Friday, 22 September 2017

22nd September 2017

Heard Nerys early this morning and Michael got up and did his exercises. Then it went quiet, Nerys went back to sleep, then got woken up by Carys, she wanted me to give her some milk. We face timed sienna and chatted for a while.
After we all had breakfast, Michael, kelly Carys and I went out shopping to the supermarket to get supplies, ( Contiente) while kelly and Michael shopped I spent most of my time going back and forth with Carys to the loo

When we got back, we all had a coffee and cookie

Simon got in the pool with Carys

Carys was not impressed with the pool man though
After an hour Carys got a bit chilly so we dried her off and she took Simon off around the back to watch people come down the slide at the water park

Thursday, 21 September 2017

21st September 2017

Heard Nerys singing and making noises about,  Nerys managed to roll from back to front, while Simon turned his back.
Carys came bounding in about 8.30. Every one had their breakfast. And at 10.30 Michael and Simon took Carys to the beach

She had great fun running in and out of the water with granddad

While Kelly ,Sam and I looked after Nerys
Nerys went for a nap for 30 mins, but woke up crying, sam gave her calpol, and I suggested teething gel, she didn't even want to feed.
After the beach, they went to the supermarket

 for supplies and came back with lunch. 
After a daddy cuddle Nerys settled, sam said he was glory dusting!!!
We all sat down and had our lunch.
After washing and tidying up we tried napping with Carys, after 20 mins we gave up she was just wired.

Kelly got in the pool for an hour! And played

Nerys had an afternoon nap and Simon got in the 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

20th September 2017

Woke up at 3.30 with terrible sneezing. Was awake for an hour, Carys woke us at 8.30am although I was sort of awake earlier.
We decided today to spend the morning around the pool. 

Simon spent an hour in the pool, Michael went to the car hire place and picked up a baby seat.

Simon needed the loo, so I got in with Carys for a while, until I was wrinkly, then Simon got back in.
Michael arrived back with the child seat. And we had tea and cookies.
Carys was looking cold, I was cold and changed my swimsuit, so I did the same with Carys, she wanted to get back in the pool, but we persuaded her to play with the little pool, 

 Carys and I went up the steps to the table tennis area and collected all the balls, she played for ages putting the balls in a bucket, then emptying them in the pool

Nerys played on the mat
At lunch time Michael and kelly popped out to the shops and bought hot chickens and salad and we ate at home.
After lunch we tidied up and to try and convince Carys to have a nap, we all went to our beds to nap.
Nerys was having none of it though and was being very noisy, Carys tried to sleep, but couldn't and by was back in the pool with daddy and granddad

When granddad had enough, it was mummy's turn to get in

All was going well, but because Carys is not having an afternoon nap, by 4.30 she gets very tearful, and is a little hard work.
I managed to play games with her emptying the table tennis balls from one bucket to another, before it was bath time.
Sam and Simon got ready to go out too. 
Sam gave Nerys a feed, then Michael took them down the road to Oscars for dinner.
Kelly managed to get Nerys to sleep, and we both showered and got ready to go out.
They got back from Oscars about 6.30 and Michael Kelly and I went straight out.
We dove to villamoura and had dinner at the Marina

Michael took a brilliant selfie to finish the night off
Got back just after
Had a cup of tea and bed

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

19th September 2017

Got woken by Carys and Nerys
Can't believe we slept that long. 
Michael made some smoothies and we all had either toast or croissant 
Sam made us all sandwiches, and we all packed a bag to go to the beach.

Nana and Granddad played nursery rhymes until it was time to go, like humpty, dumpty 

Simon and the children took the bus into town, we packed up the car and Kelly Michael and I all went by car, we found it easy to park right at the beach, unloaded the car, and went to get some sun beds and parasols on the beach.
€13 per bed and sunshade, which would have meant €65 for 5 of us.
Sam arrived at this time and we all decided that was too much, Sam suggested we get just 2. Beds.
Michael went across the road to the shops, bought two sunshades,  two chairs and three beach mats €41. And we have them to use another day..

Carys had great fun at the beach.

We had our picnic on the beach, Simon took Nerys for a nap walk. 

He came back for his lunch, before Sam decided Nerys was too uncomfortable at the beach.

They got the 1pm bus back. 

We slowly packed up the rest of the gear into the car. Then we went to the supermarket Pingu Doce for some supplies. Sam and Simon are eating in tonight. Kelly Michael and I are trying the steak house tonight.
We are situated on a main road that leads into town and quite busy, with no pavement to walk anywhere safely.
When we got back Simon and I got in the pool with Carys while Nerys had a feed and slept

I got very wrinkly, not hard to do!
Simon stayed with Carys 
When Nerys woke she had a feed then got in too

After an hour Carys was getting tearful and tired, but cheered up after a bottle of milk and some crisps
Carys played happy enough until it was dinner time, Sam, Simon and Carys ate their dinner and we entertained Nerys until it was time for the children's bath.
So Kelly Michael and I all went out to dinner to Oscars.
I had some nice ribs!
We got back at about 9.30pm Carys was still up.
Tired we all went to bed and read a while