Saturday, 18 November 2017

19th November 2017 Sunday

Was too tired to stay up to watch the game somewhere, so Michael was happy to wake up to find Chelsea had done well.
He slept much better last night, hope it was down to the antibiotics 
Washeddressed and did our ritual of the long lazy breakfast,
Face timed Sienna and William.
Not so sunny today (but no rain) decided to hire a car today and do some sight seeing!

Friday, 17 November 2017

18th November 2017 Saturday

Woke up just before 8am and made a cup of tea, very bright outside as I opened the curtains was blinded by the Sun reflecting on the water.
An hour later, we went across for breakfast, very hot and steamy today!

Not sure if it’s to do with not wearing my glasses, but have a headache today, at least during the day I can wear my sunglasses 😎.
By 10.30 we were back all packed up and ready for the beach, most of the cycling club had gone so we got our favourite beds at the beach under a tree
Busy just watching the world go by, had a swim in the sea, 
It was nearly 2pm when we ordered two coconuts, the best so far fresh m the hotel, the flesh was so good, when we finished those, Michael went down the beach and got a fresh pineapple, mango and bananas, which we shared

Came back to our room around 4ish and had a cup of tea, changed swimsuits( nothing worse than sitting in damp suits)
The Michael went for a walk to get some shopping bits he wanted, too hot for me to walk so I had a swim in our pool until the sun went in, because that’s when the bugs come out!

Our room
View from our room
Heard fire engines just befor Michael got back, then saw the fire engine near the pool

Michael got back and said there was a fire drill
Michael had spoken to a chemist in the town about his sinuses, he said he was sure Michael had an infection in his sinuses and gave him some antibiotics.
Both showered and got ready to go for our ‘Romatic dinner on the beach’
Phew! And what a meal it was

Not a soul on the beach, had it all to ourselves

Starters sticky beef strips, spicy meat beef balls, prawn spring rolls, lamb, chicken and pork satay with sauces

Fish course was a seafood TomYum
Gorgeous soup, but had to leave the squidly didleys 
A glass of wine included

Main was duck with vegetables, stir fried rice with pineapple, prawns and vegetables and massaman beef curry

For dessert we had warm sticky rice in warm coconut with fresh Mango, finished off with a pot of green tea all courtesy of kelly and Sam for Michael’s Birthday 

Fully stuffed Michael felt the need to go to the gym for the next half hour, my waistband has been expanding day by day

Thursday, 16 November 2017

17th November Friday

Woke up at with every intention of going to photograph the sun rising. But is peeing down,  o got back in bed and went to sleep until I woke again at 8.30am made a cup of tea, got washed dressed and went to breakfast, so busy population has grown with an extra 80ish people from the cycling holiday club.

The sun came out in full force by breakfast time though. 
After breakfast returned to our room to pack a back for the beach, only to find that there was not a bed to be had ( the Swiss cycling club)
Found a nice little spot between the beach and the pool
Had a swim in the sea and the pool😜😎
As we sat drying off, looking out to see I could see some black clouds, and they looked like they were dropping rain, half an hour later the pool boys were scrambling about collecting cushions and closing the glass doors and putting umbrellas down, 
Michael wasn’t sure what he wanted for lunch, I suggested now was as good a time as any to check out what the cafe had to offer.
No sooner had we ordered our lunch. Nasi Goreng

it started to rain and came down in stair rods

But by the time we finished our lunch the rain stopped and it was lovely and sunny again, only the beds were somewhat wet.
Went back to our room, our swimwear was a little damp still. So we changed and went for a walk to the festival shopping mall, nearly melted into a puddle of water, so we went into the aircon Starbucks and had an ice tea!
Booked our meal for tomorrow night, Samantha and Kelly’s birthday present to Michael
Made our way back and had a shower before going across to Breeze and had our massages.
Nothing like a good head massage!
When we got back to our room both had to shower again because of the oil in the hair, look a bit of a fright.
(Not that I don’t always look a bit of a fright, but this was worse than normal)
Put my glasses back on after the massage and the arm came off in my hand, just sheered right off.
Went down  the high street and went to Muang Thai for dinner, it’s the restaurant with the boat in that the children loved

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

16th November 2017 Thursday

Had a really bad storm just before 6am this morning thunder, lightening and very  heavy rain for about an hour, both fell back to sleep, I woke up just before, made a quick cup of tea and scrambled getting ready to go across for breakfast 
A few puddles drying up

