Monday, 30 September 2013

Rest day in Williams

Woke up at 7.30 and made the tea, breakfast is 6 - 9, and Michael didn't want to miss it, so we went to breakfast at 8 although lots there and cooked eggs sausage, grits and gravy mostly continental style and not gluten free they had yoghourt and granola, but decided to have our breakfast we got in Safeway.decided to have a rest day here as Michael likes it here so much, he went and booked us another night.
Got up washed dressed put jeans on because although warmer later in the day it can be quite chilly in the mornings.
Went to Safeway downtown and had a drink in Starbucks
Came back to hotel and had a couple of hours around the pool
Came back to our room and had our Safeway lunch, picnic in the room
After lunch we went for a short drive, a magazine said there was a lake Cataract where you could fish, picnic and camp, knowing what lakes are usually like we went in search to find it, only to find it was a watering hole more or less for cattle,
Fall comes to the mountains
drove back to town and wandered round,
Train to the Canyon
it maybe Route 66 but the town is really just one street.
The oldest building in town
Went back to hotel, chatted to Sienna for a while, drank our coffee and went down to read at the pool till we lost the sun around the pool
Pool music is country & Western michael is not a great fan!
Michael trying to keep his face our of the sun because of the sun blister he has
Starts to get a little chilly in the mountains when the sun goes down and the temp drops pretty quickly
Came back and Michael watched the Miami dolphins play New Orleans American football.
Went down to dinner about 7. And the music to accompany dinner tonight is real live country and western
Michael was proved right, the singer was awful, he could play guitar but kept hitting bum notes, one minute he was singing ok the next he was so off key.
Did have a nice dinner though had lamb chops 5 of them, and green beans. And No dessert.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Grand Canyon day two

Another awful night,
The room is fine but the hotel so noisy,
the rooms are along a corridor which overlooks an inner courtyard that is the restaurant and bar loud music is played until late and loud people talking their voices just carry on through the thin walls, till gone midnight,and again for breakfast.  then people trundling their luggage along the concrete walkway talking loud at because they want to be at the Canyon for Sunrise, noisy Bikers talking outside our room at leaving too 
Had the tea all ready Michael just had to turn it on at 8.
Had our own breakfast from our groceries bought at Safeways yesterday.
Only have Internet in hotel lobby.
Got to Grand Canyon park at 10.20 left the car and went to get the bus, the plan was to get the bus to the furthest point and walk back, but the queue for the bus was so long we would have got on bus 3  by the time people in front got on and they ran every 10 mins we watched the Marcopa Mountain rescuers training for a while.
Then we decided to take the trip the other way round
From Bright Angel we walked to 1.1 km  to the trail over look
From the Trail overlook we walked1.1km to Maricopa point
This was the pathway 6 inches to my right just went straight down
From Maricopa point we walked 0.8km to Powell point
From Powell point we walked 0.5km to Hopi point. Here we had some nuts to snack on a pit stop and some water
From Hopi point it was 1.3km to Mohave point here the Tarmac walk ran out and it became a trail sometimes slippery underfoot and we were literally inches from the side with no safety rails whatsoever couldn't believe at times we were doing this
Had more of our water and nuts and walked the trail around from Mohave to the Abyss which was 1.8 km again sometimes a bit treacherous and scary,
But pretty
Michael had a fit every time I scuffed the path, this trail was very nerve ending
The abyss to Monument Creek vista was 1.4km and we had the last of our water 
From Creek Vista we walked to Pima point which was 2.7 km, feet tired and missing lunch as its almost 2.30pm thought we would get the bus, but as we arrived at Pima point the bus was already leaving, as it was so hot we thought we would be better to keep going than just sit in the sun and wait, along the trail there was cover from the trees sometimes. The trail from Pima point to Hermits rest was 1.8km 
At Hermits rest we refilled our bottles with Grand Canyon water, had three cups of the mountain water and had a pitstop not that there was much to deposit there we were both quite dehydrated. The snack shop didn't offer much to eat so we passed and queued up for the bus exhausted but pleased with our selves for getting as far as we did.
Arrived back at the car at 3.30 and had our salad picnic then drove 60 miles back down the 64 to Williams and booked into the Best Western there. Face timed Sienna and Sara, quite the little chatter box now and loves ending you! Had a coffee, 
Unpacked the car showered and changed and went to dinner had a nice meal and its very quiet and peaceful.
Michael searching the channels to find Homelands. But after an hour searching
Sadly couldn't find it so will have to wait till we get home.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Grand Canyon

