Hall was built around the world trade fair of1965,
but some of the buildings had fallen into disrepair while money was being spent expanding the tennis area,
 Renee was tired and took a break in the cafe, she loves gadgets and gimmicky things and bought us this 
Which is freeze dried.
They then drove us back to near their neighbourhood and took us to a Greek seafood restaurant which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Jacques then drove us back to the city and we got back just before 8. Making plans to make lunch for us tomorrow.
Michael and i were quite full from dinner and went for a half hour walk before coming back to our room for a cup of tea read and bed