Saturday, 17 March 2018

17th March 2018 Saturday

Got up and had a nice leisurely breakfast.
Time to pack up, we tried packing a few days clothes into our smaller cases and putting dirty washing in the big case. 
Michael walked the two blocks to get the car and parked on the drive.
Loaded our cases into the car and said our goodbyes to Christine our host.
Drove towards the end of the Island and stopped at Starbucks had a coffee and almonds.
Decided to buy proper postcards this year and post them. So we had to go in search of a Post Office once they were written!
Went to Winn Dixie and bought a salad and avocado for a picnic lunch.

Drove to the free parking beach.

Found the Martello gardens hidden by palms, and a wall. And again free entry.

Beautiful secluded garden so quiet and peaceful, found a little nook with table, chairs, and shade, and most importantly a toilet 

A little piece of heaven, we decided to stay and have our picnic here.

Beautiful orchid garden 

Love this one, the way it captures the ☀️ 

Left about 2pm and drove back north up the keys, the cooler wind has dropped and temperatures have risen 27 degrees so far
Stopped at a Starbucks on Islamorada at 3.30pm for a break getting trance like and dozy. 

Got in a panic as can’t find Starbucks card, think I must have left it in the last Starbucks ggrrrrr stupid stupidson. Still money on the card but was able too I use phone Ap.
After half hour got back on the road, arrived at Florida city about four thirty.

Chickens and roosters just run wild everywhere 

Had a drink and unpacked our bags.
6.30pm we went to Sonny’s Pit Barbecue,

For me food heaven

Friday, 16 March 2018

16th March 2018 Friday

Happy Birthday to Cheryl 
Noisy gay loud drunk Germans in the hot tub at 2am urgggh
Got up and had breakfast about 8am made a lot of noise banging about 
Then they came to breakfast, one was so tall Micheal looked up at him, the other was as wide as he was tall
Came back washed and changed and walked up to he butterfly 🦋 house and conservatory. 

Was so hot I was dripping.

But had so much fun taking pictures of the beautiful butterflies, 
Michael caught a hitch hiker

He stayed for ages
There seemed so many more of them

Some pretty little birds too
Walked back down Duval and both had a smoothie and some water, cool breeze of yesterday has dropped, carried on down Duval st and went back to Aloe shop.
Carried on down Duval and as it was lunch time we went back to Pincers for lunch

Hot peel shrimp are delicious here.
Got to the bottom of Duval and as it was 2pm decided to take the Conch trail train

Our tour guide was skipper who was very knowledgeable about the architecture and history of the island

St Paul’s, the only Non Catholic Church on the island

So many different shapes and sizes but all have to have Tin rooves 
After the tour we came back to rest our feet and have a cup of tea
Changed and went out about 7pm and had dinner at the marina 

in the Turtle Kraal.

Walked back to Malory Square, the sun had gone down by now

But still took a few pics
Walked back to B&B got in at 9.30