Saturday, 23 June 2018

23rd June 2018

Woke about 8.30 and had a cup of tea and Strawberries,
Packed up our bags and loaded up the car and checked out
Drove to the river, to the National Trust site at Runnymede, the signing of the Magna Carta

Thought we would take a boat ride along the river.
The next boat would leave at 11am and we had five minutes to spare

One problem after another, the boat finally left at 11.50am

When we got back we went to the cafe and had something to eat
Left about 2.30pm
Stopped at Leeds services for a drink, before driving to Tesco to get some shopping, had a cup of tea in Harris and Hoole
Got home just after 5pm

Friday, 22 June 2018

22nd June 2018

Woke up about 8am and spoke to little miss chicken Pox, poor little love has it worse than before and had a very poor night
Got showered dressed and walked into town, nice and warm today.
Went to Burgers for a cooked breakfast.
So full afterwards we decided to go for a walk to try and walk it off

Seems the Kites are making a pest of themselves now

Lots of Cygnets on the river

The Sultans residence 

Beautiful wild rose

Made it to Temple Lock

Stopped in town for an hour in Costa
Booked The Ivy for our evening meal, then walked back to the hotel
Went to the Conservatory for a light lunch of Satay and Pimms

Went and got changed, went swimming for an hour, Michael had a sauna while I showered and did my hair.
Came back for a drink and watched Nigeria v Iceland

Got changed and decided to drive to The Ivy, really nice, old fashioned service, with excellent food, beautiful surroundings, inside and out