But no rain on our way to breakfast
We were sitting informed last night  by a letter in our room that there is an event around the beach area, so it will be off limits, we were offered to visit their sister property, the other end of the beach.
So after our breakfast we came back to our room, but our room was being cleaned, so we went for a walk around the gardens

We came back and packed up a bag ready to go to Ozo hotel.
But when we got to reception we met Bee, she told us the beach would not be busy until this afternoon.
So we just went to the beach and waited to be told we can’t be there.
Had a swim, sat and read, had our normal beach food about 1.30 and still no one came
About tables were being set up on the beach so we decided to come back and have a cup of tea, then go to the pool after

After our tea sat at the pool for a couple of hours 
Then went across to the gym for a while.
The Event, is a cycling club on a cycling holiday, 41 people and according to Bee only here for one night, they have taken over the beach now.
Came back showered changed and got ready to go out.
Walked up the Main Street and got to Khoisan, had dinner here before. Had a Massaman curry and rice. Bought a pair of sandals from our friends at the Tailors, I asked how much, he said thb400, we said thb300, he laughed and said because we were old customers he agreed our price.

Went to the Amari bar and had a Somersby cider, 

15th November 2017 Wednesday

Michael still having problems sleeping due to his sinuses, which is why he wakes up makes a cup of tea then goes back to sleep.
Woke at very bright and sunny out today

Seems we’re having the palm trees trimmed today
Got back from breakfast, can’t get over how rude some people are to the staff here, and they just smile and try to appease, may be that’s why we’re liked and get spoilt, doesn’t hurt to be courteous to any one. And say thank you to some one no matter what the service is.
Went back to our room and packed up a beach bag.
Went back to the beds we had yesterday, becoming creatures of habit!
But it’s shady and we have such a lovely view

Had lunch again from Michael’s new friends.
And stayed at the beach until about Michael tripped over a tree trunk and grazed a toe
Came back to our room and had a cup of tea, and then returned to our pool on this side.
Stayed until it was duskish came back had a cup of tea, and got showered and changed and went to the cocktail party.
Had a long chat with Leroy, he’s now the food and beverage manager at Ozo, invited us down there and gave us discount vouchers, he comes back here now and again for special events. Also chatted to Lara for a long time, she’s so cute. Had two cocktails, was only supposed to be Half hour, we were still there an hour later.
We said our goodbyes and took a walk along the beach

Stopped at O.PBungaliws and had a meal

Took a slow walk back along the beach to Amari, where we stopped in the cafe for tea and Macaroons, addicted to the things 😂 😎 

Monday, 13 November 2017

14th November 2017 Tuesday

Woke this morning after 8am Michael made the tea, he’s had a rough night with his sinuses.
Rain early this morning, but by the time we went across to breakfast the sun was out in force
After a nice long breakfast, met Lara again, such a pleasant girl, asked if we were going to cocktail party and we said yes.

Returned to our room and changed, and packed up a bag for the beach

Just before midday there was some commotion around the beds, as people were julmping up on their beds, and two security guards came running with poles Turns out there was a snake on the loose 🐍.
The guards tried to catch it, but it just kept jumping and slithering away, it escaped up a tree!
Who knew snakes could climb trees so quick
The sea water is so warm, warmer than the pool, bit nervous about the sea Urchins though, 

Not that I saw any 😝 
Just after 1.30 Michael went to find his lady on the beach who does the cooking. He had a spicy salad I had a couple of satays, when that had gone down he went an got some fresh mango.... dribblesomely good.
At 3.30pm we packed up and came back to the room for a cup of tea. Changed out of wet swimsuits and put them on our patio to dry
After half hour, we went and found a couple of beds around the pool. So warm we both had s swim. Dried out some and finished off my second book.
Got back to our room about 5pm, the tidy up fairies have been again, bed folded down, all our clothes we had taken off earlier and just left on the bed were all neatly folded and more flowers 
Showered changed and went out, 

after about ten minutes walking down the Main Street it started to spit of rain, as we walked further on the rain started to get heavy, so we cut our losses and dashed into Terminal D

Both had fish again both had white snapper, Michael’s was steamed mine was fried

Lots of thunder and lightening as we waited for our meal! Meal to a time to arrive, and the heavy rain stopped, but I Ben started again as we thought about leaving, so we ordered desserts.
Rain almost stopped so we made a dash back to the Amari, where we stopped by the cafe, I ordered tea and macaroons while Michael went up to the gym to do some back exercises.
Rain stopped by the time we walked back to our room