Oh what a night!
First we started watching a film at with so many stupid adverts the film didn't finish till 12.45am
There's nothing to fault this hotel, except how near the railway is. The train trundled through every hour with between 50 - 100 carts of containers, all night. Found out that its the Sante Fe railroad.
Michael woke me at 8.15 to say we only had half hour to get some complimentary breakfast as we had run out of our own stuff.
Breakfast was scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausages which Michael had, I just had some Granola and yoghourt.
Came back spoke to Sam and Kelly was out, packed up our cases
Michael quite pleased with football results, Chelsea drew with spurs, Man U lost at home and Man City lost.
Checked out at 10.00.
Many roads closed getting out of town we saw that the county fayre was on cowgirls and boys all dressed up on horses it was amazing.
Stopped at Safeway on our way out of town and bought groceries for the next couple of days. And 2 hot green teas to go
Got back on the 40 east after about an hour shopping there were no rest areas on the 40. Route 66 criss crossed the 40 all the way to Williams,
when we got to Williams 2hrs later was busting for the loo so we had to have a pitstop in the Safeway in Williams.
Here we changed to the 64 to Grand Canyon at 1.30 we stopped in a pull off and had a quick lunch we bought salads in Safeway.
Arrived at the Grand Plaza Resort ( sounds more posh than it is although it was posh prices ) at 2.30 we were allowed to check in and made a quick coffee to drink and left half hour later for the Canyon
Walked from the Grand Canyon village and got on and of the bus too
Bright Angel Trailhead
Maricopa point
Hopi point
Mohave point
Pima point
Stayed at Hermit point until the sunset it was amazing
Got back to our hotel about 7.30, and went for dinner in the hotels restaurant, wasn't brilliant but not that good either had a nice glass of white Zinfadel though had a great day so should sleep well

Friday, 27 September 2013

Moving on to Kingsman Arizona

Michael made the tea at 8.30, showered dressed and had our breakfast from our groceries at Jensens packed up the car and checked out at 9.30, went to look for a supermarket to get a salad and drink for the road. Desert is an understatement gave up after an hour and a half found our way back onto the 10 and headed East on the 10 after filling up with petrol and a pit stop 
100 miles later reached Blythe @ 12.30 stopped in Starbucks for a drink and snack Michael had a salad I had a sandwich left after an hours break 10 minutes Dow the road and we are in Arizona On our way to lake Havasu
Michaels ideal stress free driving, road was like this for about 80 miles may be two or three cars over took us had a pit stop at at a welcome centre outside lake Havasu and it was only 2.30 joined the 95 East 
Reached Lake Havasu at 3pm
Michael thought we could at least make Kingsman so had a coffee in Starbucks in Lake Havasu and booked a hotel in Kingsman 
Nothing to see but desert for miles
Wow a train with102 containers
Checked into Best Western Kingsman at
Unloaded the car and lady at 6pm with three things in mind
Find somewhere to Eat
Find a coin Laundry
Find a supermarket
Looked it up on the map should be pretty easy
The sandwich I had earlier was not sitting very well and had to have a Zantac or two
Found the laundry opposite where we were to eat- it was closed
Dambars the ranch house steakhouse was like something out of a western movie, they even had a life size cardboard cut out of John Wayne!
Not felling very good at all dinner just won't go down I had salmon and veggies(broccoli )
Decided to give the supermarket a miss
Got back to hotel around 7.3 only to find under the stairs to our room a coin laundry facility for guests so we  did some washing
Sunset in the desert

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Palm Springs sky tramway

Had a good nights sleep woke at 8. Michael made tea, 
Both showered and dressed and had breakfast from our shopping at Jensens last night.
Left at 10. To go to the tramway, got sent energy which way but loose and ended up doing a 20 mile detour
Finally arrived at the tramway and was not sure if it was working dismay as heavy winds predicted in the valley, when we asked they said of course,
the skyway was protected by a canyon but it would only be 50 degrees at the top so we put on fleeces and I put on jeans and up we went
When we got to the top the scenery was breathtaking
And we did a 1.8 mile trail walk 
Saw squirrels, gophers, woodpeckers and lots of other birds 
Thankfully no rattle snakes
Went into the mountain restaurant 'Peaks'
and had a ginormous salad called the wedge,
Strange being on the same level as the clouds and watching them float by into wisps
Left at 3 and drive to starbucks had tea and caught up on our messages,
Came back to hotel and sat around the pool until we lost the sun then came back to our room made a coffe and sat on balcony and read awhile until we lost the sun completely
Got changed and went uptown to go to LuLu's for dinner, 
As we got near to the Main Street, we saw police cars and the road closed, but cars were just closed off from the Main Street and stall holders were setting up for village fest,
We walked up the street one way and it was still quite early for them so we walked back to LuLu's and had dinner
When we finished we went back to check out the stalls, there were lots of art and craft stalls, and stalls with dried fresh fruits especially dates, nuts and lots of sweets. 
Michael toasted some mallows at a fireside sales stall
Which he shared. I hadn't had them before, quite nice.
Bought some fresh pistachios, stuffed dates and mixed fruits for our journey tomorrow 
Got back about 10. Read and bed
Michael has a sun blister now on his bottom lip